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Thematic Apperception Test: TAT SSB

Thematic Apperception Test or TAT in SSB Interview is conducted in Stage 2, Day 2 of the SSB Interview. It is one of the four Psychological Tests namely, TAT, WAT, SRT and SDT. For further details go through the article below. In TAT SSB 12 different pictures are shown to the candidates. They have to write stories for all the 12 TAT pictures shown to them. In the end, a black slide also known as a blank story is shown to the candidates and they have to write one story that touches all the 12 stories.

A candidate often invents information based on his own imagination. A candidate imagines a challenge or tough scenario, and the central figure (hero) then systematically resolves it with or without assistance from others. (But ideally in a group.) The main character takes steps or acts to solve the issue as it is pictured. It allows a candidate to demonstrate who they are. The protagonist stands in for the candidate because he or she is nearly the same age and exact sex as the candidate. Psychologists with training typically administer and interpret this test.

The SSB TAT Story Must Include

What caused the incident depicted in the picture, or what was the background? What the circumstances were (as depicted in the photo) and what they resulted in (the conclusive manner in which the central character reacted to solve the situation by interpreting the details shown in the picture). This is an indirect reflection of the candidate’s personality through the fictional hero or heroine the candidate has conjured up.

Essentials of A Good TAT Story

  • Only to confirm that the protagonist who stands in for the candidate actually took action, it is written in the past tense.
  • The name of the hero or heroine is given, and this name varies among stories.
  • Unless the image suggests otherwise, avoid writing a story that involves the army, navy, or air force.
  • Always include the Hero in dangers and adventures. However, he or she is not depicted as superhuman.
  • That the main character is meticulous, planned his or her activities ahead of time, and then carry them out to get what they desire.
  • Ultimately succeeds in pursuing his or her goal. He or she does not abandon unfinished tasks.

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TAT in SSB Interview

The most important points to bear in mind are that the situation’s cause should be described in no more than two lines, the action in the present should be described in no less than 6-7 lines, and your story should be summarised by stating its logical conclusion. Don’t play the hero or use an unsuitable strategy to tackle the issue depicted in the illustration.

Be a typical person and write an engaging story that reflects your personality while using original thoughts. Keep a positive attitude throughout your stories. Your story shouldn’t contain information demonstrating your bad traits, gloomy outlook, suicidal inclinations, depression, or other psychological issues. Instead, it should highlight the officer’s character traits and a good outlook on life.

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Living life to the fullest, engaging in a variety of interests and activities, and savouring each and every moment is what we advise. Take on any responsibilities that are entrusted to you, including starting work at home or in the workplace and speaking with various persons. You would be able to compose authentic stories in this way, which would greatly aid you in passing your SSB interview. Start paying attention to the world around you and start conjuring up tales based on actual events. You will develop your ability to think quickly and under pressure in this way.

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TAT SSB Pictures

When it comes to TAT SSB, it is essential to practice with some of the TAT SSB Pictures. For the ease of the candidates, we have provided some of the TAT SSB Images below. With the TAT SSB images provided here, you can practise writing TAT SSB Stories. Do keep in mind the TAT SSB Rules and TAT SSB Time when you go through TAT SSB Stories.

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