NDA 149 SSB Recommended Girl Shreya Mann Success Story

NDA 149 Recommended Candidate Success Story

Hey Everyone! This is Shreya Mann. I have been recommended for NDA-149 and today I will be sharing my success story and journey. And I have studied from Major Kalshi Classes online course to clear my National Defence Academy Examination.

I never thought of clearing the SSB Interview. When last year the NDA entry was opened for girl candidates. Then I applied for my first attempt at the NDA exam. I was not at all serious about this attempt. No one in my family has ever applied for any officer-level rank. I was the first one to aspire to the Indian Armed Forces through NDA entry in my family. My maternal grandfather was a Sipahi.

I took my first attempt at NDA 2 2021 on 14th November and my SSB was in Allahabad. Then I got conferenced out. That was the moment I realized, what I wanted to do in my life. It was such a big pushback. My date for the SSB Interview was from 27th August to 31st August 2022 in Bhopal Board.

My 5-Day SSB Interview

We were asked to report at 6:00 AM early morning. Then repeaters and freshers were asked to stand separately. Then among the lines formed, repeaters had a longer line. Out of 56, only 38 were reported. Then the screening process started. In OIR we could interpret that 5 minutes are left but the IO said that only 1 minute is left.

Hence I could not attempt all the questions. I was sad because OIR plays a vital role in the screening process. Then we were sent for lunch. The results were announced and all 38 candidates were screened. Then we filled out our PIQ forms.

SSB Interview – Day 2

Then the next test was TAT (Thematic Apperception Test). In our set, only 2-3 stories were blurry. The words for WAT, very commonly used words were given. I could do only 43 SRTs. I prepared well for SD. Psychology was also done on the same day.

There were 11 members of my team. everybody narrated their story with confidence. Then there was a fish market during the discussion. Then the group was again divided into two parts. Later on, when they were asked to narrate a common story, there was a fish market.

Then the assessors got frustrated and asked us to leave and didn’t hear our story.

My Blank Picture Story

I have already prepared the black story. In school, I was the head of the Eco club. Hence was asked to create a campaign for creating a solid waste management campaign that the in-charge teacher assigned me. I wrote the story in 6-7 lines. I mentioned the actions that I took to conduct the ride. Then I concluded and also narrated.

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NDA 149 SSB Interview (Repeaters)

My interview was very interesting and Mine was the last interview. I was made to sit for an hour before the interview. It was held on the next morning with the GTO tasks. Between this an interesting incident took place. While I was going upstairs for the interview, a man was coming downstairs. Neither did I greet him nor did I wish him. Then I was told that the interviews for the day are over. And I realized the officer I saw coming was the IO itself and I didn’t wish him.

The next day my interview lasted for only 20 minutes. He asked a lot from the PIQ form. He asked why only girls’ colleges. It was a very basic interview. Then a few questions from general knowledge were asked. The first GK question in my SSB Interview was, “Which country was responsible for the turbulence in international relations… Russia, China or US?” The second question was related to business and finance which I could not understand much.

Then after some quick discussion, we decided to narrate the story. Then comes the lecturette. I was the first person to speak. My topic for the lecturette was “one nation, one tax”, public-private partnership. Then I was asked about the capitals of neighbouring countries.

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GTO Talks

Only one person called me in the Command Task. I was the first person called for CT by the assessing officer. He asked me basic questions like Why only Army for a girl? Then he asked what your father does? I told him he is a property dealer. Then he said, “You must be very rich”

The equipment given to me included a triangle, so I was happy to have a piece of slightly different equipment to perform. Other objects included a patta and a balli. There was no rope. I could do the first and the second tasks but could not crack the third one. Then the GTO tried to give me hints but I could not make it through. Then I was trying to do something but then he said to me, “Don’t hit and trial, do it only if you know.”

He also said, “Are you going to join the Indian Army or some Circus?” I was under serious pressure. Then I did one obstacle. I was chest no. 20. After waiting for 5 minutes outside, I was called inside. Finally, Out of 38, only 7 got recommended including me.

Why MKC for NDA SSB Interview Preparation?

They have the best faculty and guidance by retired army personnel is a boon in itself. Here you will get a chance to explore your full potential.  It helped enhance my personality. Earlier I was an introvert but now I hardly keep quiet.

NDA 149 Recommended 5-Day SSB Experience

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