AFSB OIR and PPDT Practice Set Pdf Download.

AFSB OIR and PPDT Practice Set Pdf are for those students who will attend AFSB Interview after clearing the first phase. Major Kalshi Classes is presenting a set of Non-verbal and Verbal OIR and PPDT. You can find all questions and its solution in this pdf which can be asked in the upcoming AFSB Interview. So just download this pdf which is given below.

You can also download the MKC Test Prep app for the practice of more OIR Questions so you can prepare well before going for SSB.

What is OIR Test:-

Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) test is for testing the candidate’s intelligence level. There are two types of questions asked in the OIR test i.e Verbal and Non-Verbal. You have to solve these questions in the allotted time. Any candidate having normal intelligence can solve these questions easily. So do not worry, just download this AFSB OIR Practice Set Pdf and solve the all questions.

If you perform well in OIR Test then you may be recommended for the screening, and if you fail you have to perform well in the PPDT test.

What is PPDT Test:-

PPDT or Picture Perception and Discussion Test is the test in which candidates need to write a story based on the picture shown, narrate it and then discuss it among group members to make a common story. There is also one more test which is related to Thematic Apperception Test is the first test in the process of the AFSB Psychological test. TAT round is the best way to understand the personality of a candidate.

PPDT picture stories require action. Candidates are required to identify the number of characters, their mood, and their age. On the other hand, TAT has around 11 pictures that are usually blank. Candidates have to write the story only. 

SSB OIR Prctice Set Book:-

AFSB OIR and PPDT Practice Set Pdf Download

We are providing the best AFSB OIR and PPDT sample paper in the below table, you can download the pdf and start practice for the upcoming AFSB Interview.

Download PPDT Practise SetClick Here
OIR Verbal Test Pdf DownloadClick Here
OIR Non-Verbal Pdf DownloadClick Here
Best Book for OIR TestClick Here

The Marks of the candidates in this test will be rating as OIR 1 and OIR 2 etc. It will be rating till OIR 5 and here the OIR 1,2,3,4 and 5 means:

  • OIR-1  Outstanding
  • OIR-2  Excellent
  • OIR-3  Above Average
  • OIR-4 Average
  • OIR-5 Below Average

These are the five grades by which the candidates get rated. these ratings are very important for your selection, they calculate your overall perforces through this. After this round, the candidate will appear for PPDT (Picture Perception and Discussion Test).


After completing the writing phases, the group task officer takes your tests further and gives you instruction for the next test and the Psychologist, Interviewing officer, and group task officer take the decision whether you will be selected or not.

In this, the candidate will be given the grades which would be like, N, D & Y. here these grades mean:

  • Y= Yes
  • N= No
  • D= doubtful

Both tests by which the interviewers or examiner check the candidate’s OIR (Officer’s Intelligence rating). Both tests will be done on Day 1 and only the qualified candidates will stay in the academy for the four days of the Interview.

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