How to tackle the negative image in PPDT?

How to tackle the negative image in PPDT? : Friends, after enrolling candidates on the first day of the SSB interview, the SSB interview starts from the second day itself. The candidates are first asked about the PPDT in the SSB interview. Now what is PPDT in the SSB and how to deal with the negative tackle of PPDT during this interview is given below. Even though aspiring candidates for SSB prepare a lot for PPDT in the SSB interview, innumerable of them still fail on the first day of the test. The picture perception and discussion test, called PPDT, is an exam performed on the very first day of the SSB selection process.

In this exam, a number of candidates are rejected, And very few of them pass the exam to proceed to the next stage. There are two stages of the SSB interview. The first phase is a screening test while the second phase consists of a psychology test, a GTO test, and finally a personal interview. I have devoted this article specifically to the PPDT in the SSB screening test. So that SSB tells the candidates some useful tips to deal with these tests and to keep some important factors in mind.

What is PPDT in SSB?

What exactly is PPDT in the SSB? You will be shown a blurred picture for 30 seconds and then given 1 minute to note the details of the picture. And 4 minutes is shown to write the story which is suitable for the picture displayed. You need to watch this blurry picture carefully within these given 30 seconds. The screening test is definitely tough due to competitive candidates, your confidence level, and your intelligent quotient.


Tips for Story Writing in PPDT in the SSB.
(How to tackle the negative image in PPDT?)

  • Always outline a positive story.
  • Make it realistic because anything that seems impractical will be very simple.
  • Avoid writing stories that involve superheroes or other unrealistic characters.
  • Also, avoid typical climaxes such as winning a prize or too much praise.
  • For a better perspective, imagine yourself in that picture or situation and then frame your story.
  • Try to write in the past tense.
  • If pictures are shown to be inherently happy, do not try to force a problem or negative situation into force.
  • This reflects your pessimistic feature.
  • Use character names wisely that is familiar to you for better recall.
  • Do not use commonly used names, try something creative.
  • Do not imagine your main character’s job as if he was a farmer or social worker.
  • Mention it only when it is clear in the picture.
  • Try to include points such as what causes the current situation, What is the current situation, and what does your character do to overcome the problem (if any).
  • Try some attention-grabbing twists and turns in your story that might sound interesting to listen to.
  • Make sure the story sticks to the core of the provided PPDT in the SSB. Do not write or repeat anything that has been known or written before.
  • Always try to write a story where your main character takes quick action rather than something that explains future plans.
  • Provide a happy ending in PPDT of the SSB.

Tips for personal statement.

  • The discussion test consists of two sessions, ie. Personal statement and group discussion.
  • Generally, you are divide into a group of 12-14 candidates. And said to form a semicircular arrangement.
  • You will get time to read the story once again. Make sure you read it without any hindrance. This will save you from stuttering or stuttering in front of GTO or other testers.
  • In a personal statement, you are give up to 1 minute to tell your story. You are not going to see your candidates here.
  • Sit up straight with a right-angled pose. Keep a nominal smile on your face, clear and loud when you are telling your story.
  • Always be confident about your own story, because if you are not really confident in yourself, the examinees may not be impressed either.
  • If you ever make a point, So don’t lose hope and always get back on track as soon as others are telling their stories, so be sure to listen to them quickly.
  • Do not take too long in the narration, rather make it your purpose to convey the real message behind your story.
  • Group discussion (PPDT in the SSB) can be very tedious and a subject of debate. When aspirants only shout loudly to prove their point.
  • Try to start a discussion. If not, at least try to keep your point. Avoid being the last to talk.
  • Be sure to maintain eye contact with your fellow SSB candidates.
  • Don’t forget the fact that you are only there to make a story with the help of others. So always weave a general story at certain points during the discussion.
  • Points of explaining the state rather than bringing something strange. Because other candidates cannot oppose you if the point you bring is as per the given picture.
  • Do not try to tell the whole story by yourself. Remember that others are there to keep their words.
  • If you notice that the group discussion has become very aggressive, do not try to remain silent as you may lose your chance.
  • Rather convince other candidates to calm down and encourage them to bring a good story together.
  • If you remain silent during the entire discussion while other candidates are shouting you can directly decline.
  • Be friendly with others. Do not look at the examinees too much and avoid exaggerating your hand movements.
  • If there are aggressive candidates in the discussion, try to be positive and mature.
  • Always try to argue based on logical reasoning, rather than shouting or insensitive talking.

Once you done with PPDT in the SSB, the examiner will ask you to go out, and the results will be announced to you soon. Everyone wants to stand out in the PPDT test (PPDT in the SSB), Therefore it expected that everyone is talking or shouting during the group discussion. Always remember that the PPDT in the SSB screening test executed to describe your imaginations and abilities within time constraints.
(How to tackle the negative image in PPDT?)

This allows testers to test your behavior and feelings during such stressful situations. Be sure to follow the effective suggestions above to increase your chances of passing the first stage of this screening test.

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQs)

  1. What is PPDT in the SSB?
    You will show a blurred picture for 30 seconds and then given 1 minute to note the details of the picture.
  2. How to tackle the negative image in PPDT in the SSB?
    Answer:- In order to remove the negative image in the PPDT exam of SSB interview, candidates must first remove negative thinking from their mind. And at the same time, it should be natural to say any situation according to the narrative.
  3. How to prepare for PPDT?
    Answer:- For the preparation of PPDT, candidates should try to make them narrative by looking at small pictures every day.
  4. Why PPDT required in SSB interview?
    Answer:- The SSB interview verifies the candidates’ narrative thinking and academic ability through PPDT.
  5. When does PPDT take place during SSB interview?
    Answer:- Normally, the PPDT exam (PPDT in the SSB) conducted on the first day itself. But in the SSB interview, no exam has a fixed date.
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