TES 48 Qualified Student Success Story – Raghavendra

TES 48 Recommended Candidate’s Success Story

Hey, This is Raghavendra. I have cleared the TES 48 SSB Interview. My journey started when I was in class 12. I was preparing for my National Defence Academy Examinations. I took my first attempt in November 2021 and cleared the written. Then I took coaching at Major Kalshi Classes and then appeared for the NDA SSB Interview. I got screened out and I was very sad.

My Family Background

I belong to Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh. My father is into farming for the past 5-6 years. My brother-in-law was in defence so he provided me with the right guidance and told me to prepare for the armed forces.

I decided to join the forces from class 7th only. I did my preparation from both online and offline sources. It was very disheartening after frequent.

GTO in SSB Interview – Read Complete Details

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My TES 48 Journey

After this appeared for my next NDA exam but could not make it through. Then again I could not clear my written exam for the NDA 150th course due to my illness.

Then I appeared for Navy SSC Tech SSB in Vishakapatnam and there were 260 candidates reported out of them 22 got screened in. I was one of them but could not get recommended. Still, that was a memorable experience. Then I got to know that after 10 days I will be having my Army TES interview. After all, my ultimate goal was to join the Indian Army through any of the entries whether NDA, TES or any other.

Then I went back to my SSB preparations and was done with the basics. It was 19 SSB Allahabad from where I finally got recommended for Indian Army TES 48 Entry.

After so many disappointments in the NDA, I appeared for the TES 48 Entry and got selected. My chest no. was 34 and 37 got recommended.

5-Day SSB Interview

We had 18 people in our group and all of them were repeaters which led to a fish market situation. The assessors didn’t even divide the group.

PP&DT: A wrote a real story that had a practical story.

Narration: Practise narration in the 30 min. duration. This helped me get screened in. A total of 37 got screened from 232 candidates who reported in the SSB Interview.

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I attempted 52 WAT and 44 SRTs. In SD a completed all the pending tasks. My blank story included my experience at my college where I was the captain. I discussed the problem of mismanagement at my school. Where my solution came out as appointing office bearers on every floor of the school building. My school is Prayag Public school.

TES 48 Recommended Raghavendra’s SSB Mock Interview [Complete Interview]

My Interview

My interview went very roughly. Then they asked about physical fitness. My interview went for 40-45 minutes. Some of the questions asked in the interview that nobody can prepare are as follows:

  • What are the vapours formed on grass are called?: Dew
  • Why is dew formed?:
  • What are the surfaces on which dew can be formed?:
  • What is the principle behind the formation of the Dew?: Adsorption
  • Which arm do you want to join?: Corps of Signals
  • Equipment used by Corps of Signal: Radar and etc.
  • Everything about radar and how it works?

TES 48 SSB Interview: How do you keep yourself physically fit?

I get up early in the morning. Then do push-ups, sit-ups and planks every morning. I do 4 sets of 15 push-ups. Then they asked how much can you do in one go? Then I was asked to do 40 push-ups in formal wear. I was mentally prepared for that but could do only 20 push-ups.

Then they asked, How many individual obstacles will you be able to do tomorrow? Why are you not doing B Tech? I simply answered my father cannot afford my B Tech as I have already mentioned my father’s salary in the PIQ form.

The IO wished me luck and said to perform well tomorrow for the GTO and I might get recommended.

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My GTO Tasks

Time management helps me complete all the GTO tasks successfully. The coordination of time distance and time management is very important. Obstacles were difficult for repeaters. I was standing behind and still kept giving my ideas. My war cry was Vande Matram. I helped everyone in the wall climb and other obstacles.

Honestly, my command task didn’t go well. They asked me for ideas and I have to tell them that I don’t have any ideas.

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Key Takeaways

  • Answer it all with honesty
  • Exchange your position if you don’t have any such ideas.
  • Be a team leader
  • Keep speaking till the last moment
  • Help each other and motivate your teammates.

TES 48 Qualified Raghavendra’s 5-Day SSB Interview [Full Video]

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