Success Story- NDA 149 Recommended Yasharth 12 SSB Bangalore

NDA  149 Recommended Candidate’s Success Story

Hey Everyone! My name is Yasharth, I have cleared my NDA SSB Interview from 12 SSB Bangalore on my 2nd attempt. I will be sharing my success story with you. I hope my SSB experience motivates you to work harder for your dream. So let’s begin.

My NDA SSB date was 9th August 2022 and I left my house on 8th August from Lucknow Airport to Bangalore Airport and stayed at a hotel. The next day in the morning I left for my SSB Selection centre. A total of 87 candidates were reported there. We went through the screening process. The first was our OIR Test. Then there was the PP&DT session.

The group was full of repeaters and turned out to be chaos. Therefore it ended in 2 minutes only. Then the results were announced.

The GTO didn’t sound very happy because of the madness during the Group Discussion. Then the screening result was announced. A total of 27 candidates got screened including me. Out of 27, only 3 were freshers rest were repeaters. Ultimately 9 were recommended out of 27.

Day 2: Then it was the psychological tests. The psych test was absolutely fine. We got plenty of time for every test. No negative pictures or negative words were there. Hence, went pretty good for me.

On the same day, my interview was planned. My interview also went great. Then the GD, and GPE also went good. The next day was the GTO. As the Bangalore area faces heavy rain the obstacles were quite risky. We did 4-5 obstacles only out of 10. As the GTO didn’t want us to get injured. Then there was lecturette, PGT, HGT, FGT, and Command Task.

In WAT I left no words and answered all of them.

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My Most Memorable Part

The most memorable part of my SSB Journey was the Conference. The reason was that there was a big discussion before my call-up. When I reached there, everyone was in uniform. For the first time, I saw officers in uniform in reality. As I am from a civilian background it was an honour to see those highly decorated officers in front of my eyes.

My conference lasted for 15 Minutes and I was not expecting it so well.  Finally, the results were declared. Out of 27, a total of 9 got recommended. Among the three freshers, only one was recommended.

Out of 15 mins, my conference was about how did I prepare for my psychology tests for the initial 5 minutes. With this, I could interpret that the testing officers were really impressed with my performance in the psychological tests.

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How Did MKC Help You?

Major Kalshi Classes Helped me a lot. As I was from a civilian background and had little knowledge of the SSB Interview, MKC taught me how to tackle the various stages of the Services Selection Board Interview.

The most experienced and expert faculty of the MKC guided me and helped me get through the NDA SSB Interview on my 2nd attempt. All the SSB procedures were told to me in Major Kalshi Classes.

Overall I would say we were trained at MKC at a level higher than that of the actual SSB Interview.  At MKC we were made to practice so well for the SRT, WAT, TAT, and GTO tasks that the only reason that could prevent us from clearing the NDA SSB was ourselves. And that line touched me.

Then came my interview. The interview was quite good as the Interviewing officer was smiling which generally doesn’t happen. They were all very friendly. It lasted for 45- 60 minutes.

Out of 10 people, 7 called me their helper in my command task and that’s why they believed in me. GTO was happy with our group.

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Never Run for Success, Just Give Your Best

That’s what I did, gave my best, and here I am NDA 149 recommended candidate Yasharth. Be honest as NDA is the test of your personality. Never try to copy someone. Don’t try to imitate anybody’s personality.

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NDA 149 Recommended Candidate Yasharth’s Success Story [Watch]

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