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OIR Test in SSB Interview

Services Selection Board conducts a five-day SSB Interview for selecting candidates to provide training in different Defense and Military Academies. One of the most difficult interviews in India for 10+2 students is the SSB interview. a person who aspires to join the Indian Armed Forces as an officer. Passing the SSB Interview is required.

The candidate must show up for the various types of tests each day during the five-day interview (Verbal- Non Verbal tests). The finest candidates that received high marks will ultimately be chosen for further consideration. this article is here.

I’ll talk about the Officers Intelligence Rating (OIR), which is the system used to grade students. OIR test for SSB interviews, OIR test templates to download, etc.

SSB Interview OIR Test Sample PDF Download

Around 70–75% of applicants are turned down on the verbal and nonverbal intelligence exam, which is administered on the first day of the SSB interview. OIR is the name for this (Officer Intelligence test).

The interviewer can assess the candidates’ aptitude and intelligence in this way. Let’s go in-depth about the OIR (Officer Intelligence) test:

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OIR Test (Officer’s Intelligence Rating)

This test is divided into two sections: a verbal test and a non-verbal test. Each segment comprises about 40 questions, and the candidate has about 22 minutes for the verbal test and 17 minutes for the non-verbal test.

Compared to other competitive exams, the questions that are asked are simple, but this one has a shorter time limit and forbids wearing a watch inside. Candidates must respond quickly to each question. This paper has no failing grades.

OIR (Officer’s Intelligence Rating) issues include:

Vocabulary tests:

Completion of Sentences Analogies Spelling Grammar Instruction in World Groups Critical Reasoning
Talking deductions
Test of Blood Relationships, Ranks Coding, Decoding, Direction Sense, and Letter Series

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The non-verbal test

Figure Comparisons
the choice of the odd figure
Selecting Comparable Figures
Arrangement of Comparable Figures
Matrix of Series Figures
Cutting and folding paper
Identification of the embedded Figure
Issues with Cubes
Problems with pattern spatial ability visualization using dice

The candidates’ test results will be rated as OIR 1, OIR 2, etc. It will receive an OIR rating up to 5, and here OIR 1, 2, 3, and 4 denote:

OIR-5 Below Average OIR-1 Outstanding OIR-2 Excellent OIR-3 Above Average OIR-4 Average

These are the five grades used to evaluate candidates. These ratings are crucial for your choice because they use them to determine your total perforces. The contestant will appear for PPDT following this round (Picture Perception and Discussion Test).

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After completing the writing phases, the group task officer takes your tests further and gives you instruction for the next test and the Psychologist, Interviewing officer and group task officer take the decision whether you will be selected or not.

Hence, in this, the candidate will be given the grades which would be like, N, D & Y. here these grades mean:

Y= Yes
N= No
D= doubtful

Both tests by which the interviewers or examiner check the candidate’s OIR (Officer’s Intelligence rating). Both tests will be done on Day 1 and only the qualified candidates will stay in the academy for the four days of the Interview.

SSB Interview Tips for NDA Written Exam Qualified Students

The next four days’ SSB interview process would go like this:

Day 2: Although, you will have to pass a few more tests on this day as well. Keep in mind that every test and round is crucial to your selection and that some of these examinations will be written and some will be verbal.

Word association test, situation reaction test, thematic perception test, and self-description test

Day 3-

GTO (Group Testing Officers) You’ll be required to work with your partners on group activities in this. You will be given a chest number, and you must complete each task with a partner or group.

  • Group Discussion
  • Collective planning exercise
  • Progressive Group Task
  • Half group task
  • Individual obstacle task
  • Command task
  • Group Obstacle task

ssb interview

Day Four: Individual Interview

This is a crucial stage in the selection process where they are free to ask you any question about the material or your personal life. This round typically causes hesitancy and anxiety among participants. Be straightforward with yourself. Actually, they don’t care what you did in the past; they only want to know how you think about the future and what you can do there. You don’t need to prepare anything for this part of the interview; all you need to do is be sincere with yourself and gently respond to each question while wearing a small smile.

Five-day conference

This is not any test. You will be shown your results and qualified candidates will be congratulated and disqualified candidates will be told, why they could not qualify. If you get rejected after the 5 days of the interview, remember you are not one of them who got rejected on the 1st day. You can reappear for an interview after 6 months. you will be given some relaxation also.

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