What is the Dress Code for SSB Interview?

SSB Interview Dress Code

One must have a minimum of two sets of formal attire on them when attending screenings, conferences, and individual interviews. In the SSB interview, one set of GTO outfits is sufficient. Here we will be discussing in detail the Dress Code for SSB Interview.

Candidates who are scheduled for an SSB interview should carefully study their SSB call letters and provide all relevant items as listed in the SSB call letter. The way you dress is quite crucial throughout the SSB interview process. The appropriate attire may vary depending on the season, but this is rare.

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Dress Code for SSB Interview: Formal Wear

S/No Item Gents Ladies Remarks
1 Dark colour trousers and a light colour shirt 1 set 1 set* *Suits/Sarees permissible
2 Shoes 2 pair 2 pair Formal and Sports
3 Necktie 1 1 Optional
4 Winter wear 1 1 Seasonal requirement during winter
5 White shorts & T-shirts 1 set For GTO tests
6 Tracksuit 1* 2 set** * For winters only ** For GTO

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Dress Code for GTO in SSB Interview

The dress code in GTO tasks is different from the SSB Interview dress code. GTO tasks are mainly about performance but the candidates must be well-dressed for the Group Testing offer tasks as well. So let us discuss the attire one can put on the GTO SSB.

GTO Dress Code in SSB for Males

All the men in the GTO ground must come in neat and clean attire. They can wear a white T-shirt and shorts. Ensure that you put sports shoes with this. In winter you can wear tracksuits that will include a T-shirt, A pair of track pants with a jacket over it which you can take out while performing tasks.

Then wear a pair of sports shoes that make your running comfortable.

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GTO Dress Code in SSB for Females

What should girls wear on the GTO ground is a doubt that almost every female fresher has? Well after reading this you will not have to worry about it. The female candidates are suggested to wear tracksuits during GTO with sports shoes.

Ensure that the dress you are wearing is neither too loose nor too fit.

Dress Code for Personal Interview in SSB

Personal Interview Dress Code in SSB for Males

The male candidates must have formal attire during the Personal Interview with the Services Selection Board. They can wear a light-coloured formal shirt, trousers, blazer, and a necktie.

Personal Interview Dress Code in SSB for Females

Female candidates for the SSB interview can wear a formal shirt, trousers and a pair of shoes with laces during the SSB Interview.

Whatever you wear should be clean, tidy and well-ironed. If you are well-dressed for all the stages in SSB Interview, automatically your level of confidence will increase and then you will be able to perform well.

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