Flying Officer Yogesh Yadav who beat death from Paralysis, Now graduate from Airforce Academy

After being paralysed from the waist below in an aircraft crash in 2018, the stubborn airman was appointed as a Flying Officer of the Indian Air Force. During his training in 2018, when his aircraft crashed and he continued to undergo treatment in the hospital for more than 2 years. Paralyzed in his body, yet he is ready to be associated with the Indian Air Force and to serve his duty. Let us know how Flying Officer Yogesh Yadav has expressed his desire to be associated with the army despite his lack of body capabilities.

Who is Flying Cadet Yogesh Yadav?

Flying officer Yogesh Yadav, who took training at the Indian Air Force Academy, was associated with the Indian Air Force in 2018. Meanwhile, a few days before the passing out parade at the Air Force Academy located in Dindigul named Telangana, during training, his aircraft malfunctioned. During this training of Flying Cadet Yogesh Yadav, his plane crashed due to a malfunction in the aircraft and he had to stop the training at the same time and go for treatment.

What happened after the aircraft crash during training?

Flying Cadet Yogesh Yadav was taking aircraft training to complete his training while undergoing Aircraft Training at the Indian Air Force Academy. During this, when he was flying his aircraft from a distance of about 200 meters from the ground, even after his acceptance, he jumped on the ground with a parachute. After which his leg was also fractured and other injuries in his body. Along with this accident, now the dream of flying Cadet Yogesh Yadav to become a pilot could not be fulfilled. Because in this accident he suffered serious injuries and his entire part below his waist was paralyzed.

Even after this accident, Yogesh Yadav was a man who did not give up. He resolved that he would finish his training and rejoin the Indian Air Force. Thus Yogesh Yadav completed his academic training and joined the Indian Air Force as a Flying Officer. But after this accident, he was appointed as an officer in the Accounts Branch. Because of this, the Chief of the Indian Air Force, Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhary also congratulated him.

Generally, as per the rules of the Air Force, if an officer or cadet does not meet the medical standards, then they are discharged from service. But Yogesh Yadav’s determination and desire to work in the Indian Air Force allowed him to join the Indian Army again.

Yogesh Yadav proved that Anything can be achieved with determination:-

You must have heard that if someone takes a determination to do some work with all his heart, then any kind of problems in front of him, he can solve those problems easily. This sentence has been shown by Flying Officer Yogesh Yadav. Seeing his determination, the Indian Air Force has approved him to work in the Air Force even after being paralyzed. Approval has also been given by the Ministry of Defence to get this approval.

Now Flying Officer Yogesh Yadav will again join the Accounts Branch in the Indian Air Force from the beginning of the New Year. He was ranked first in the Order of Merit for the Accounts Branch during his training. Flying officers as an officer will be bound by the rules of the Indian Air Force but they will also be given relaxation in some rules because of their situation.

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