What is GTO in SSB Interview – GTO SSB Dress Code

GTO in SSB is crucial for the selection of candidates in the Indian Armed Forces. The candidates who are preparing for the SSB Interview must be aware of the Group Testing officer Tasks in the Services Selection Board Interview.

In this article, we will be discussing all the minute and major details regarding the GTO tasks given to the candidates during the SSB Interview. There are a total of 9 SSB GTO tasks in the SSB Interview. We will be telling you about each and every task and the best way to perform them on the ground.

So, Let’s Dive in!

GTO Tasks in SSB

There are 9 tasks on the GTO Ground. Proper training and practice are required to perform, these tasks well on the GTO Ground. Here is the list of all the tasks. Now let us get into further details:

  1. Group Discussion (GD)
  2. Group Planning Exercise (GPE)
  3. Progressive Group Task (PGT)
  4. Half Group Task (HGT)
  5. Group Obstacle Race (GOR)
  6. Individual Obstacle (IO)
  7. Command Task (CT)
  8. Lecturette
  9. Final Group Task (FGT)

GTO Tasks in SSB Interview

Also, the candidates will be able to easily identify and perform the below GTO tasks after reading this article. During the 5 Day SSB Interview process, the candidates are tested on different parameters. On the 3rd and 4th days, the candidates have to perform some physical activities given to them by the Group Testing Officer (GTO).

There is a fixed duration given to the candidates to perform different tasks.  The duration of time allotted to different tasks is also provided in the article below:

GTO Task 1: Group Discussion (GD)

Task Duration: 40 mins. (approx)

The candidates are made to sit in a circle and are given the topics for Group Discussion. The candidates must ensure that they are participating actively in the group discussion and are their points are related to the topic. They should not get distracted from the topics given to them.

To perform well in the group discussion the candidates must stay updated with the current events happening around. They should read newspapers daily. They can also use social media to have knowledge of the trending event and the news.

GTO SSB Tips for Group Discussion

  • Communicate actively and at the right time
  • Maintain fluency in English
  • Express your views in such a way that the group can easily understand it
  • Respect the views of other candidates
  • Avoid shouting to prove your point
  • To practice on SSB GD topics non-verbally, a candidate can write an essay on those topics, this will help in making a memory of these SSB GD topics and perform well when facing reality.

GTO Task 2:Group Planning Exercise (GPE)

Task Duration: 30 mins. (approx.)

Group Planning Exercise is also known as Military Planning Exercise. GPE or MPE has a common structure. In this, there are 4 to 5 problems that the candidates have to solve simultaneously. These problems are of different gravity.

In each problem, there is a group of people traveling to a place or location. The group receives some information about the problems of a person who turns to them for help. You as a group will know about a number of issues that are happening or may happen in the future.

From them, the problem becomes a critical problem that affects the lives of ordinary people and must be solved in a limited time.
The second problem may also involve lives where you have time to solve the problem. The third problem may be less severe.

There is also a trivial problem, just to distract your mind. Candidates have certain resources that they use to solve these problems. There may be some hidden or indirect resources that they should use wisely. The distance between major locations or points will be accurately displayed on the map or in the story.

Although, most of the challenges will be timed which you have to complete in a given time considering the distance and the time you will need to cover that distance. There may also be a time limit for the overall completion of the task, as the group must arrive at a certain location or perform some action.

The group planning exercise will thus test your planning skills, optimal use of resources, time management, and leadership skills.


  • The written solution should be written carefully. The handwriting should be legible
  • The maximum for writing should not be more than 10 mins.
  • Write the GPE solution in pointers and not in paragraphs.
  • Give special attention to the problems that include the saving of lives in them.
  • Once the life-saving portion is done then focus on materialistic things and proceed accordingly

GTO SSB Task 3:Progressive Group Task (PGT)

Task Duration: 45 mins. (approx.)

In PGT, the candidates are asked to cross 3 to 4 major obstacles. Every major obstacle has 2 to 3 small sub-obstacles. Here it is not about individually performing on the obstacles but the whole team needs to complete the tasks.

Helping material provided: Rope, Plank, Wooden Log, and Load. Apart from this, there will be some rules that have to be followed. The tasks are considered complete only when all the teammates are able to complete the Progressive Group Tasks.

GTO SSB Task 4:Half Group Task (HGT)

Task Duration: 10 mins. (approx.)

Then comes the Half Group Task. In this only one major obstacle has to be completed. Do not ask the GTO silly questions like how much distance is 3-4 feet, at your age you are expected to have that much sense.

Do not shout at your team members and do not throw the helping material etc.

GTO SSB Task 5:Group Obstacle Race (GOR)

Task Duration: 30 mins. (approx.)

The GOR is also known as the Snake race. In this, the candidates are divided into different teams of 8-9 people. The whole team has to cross different obstacles with a snake tent in their hand. They have to be careful that the snake tent doesn’t touch the ground.

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GTO Task 6:Individual Obstacle (IO)

Task Duration: 3 mins. (approx.)

Then comes the individual obstacles. Here the candidates have to cross 10 obstacles one by one in a single round. There are a total of 10 obstacles. Every obstacle has marks, the total marks given to the candidate is the sum of marks allotted to every obstacle completed by him or her.

GTO Task 7: Command Task (CT)

Task Duration: 15 mins. (approx.)

After the IO we Command Task. In this, the candidates are briefed about the task by the GTO. Then a candidate is called and he has to bring 2 more subordinates. The commander (candidate) has to tackle the given obstacle with the help of their subordinates within a given time frame.

Helping material provided: Rope, Plank, Wooden Log, Load, and other task-related materials. Apart from this, there will be some rules that have to be followed.

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GTO Task 8:Lecturette

Task Duration: 6 mins. (approx.)

After the Command Task (CT), the candidates have to participate in the Lecturette. In Lecturette, four topics are given and out of these, the candidate has to select one topic. On the selected topic the candidate has to express his views on the selected topic.

Then 3  minutes are given to the candidate to formulate the points and organize the lecture. After that, 3 minutes are given to the candidate to speak on the topic selected and deliver the lecture.

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GTO Task 9:Final Group Task (FGT)

Task Duration: 5 mins. (approx.)

Then comes the final task is also known as the Final Group Task (FGT). Here five minutes are given to complete the task. It is somewhat similar to PGT but only one obstacle is to be completed by the candidate in the FGT.

The candidates are provided with the following helping material: Rope, Plank, Wooden Log, and Load. The candidates will have to carefully follow the instructions given to them by the Group Testing Officer (GTO).

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