What is Group Planning Exercise (GPE) in SSB and How to write it?


In order to join the Indian Armed Forces, aspirants must accomplish a number of tasks during the SSB interview. During which the applicants must do a variety of physical and mental exercises. Today, we will teach you about one such department of SSB interview to be held in the Indian Armed Forces, which is held in groups. We’re discussing the Group Planning Exercise (GPE). Many applicants would be unaware of what is Group Planning Exercise in GTO and how to prepare for it during the SSB Interview.

Today’s post will provide you with thorough information on all of these problems, as well as how to design a good solution for group planning activities under GTO. So let’s get started and speak about GPE.

What is Group Planning Exercise (GPE)?

The applicants are given a group planning exercise under GTO during the SSB interview conducted by the Service Selection Board. During this task, applicants are expected to listen to one of the scenarios and then give their thoughts on it. Candidates must keep various factors in mind in order to perform this challenge. If you want to achieve better in Group Plan in Exercise, you must first learn basic guidelines and then prepare yourself accordingly. Please let us know what the guidelines are for the group planning exercise.

Rules for GPE activity 2022: –

The most crucial thing to know before participating in any group activity is the group’s rules. Candidates learn what they need to accomplish for what jobs based on the rules. They also know if the group will finish the duties allocated to them. The rules used in group planning exercises convey a message of unity and always state that any work should be completed in a group setting. Do not strive to make yourself clever in any manner during this period.

Colour rules: During the group planning activity, applicants must employ certain colour-related rule structures. There are three various sorts of colours on the ground in this, with the following implications.

Blue: Blue Structured may be difficult for the applicant, but not for the content.
Red: All red-coloured constructions are not to be man- or material-tough.
White: White Structured might be difficult for both the candidate and the content. You’re following nature’s lead and analysing it here.

Distance Rules:

According to this rule, any distance greater than 4 feet should not be crossed by leaping, even if you can. You have bridged the gap by employing the bridging material. The word “Distance” would not appear there. You must measure each distance, whether it is four feet or more. Do not keep asking GTO the same question. Take a stab at it.

Rigidity Rules:

According to this rule. A candidate is not permitted to bind or tie any two stiff assisting materials. Pittas and Bellies will be given to you during the Ground chores. You may use it to your advantage, but there are certain guidelines to follow.

Pattaas and Ballies are incompatible. They can be placed on one or tied to the Structure. Doing all of these things. Remember the colour rule.

Infinity rules:

The finishing lines are stretched to infinity under this rule. No contender can make it over the obstacle course to the finish line. To get to the finish line, you must first overcome the hurdle.

These are the SSB Interview GTO’s rules and regulations. To get qualified in one attempt, one must prepare thoroughly. If you are not adequately prepared for this, it will be quite tough to clear.

How to write the proper solution for Group Planning Exercise (GPE)

Candidates must be able to make decisions in order to provide appropriate responses for the Group Planning Exercise. During this period, the applicants are given a whole set of issues to tackle while keeping various time constraints in mind. Let us know the steps you can do effectively in group planning activities by implementing them.

Step number 1:- The model you were given includes brief explanations of the GTO. Which contain distinct markers that tell you about the direction, magnitude, and other characteristics? During this time, the applicant must pay close attention. If people make mistakes when reading the map, such as failing to take into consideration the information of the supplied markers appropriately, it will have an impact on their choice process. So bear in mind that whatever marks you are granted for remembering them should be correctly learned.

Step number 2:- You must examine and comprehend the issue model provided. Candidates must connect the presented problems to the map. During the test, you must pay close attention to what your officers tell you about these resources. You may simply map any problem and create a valid response this way.

Step No. 3:- You have 5 minutes to write the solutions to each of the issues. If a candidate pays close attention to the items indicated in Step No. 2, he will receive the advantage of Step No. 3. In 5 minutes, the applicant must write the correct answers to the questions about the situation and their plan.

Step number 4:- The officials urge applicants to draught their responses at this round of the group planning activity. During this time, candidates can write their answers independently, using a practical approach and mentioning the solutions and resources hidden in the problems. What is the practical thinking and attention of the applicants to the authorities as a result of this? Candidates should always remember to state the distance as per the scale when providing appropriate replies. Candidates are allotted a total of 10 minutes for this stage.

Step number 5:- Candidates are given 10 to 15 minutes for this stage, during which they must explain their thoughts and solutions to anyone’s problem. You are also preparing a plan with the group at the same time. This level determines whether or not the candidates can observe and make decisions. To test this, one of the contenders is chosen to present the plan using the map.

You may do effectively in group planning activities if you comprehend the preceding phases and keep everything in mind. While participating in this job, applicants should keep the following suggestions in mind.

Tips and tricks for group planning exercises:-

  • Listen carefully to any hints and directions given for details and instructions related to the problem.
  • When the information is being given by the officer on the map, then concentrate carefully and listen to his words.
  • Use your social sciences when solving problems in a group planning exercise.
  • The problems need to be correctly classified by the candidates.
  • The basic way of the problems you’ve classified refers to putting life first and material loss second.
  • There can be many resources to plan any problem. So choose only those resources which suit you better and can get you out of the problem.
  • During the discussion in the group planning exercise, keep your points focused only on the plans for the problem.

With the guidelines provided above, you will be able to produce a better answer and achieve success during group assignments in the SSB Interview. If you are going to the SSB interview for the first time and wish to acquire the books connected to the Group Planning Exercise preparation.

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Frequently Asked Question:-

What is GPE?

The activity organized during group activities to give your opinion on the problems related to any map and to give answers and plans related to those problems is called GPE

.Why is there a group planning exercise?

In the SSB interview, this activity is done by the candidates to decide on any problem and get them executed by the group.

SSB interview books

Now any candidate can get all types of books related to SSB interviews from Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute sitting at home

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