Top 10 Reasons For Getting Screened Out in SSB Interview

What does it Mean to Get Screened Out in SSB Interview?

Getting Screened Out in SSB Interview means candidates could not clear the 1st stage of the SSB Interview. Being vehement about your own opinions and unreceptive to other group members’ perspectives will only have a bad impression of you.

I hope everyone’s SSB preparations are progressing rather well. As we are all aware, the screening test, which includes an intelligence test (verbal and nonverbal) and picture perception and discussion test, is the first and most important test of the SSB interview (PPDT).

We want to draw your attention to a few typical and avoidable errors that applicants make during the screening test and end up leaving on the first day.

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Reasons for Getting Screened Out in SSB Interview

The candidates who get screened out generally are those who didn’t prepare for the SSB interview well. They should have worked harder. The best way to prepare for the SSB interview is to join a defence coaching institute. You can join Major Kalshi Classes, which provide the best faculty for the preparation of SSB.

Now we are going to discuss some of the most common reasons for getting screened out. Read till the end to know which one’s can you relate to.

  • Not paying close attention to the officials’ briefing: As a result, during the SSB, candidates raise pointless questions that only serve to strengthen their position in front of the judges.

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  • Failing to arrive ready for the intelligence tests: Even if you are ranked in your school or institution, you must be well-prepared to answer questions about fundamental intellect within a given time limit.
  • Talking or copying during the OIR tests: It might potentially get you into trouble. You may believe that you are very clever to confound the authorities in attendance, but the truth is that every applicant is under surveillance, and any unusual behaviour will be dealt with appropriately.
  • Not being able to appropriately read the image in PPDT: In PPDT, a story can only be perceived for 30 seconds. You will wind up creating your own grave if you do not pay attention to the big picture. These candidates almost often leave their stories unfinished.
  • Making wishful fiction has nothing to do with the image: We simply are unable to predict the level of skill the assessors possess; they quickly spot any manufactured narrative.
  • Becoming uneasy while narrating the story and reading it incorrectly: Any trembling or undulations in the voice will be picked up and will work against you. Practice is essential in this situation.
  • Not making a meaningful contribution to the PPDT GD group conversation: You must work together with the group to develop a shared narrative. I am aware that some individuals may try to make things worse, but trust me when I say that sincere effort is eventually rewarded.
  • Retelling your own story without considering the viewpoints of the other group members: The GD is extremely hot and fierce, but that’s exactly the difficulty. You should keep your cool during the GD.

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  • Being vehement about your own opinions and unreceptive to other group members’ perspectives: The evaluators will only have a bad impression of you as a result of this.
  • Taking control of the group and attempting to push your opinions on others: This is one action that a candidate may take during group discussions, either deliberately or unknowingly. Simply using the term “gentleman” when speaking to one another won’t make you a gentleman. Your behaviour should demonstrate that you are a true gentleman.

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Well, these were some common blunders that were made during the screening procedure. I’m hoping that everyone has kept these in mind. I hope you found this information interesting. In the comment section below, we always appreciate your feedback and ideas. Keep trying and smiling until then. JAI HIND!

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