Top 10 Reasons of Getting Conference Out at SSB Interview

What is Conference in SSB Interview?

The conference round is the final stage of the Services Selection Board (SSB) Interview. Despite the fact that you may be a standout public speaker and a national-level sports champion, you still need to prepare for the SSB interview. Many candidates only struggle because they are overconfident.

Despite the fact that you may be a standout public speaker and a national-level sports champion, you still need to prepare for the SSB interview. Many candidates only struggle because they are overconfident.

What is the Meaning of Conference Out in SSB Interview?

Conference Out in the SSB Interview means that the candidate could not qualify for the SSB medicals and got rejected in Stage 2 of the SSB Interview. During the 5-day SSB procedure, many candidates get screened by performing well in the PP&DT and OIR Tests.

But reaching the milestone of appearing at the SSB Conference is an achievement. Those who get conferences out in the SSB interview have higher chances of getting recommended in the SSB Interview.

For those candidates whose futures are on the line, the last day conference is crucial. If you are just given very basic questions, you might believe that you have already been accepted or rejected. If you are slightly interrogated, this indicates that you are on the verge of being chosen, and the decision will be made based on your responses at that same moment. Keep your composure and tell the interviewers the truth.

Reasons for Conference Out in SSB

There are numerous reasons for getting conferences out in SSB. When candidates are unable to clear the SSB by reaching the last step of the SSB interview which is the conference, it becomes a very disheartening situation.

  • Self Centricity while participating in Group tasks

I really don’t see why applicants make an effort to come across as very exceptional people in group assignments. You only need to work as a very typical, dedicated team member without trying to stand out from the crowd.

  • Lack of Zeal to Perform

The outcomes would also be discouraging if you simply completed all of the SSB interview’s tasks in a rote manner. Your body language should reflect your zeal, courage, and confidence. You’re there to steal the show and secure a spot in the military.

  • Negative Attitude Towards the Scenarios

When the candidates are overly skeptical and judgemental of what happens at the SSB interview, they become a critic. There are many things to complain about, yet doing so will only make you disappear.

  • Poor Quality Responses at the Conference

The candidates who give pre-learned answers at the SSB Interview are usually rejected because they don’t answer the questions asked. Instead, they answer what they have learned.

  • Over-confidence

Candidates often face rejection in SSB conferences when they are found overconfident. There is a very fine line between being confident and over-confident. In other words, thinking you know means you are confident, and believing that only you know that is being overconfident.

  • Lacking Power of Expression

Many times candidates feel they got rejected due to language barriers. But the reason is that they were unable to express themselves irrespective of the language. Doesn’t matter whether you answer in Hindi or English. If you are able to express yourself language of communication doesn’t matter.

  • Lack of Knowledge of Current Events

Many times the candidates are unable to answer related to the general awareness and current affairs. They do not know anything about their surroundings and the place they have been born and brought up.

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How Many Officers are there at SSB Conference?

SSB Conference is a vital event that comprises 10 to 12 members which incorporate the President, the Vice-President, the GTOs, the Psychologists, and the Technical Officer. his conference is where they take a unanimous decision on the candidate’s selection or rejection.

SSB Interview Conference Questions With Answers

Now we will be discussing some of the SSB interview questions that are asked during the final stage which is the SSB conference.

Q. How are you? How were your stay, food, and accommodation here in the last 5 days?

Q. Rate your performance out of 10?

Q. How do you rate your performance on three tests?

Q. How many friends did you make in these last five days?

Q. Any changes which you felt in yourself in these 5 days?

Q. Why you were not selected in your previous attempts? (For candidates who were conference out earlier).

Q. What you will do if you are not selected this time?

Q. Rate yourself in your group?

Q. What is your next plan?

Q. Which test did you enjoy most in SSB?

Q. In which test do you think you could have done better?

Q. Have you been out with friends? What all places have you visited in the city in which your Board is Located?

Q. Compare your performance with previous SSB attempts?

Q. Any suggestion for improvement of SSB?

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What to do After Getting Conference Out in SSB?

SSB Interview Tips for NDA Written Exam Qualified Students – Click to read

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