How to Avoid Medical Rejection in SSB Interview

A candidate will have to go through medical check-ups if he/she wants to be an Officer in the defence. Every year around 20% of candidates get rejected in the medical tests of Defense. Here in this article, I will share with you the complete details about how to Avoid medical rejection in SSB interviews or in defence. How to clear the medical Test of Defense. I will discuss this topic in detail and will give you complete information regarding this. To get complete details, check the article below:

Various Types of Medical Tests in Defense Exams

How to Avoid Medical Rejection in SSB Interview?

Medical tests are conducted to check the body, Stamina, weakness, and Strength of the candidates.  They also check the Potential of the candidates by conducting some Physical Activities. Here we will also see the types of medical and what are the stages of the medical tests, that you have to go through and how to clear that in an easy way. if a candidate has an average body posture and has never been in any serious disease. He/she will be fit for this. Now let’s see the complete details of the Types of medical tests and how to clear that.

Body Measurements

These tests are to check the basic body posture of the candidates. You must have a well-shaped body. You don’t need six packs. You just need an average body.

  • Examiner will check your External body from bottom to top, and will also ask about the marks on your body if you are having so.
  • You should have a Standard body weight as per your height.
  • Your body should not carry any genetic disease like gynecomastia, joint knees, colour blindness or night blindness.
  • Your chest should be well developed with a 5cm minimum expansion.
  • Your elbow should not be turned in the outer direction for more than 15 degrees.
  • Your joint and your bones should be completely fine.
  • Any severe body fracture in any body part can cause permanent rejection

Dental check-up

These are very normal tests only a few get rejection in this if you have full-grown set teeth. A Minor problem with teeth can be considered.

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This is a very important test for any candidate:

  • Your eyesight must be 6/6 without glasses.
  • If you are wearing glasses it should not be worse than 6/12.
  • Limits for myopia 0.75D and for Hypermetropia +1.5D
  • Binocular vision III
  • Limits for colour perception I
  • Should not have colour blindness or night blindness.
  • For the flying branch your eyesight must be 6/6 there is no relaxation for that.
  • Eye correction surgery is allowed in the Indian Armed forces but there are some criteria for that:-
  1. Surgery should be done only once. If the candidate has had 2nd surgery in order to correct their vision, the candidate will be permanently rejected.
  2. Surgery should be done after the age of 20 years old. If the candidate’s surgery is done before their 20s, he will be permanently rejected.
  3. And the surgery your vision should be correct.
  4. You must have healthy eyes.

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Once you complete this, now you have to go to the internal body checks and in these tests, the following internal body organs will be checked:

  • Chest X-ray for your lungs.
  • Ultrasound for kidney stones.
  • The liver problem will be checked
  • Blood test
  • Urine test

If they find any minor problem that occurs in your internal body check,  The Medical Board will give you time to correct that, but the candidate has to correct this within a given time. The Time period can vary on the types of problems.

CDS Physical Medical Standard, CDS Eyesight, Height and Weight Etc

Physical and Medical Standards for AFCAT

How to Clear Medical tests for Defence Exam?

If one has passed all the phases of selection and at last he/she gets rejected in the medical test. that might be the lifetime regret of any person’s life. if you want to make your career in defence, You will have to fit and fine to get selected as well as to stay in service.  To be fit, you can follow some rules to be fit like. Eat healthily, exercise daily and try to take proper sleep of 7-8 hours.

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How to Avoid Rejection in Medical tests of Armed Forces?

There is no such way to hide your disease from the doctor if you have any problem that cannot be accepted, you will surely get rejected in this.  but while you appear for medical tests or any defence examination. make sure that you are fit and fine.  you can go for checkups of normal body parts, which becomes a common reason for temporary rejection like Eyes checkups, Ear, nose, Hydrocele, stones, etc. If you have any problem you can take time from the medical board and can appear later. This is the best way to avoid rejection in medical defence exams.

Most of the time, candidates get rejected in the medical for a very normal problem like Ear, Nose bones, etc. These problems can be corrected very easily and but due to a lack of knowledge, candidates get a temporary rejection and the medical board gives them some time to correct this.

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