NDA 147 Recommended Candidates Devansh Mishra Success Story

20 SSB Bhopal, NDA 147 Recommended Candidate

Hey Everyone! This is Devansh Mishra. I have been recommended by 20 SSB Bhopal for the NDA 147 course in my first attempt. I am from Barabanki, a small town on the outskirts of Lucknow. Also, today I will be sharing my success story with you all. Hope my story inspires you all for working harder and achieving your dreams.

So, let’s dive in!

As soon as I got recommended, felt a mix of all the emotions within – happy, excited, and emotional. Belonging from a middle-class family and becoming a commissioned officer is a great feeling. My father is a Physician. I don’t have a military background.  In fact, in the previous generations, no one is in the army.

I appeared for NDA 1 2020, then my NDA SSB was scheduled for 16th October 2021 and I got recommended on the 21st of October. In my batch, 57 candidates have reported and out of that 4 got recommended. 17 candidates got screened.

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Success Story: My 5-Day SSB Experience

The atmosphere at the SSB centers, made me feel a little nervous. During the document verification, many candidates had to leave because they didn’t have the right documents, that were required at the time of the SSB Interview. Even I got afraid. But I had all of them perfect. Still, there was pressure.

PP & DT – Picture Perception and Description Test was fun. After that, we had some joyous moments. They were allotted rooms. We were four boys in the same room. After we left the SSB centers, we has a great bonding that will be with us forever. Only I got recommended out of the four boys.

OIR (Officer’s Intelligence Rating Test) – I was continuously getting 3 or 4. While practicing for my NDA SSB I attempted around 100 OIRs. MKC helped me a lot in my preparation.

TAT and WAT – After I got the feedback from the captain sir, I started working on the psychological test and regular practice helped me score well. Due to this, I could attempt all the Word Association Test (WAT) and Thematic Apperception Tests (TAT) in the SSB Interview.

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In TAT, 12 pictures were shown and when it came to writing stories, I wrote about my first leadership opportunity in the story. It was my football-playing experience. I was the captain of the team and was supposed to teach them how to play football in a limited time. I mentioned the efforts made by me in the team.

My Interview

My interview was smooth. It took 30 minutes. The IO welcomed me. Avoid being conscious during the interview. The questions were casual. And I was honest. I said I don’t know but will learn to the questions that I didn’t know.

Among my roommates, my interview was the best. The most tricky question that he asked me was, “How do I manage my expenses?” Here my answer was my sister took care of all my needs. He said that you are a spoilt child by your sister.

Here I answered, that it’s love and not a spoilt child.

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My GTO Tasks

It was our group that completed all four tasks in the PGT. In the command task, 4 out of 7 choose me as their helper. These people trusted me with the tasks.

My Conference

My chest no. was 8 and my SSB conference was good. No educational questions were asked. They were all general questions. when they asked me what would you yourself give the marks. I said it will be 50 on 50.

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Success Story: Key Takeaways

  • Be honest with yourself and your dreams
  • Never stop learning
  • Work on your weaker areas.
  • Learn all the prospects of the SSB Interview

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Why did I choose MKC for my NDA Preparation?

I preferred Major Kalshi Classes for my NDA SSB Preparation because of various reasons. Some of them are listed below:

  • They have a track record of a huge number of selections.
  • They have courses of shorter duration than many other defense coaching institutes.
  •  I have prepared for my NDA written exam  also from MKC
  • They have expert faculty for SRT and GD preparation
  • They have the best GTO Ground for the preparation of the SSB Interview
  • They helped me boost my confidence.
  • They give us the best guidance and give individual focus
  • They believed in us and that motivated us to fulfill their expectation.
  • They helped me realize my weak areas and strengths.
  • MKC covered the entire aspects of the SSB Interview.

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Best NDA Coaching in Allahabad

Although, the candidates can prepare for the NDA SSB interview with Major Kalshi Classes. It is the Best NDA coaching in Allahabad. Moreover, for the best NDA preparation in Prayagraj, take admission to Major Kalshi Classes. Some of the features that make MKC the best are as follows:

MKC Offline Classroom Course Unique Features:

  • “Trend Analysis” based unique “Teaching Plan”
  • Most experienced faculty of MKC,
  • Doubt Counter facility
  • Spoken English Classes,
  • Physical Training Sessions at Malviya Stadium,
  • Best Study Material by MKC Publication
  • Weekly and Monthly Testing System
  • Special Current Affairs Sessions
  • Sunday Extra Classes
  • Best SSB Interview guidance by Retired Officers
  • Fully Equipped GTO Ground
  • Huge Computer Lab
  • Comfortable Hostel & Mess for Nutritious food

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