Rules to Follow For GTO Tasks in SSB Interview | GTO Color Rules

What are GTO Tasks in SSB Interview?

So, the full form of GTO is the Group Testing Officers’ task. Hence, GTO is part of Stage 2 in the SSB Interview. When the candidates are screened-in, on Day 1 of the SSB Interview, they have to go through a further journey of 4 days towards becoming commissioned officers in the Indian Armed Force. These days the candidates have to appear for the WAT, SRT, TAT, GTO tasks, personal interview, and finally the conference.

GTO tasks are the test of one’s physical capabilities and presence of mind during the HGT, FGT, PGT, and Command Task.


The outdoor GTO tasks take the form of different games. The tasks assigned to Group Testing Officers (GTOs) follow the same rules that apply to all games. Everyone in the organization must abide by these rules in order to avoid punishment.

Candidates are forced to return to the previous structure and restart from there if any of the rules are broken. You do not need to return to the starting line; instead, you must move from the structure where the rule was broken to the preceding structure.

Now let us discuss some of the SSB GTO rules.

SSB GTO Group Rule

According to this regulation, the group cannot move on to the next obstacle unless all members (6–10 candidates), the supporting equipment, and the load have successfully completed the first obstacle.

SSB GTO Distance Rule

According to this regulation, the group cannot move on to the next obstacle unless all members (6–10 candidates), the supporting equipment, and the load have successfully completed the first obstacle.

SSB GTO Colour Rule

The constructions will be painted with a variety of colors, each with its own meaning and set of guidelines that the candidates must abide by. Read the guidelines below about colors at Service Selection Boards very carefully.

  • White Color

White-painted structures are where the candidates, assistance materials, and load will arrive. This implies that the structure painted in white can accommodate not only the candidates but also the supporting equipment and weight.

  • Red Color

Structures painted red are off-limits to candidates for help and burden. Simply said, red-colored structures need not be touched. You are not permitted to stand on red-painted buildings, nor are you permitted to store loads or assistance materials there.

  • Blue/ Yellow/ Green Colour

Structures painted in any one of the colors blue, yellow, or green are inbound for candidates but outbound for aiding materials and loads. This indicates that while the candidates can stand on these colors, they cannot support any weight or assistance. But while standing on a structure painted with any of these colors, a candidate can hold the weight or assistance materials in their hands.

  • Black Color

Black-painted buildings are at the base of the structures and have no particular importance; whichever color is painted directly above the black color acquires the same color. Consider a long rod that is black at the bottom and white at the top. Black would then presume to be white.

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Rule of Infinity

According to this regulation, the candidates, the supporting materials, and the load are not permitted in the vicinity of the barriers.

Rules for Helping Materials

  • It is impossible to tie together two aids. That means you can use a rope to connect two solid supporting elements, but you can’t tie a plank and a balli together.
  • It is possible to layer one helpful material on top of another. E.g. A board may be placed on top of the balli (stick).
  • Helpful materials can be attached or hung from any white structure.
  • Any structure that is white can be secured using a rope.
  • Two ropes can be used and linked together. Ropes can also be bundled and used in this way.

Rules for Load

The load is a delegated material, thus it needs to be treated with care. Load serves as a unifying force inside the group; it cannot be employed as a substance for assistance.

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