How to Fill PIQ Form in SSB Interview?

What is a PIQ Form in SSB Interview?

PIQ stands for Personal Information Questionnaire. It is the first document that should be filled out after the verification of the documents is completed in the SSB Interview. Filling out a strong PIQ is the first step toward being selected for an SSB Interview, whether you are a repeater or a fresher.

It is basically a questionnaire that contains basic questions related to the personal life of the candidates. Moreover, the Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) asks about the candidate’s family history, educational background, and other fundamental information. Also, an applicant is required to fill out two copies of the application form after passing the screening test.

Now let us discuss the significance of filling out the PIQ form and the best way to fill the PIQ form.

Importance of PIQ Form in SSB Interview

Due to the importance of the PIQ form, which contains vital information about the applicant, interview questions in SSB interviews are frequently based on the information provided on the PIQ form.

The PIQ is the IO and psychologist’s initial impression of a candidate. A form that is hastily filled out contains excessive cutting and writing, or provides inadequate information conveys a lack of care. It is crucial that applicants correctly complete the application.

Basic background data about candidates is provided by the PIQ. However, it won’t be able to provide any information about a candidate’s outlook on life and work, the likelihood of getting along with others, ability to adjust to a service environment, problem areas, social activities, leadership potential, etc.

What Does the PIQ Reveal?

There is a very common question among the candidates, “What is revealed by the PIQ form?” So here is the answer.

  • Keep in mind that a strong PIQ is comparable to a letter of recommendation for a candidate.
  • A candidate’s future is evaluated by SSB by looking at his past. Your experiences will make it simpler for you to cope with the demanding lifestyle of the military forces.
  • Cutting and overwriting demonstrate the candidate’s fuzziness of thought and carelessness.
  • Writing responsibilities and accomplishments in the correct sequence demonstrates effective organizational skills.
  • A person who is social and can readily adapt to others is one who has a lot of obligations, interests, and extracurricular activities.
  • Interests and hobbies offer a wealth of personality insight. The interviewer is intrigued by constructive and innovative hobbies.

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PIQ Form Sample for SSB Interview PDF

Now the question is, “How does a PIQ form looks like?” So, we have provided the PDF of a sample PIQ form. You can simply click on the button below and download the PIQ Form Sample PDF for the SSB Interview.

Candidates often underestimate the value of a PIQ Form but it is to be noted that PIQ is a very important Questionnaire document. It must be filled very carefully.

How to Properly fill out the PIQ form at the SSB interview?

Therefore, now we will be telling you how to effectively fill the PIQ form. Follow the important instructions provided below. While filling out the PIQ form in the SSB interview.

  • Fill out the PIQ form completely and thoughtfully.
  • Write legibly and neatly, and put the right thing in the right place.
  • Give all the information, including your educational background, positions held, interests, etc.
  • Do not cut or overwrite.
  • Keep your accomplishments in chronological order.
  • Before attending the SSB interview, practice filling out the PIQ form.

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How to Fill PIQ Form in SSB Interview? – FAQs

Q. When PIQ form is filled in SSB Interview?

Ans. The Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) is a crucial document that is heavily weighted during the SSB interview. Occasionally, this form must be completed on the first day; otherwise, two copies of the PIQ form will be given to you to complete once you pass stage 1. Don’t fill out this form informally by viewing it as a formality.

Q. How does a PIQ form looks like?

Ans. The basic PIQ form is a two-page questionnaire that asks you about some of the fundamental aspects of your identity and private life. What you answer on your PIQ form must match your behaviors and behavior while staying at the SSB Centre because these questions serve as the foundation for your personality.

Q. What hobbies should I write in PIQ form?

Ans. Moreover, running and keeping myself fit, Playing Chess, Reading, Practising Yoga, Painting, Content Writing, Gardening, Dancing, or playing musical instruments.

Q. What do my parents think about me in SSB?

Ans. Because they believe I am a responsible child, my parents constantly assign me significant tasks. Before making any major decisions, they take my advice into account. They inspire me to work hard every time. Despite their dissatisfaction with my academic performance, they believe that I am capable of making consistent attempts to reach my objectives.

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