20 PPDT Pictures And Stories: Sample & Original Pictures

Picture Perception and Description Test Original Pictures

When the candidates appear for the SSB interview, they face problems in the Picture Perception and Description Test (PP & DT). Given that the term “this” is self-explanatory, a candidate must compose a narrative based on an image that is presented to him, which they will then discuss with other candidates.

Write a solid and trustworthy story first if you want to be successful at narration and conversation. So, from the perspective of screening, this test is important. Although there might be several different interpretations of a single image, I’ll attempt to include some of mine in the fifteen images below. It is suggested that readers create their own characters and deeds.

SSB PP & DT Pictures – Samples

Here are some of the most difficult PPDT Pictures that one must practice before appearing for their SSB Interviews. The Services Selection Board conducted an interview of the candidates who have cleared the written exam for any of the defence exams. The various defence exams include NDS, CDS, AFCAT, and many more.

The sample pictures provided below will help the candidates have the confidence to write the stories and get screened in with the first attempt. Stage 1 or the screening test in the SSB interview comprises OIR Test and the PP&DT. The OIR stands for Officers Intelligence Rating Test and PP&DT stands for Picture Perception and Description Test.

  1. PPDT Pictures 1 Important Pictures for PPDT and TAT

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2. PPDT Pictures 2 Important Pictures for PPDT and TAT

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3. PPDT Pictures 3 SSB ppdt images

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5. PPDT Pictures 5 SSB ppdt pictures

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7. PPDT Pictures 7 ppdt hazy pictures

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10. PPDT Pictures 10 SSB ppdt pictures

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PPDT Practice Pictures – FAQs

Q. How much time is given after writing my story in SSB PP&DT?

Ans. The whole picture is visible for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, you get a minute to summarize the important aspects of the picture and have 4 minutes to write a story.

Q. What kind of pictures are shown in PPDT?

Ans. It consists of a set of ambiguous pictures that will be shown to the candidate on which the candidate has to write a story.

Q. How can I practice PPDT at home?

Ans. You may take pictures from a newspaper, magazine, book, or movie or just sit somewhere quietly and look around you and write a story on it, to practice PPDT and TAT. Stay calm and relaxed during these tests because stressing your mind would give less space to creativity.

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