What is SRT in SSB Interview | Sample Situation Reaction Test

Situation Reaction Test (SRT SSB)

SRT (Situation Reaction Test)  in SSB is conducted after the candidates clear Stage 1 of the SSB Interview. It is one of the most important steps in psychological tests. The candidates who successfully clear the Screening test conducted on day 1 of the SSB Interview.

In SRT, the candidates are given 60 situations and they have to answer as many as they can. In SRT what matters the most is the quality and not the quantity. Many times those candidates get rejected who attempt all the SRTs and those who give a reaction to only 50 percent of the situations get selected.

SRT in SSB Why?

Many of you might feel that SRTs are difficult. But with the guidance of Major Kalshi Classes, you can easily attempt all the SRTs with positive answers. But before answering them one must know why are the SRTs conducted. Well, let me tell you the basic idea behind conducting the Situation Reaction Test in SSB.

It is to assess whether a candidate after becoming commissioned officer will be able to tackle all the negative situations positively or not.

5 – Day SSB Interview Process

Day 1:

The OIR and the PP&DT interviews are part of the first day of the SSB Interview. Then follows

The four-day SSB interview process would proceed as follows:

Day 2:

On this day, you will also need to pass a couple more exams. Remember that each exam and round, some of which will be written and others of which will be verbal, is essential to your selection.

Thematic perception, self-description, word association, and situation reaction tests

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Day 3-

GTO (Group Testing Officers) You’ll need to collaborate with your partners on group projects for this. You will be assigned a chest number, and you must work in teams or pairs to complete each mission.

  • Group Discussion
  • Collective planning exercise
  • Progressive Group Task
  • Half group task
  • Individual obstacle task
  • Command task
  • Group Obstacle task

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Day Four: Individual Interview

They are free to ask you any questions they want regarding the material or your personal life at this key point in the hiring process. Participants typically feel uncertain and nervous during this round.

Being honest with oneself is important. Actually, they don’t really care what you did in the past; all they’re interested in learning about is how you view the future and what you can do there.

For this portion of the interview, you don’t need to prepare anything; all you need to do is be genuine with yourself and gently address each question while flashing a little smile.

Five-day conference

There is no exam here. You will be given a copy of your findings, and both qualifying and unsuccessful candidates will be informed of their status. Remember that you are not one of those people who were rejected on the first day if you are rejected after the five days of the interview.

After six months, you can show up for an interview again. Additionally, you will receive some relaxation.

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