Success Story: NDA 148 Recommended Abhay’s Inspiring Journey

Success Story of NDA 148 Recommended Candidate

Hey Everyone! This is Abhay Singh. I have qualified NDA 148 SSB exam on my 2nd attempt by securing AIR 209. I am from Unnao and for the NDA preparation, I joined Major Kalshi Classes. Now I am going to share with you my success story and the journey that I went through to achieve such heights of success in my life.

Let’s Dive In!

It was 2021 when I got to know about National Defence Academy and there is an NDA exam conducted twice a year. Through the NDA exam, one can join the armed forces and become a commissioned officer. Before this, I has a misconception that one can join the forces only as a soldier and with promotions, one will gradually become a commissioned officer with the passing years.

So I filled out the NDA online application form for NDA147 but I could not qualify for the NDA exam which was conducted on 18th April 2021. As there was neither any proper planning nor was I aware of the NDA Syllabus and Exam Pattern.  It was that time of year when Covid-19 was at its peak during the second wave.

That Hit me hard! As it was for the first time that I failed in my lifetime. And then started my success journey. At that moment I decided that I will qualify for NDA 148 no matter what happens. First of all, I made a plan, did the proper research, and started my self-study for NDA 148. YouTube helped me a lot in my NDA 148 preparation.

NCERT Books Helped Me a Lot!

It was the NCERT books that had my back. I started preparing with my class’s 10th and 12th NCERT books.and started practising with the NCERT books. I even attempted the previous year’s questions as a part of my studies.

An advantage that I has was that the exam was postponed till November due to the Covid situation in the country. Earlier it was scheduled for September but was then conducted on the 14th of November.

After attending my exam I was sure that I will score more than 450. So, I started with my NDA SSB preparation. Before this, I had already appeared for my JEE exam and there I scored 82 percent. I was eligible for NIT in Manipur. But I preferred NDA above anything else.

I Got Screened Out in TES-47

Then TES entry Notification was also released. I successfully qualified for the TES-47 SSB but then got screened out on day 1 of my SSB interview. My TES SSB was in Bangalore and it was another painful experience. It made me fearful of my NDA SSB as well. As this time I had worked really hard.

Still, I took it positively and had an experience for a lifetime. The various stages in the SSB interview are conducted including the four psychological tests, GTO tasks, and the Panel Interview. Here, I would like to suggest to my fellow aspirants that it is necessary to practice the SRTs, GDs, and PP&DTs in advance. It will help you perform well in the actual Services Selection Board Interview.

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I Joined the Best NDA Coaching in Allahabad – Major Kalshi Classes

After I got screened Out in the TES-47 SSB Interview, I decided to join a coaching institute that can provide me the best SSB preparation with proper guidance and solve my doubts then and there. Then on the 10th of January, I joined MKC.

Joining Major Kalshi Classes at right time was the best decision of my life and the reason that now I have been recommended. I give credit for my success to MKC.

On Day 1 of the SSB Interview, my only fear was what will happen if get screened Out. A total of 239 candidates have reported and out of that 89 were screened in and my Chest no. was 29.

Here MKC played a vital role, as they provide SSB preparation for the complete one year. They prepare for the OIR (Officers Intelligence Rating Test) with individual feedback.

Did you feel any difference between Your previous SSB and your current SSB?

Although, last time I could not open up as I didn’t have any idea about the Group Discussion and PP & DT. I performed under pressure the last time. But this time, I was free from any kind of stress and I gave my best.

Hence, I had already made up my mind that if I am unable to clear this time will try again, the next time.

My 5-Day SSB Experience

Day-1 Of SSB: Reporting:

  • Documents Check
  • Form filling
  • Testing
  • Verbal, non-verbal intelligence test
  • Picture Perception description test (PPDT), etc

This is a very significant day for everyone. Those who pass this round will be invited to stay for the rest of the Interview, while the others will be sent home.

Day 2: Following Tests Will Be Conducted:

  • Thematic Apperception Test
  • Word Association Test
  • Situation Reaction Test
  • Self Description Test

Day-3 Of SSB: GTO Task Round:

  • GTO (Group Testing Officers)
  • Group discussion
  • Group planning exercise
  • Progressive group task
  • Half group task
  • Individual obstacle task
  • Command task
  • Group obstacle tasks etc

Therefore, the GTO rounds are notorious for being difficult to score. This day is primarily made up of mental games in which you must engage and score points based on your skill. Therefore, for this round, Major Kalshi Classes will provide special training and education to candidates in order for them to perform well in this round as well. Join the Best SSB Coaching Institute in India, which is run and facilitated by Ex-SSB Interviewers and Defence Officers.

NDA batch every monday

Day 4 Of The SSB: Personal Interview:

Examiners are free to ask any questions during the Personal Interview round, which might be connected to your personal life or subjects, etc. You must, however, respond kindly to each query. There are certain techniques for appearing, acting, and responding in the SSB Interview. Learn everything there is to know about the interview and how to ace it. Major Kalshi Classes are well-known for offering the Best SSB Interview Classes in India. The Major Kalshi Classes make it extremely simple to prepare for the SSB Interview.

Day 5 Of SSB: Conference

The conference day consists mostly of a test or activity. This is the day you will be informed of your results. All applicants who pass the interview will go to the next round of selection. That would most likely be a medical evaluation.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Plan and stick to your plan
  2. Work on your weak areas
  3. Solve previous year’s papers
  4. Avoid making any guesses as there is a negative marking
  5. Be natural and SSB is a test of personality
  6. Do not try to imitate anyone and just be yourself.
  7. English is not important but your communication skills are important
  8. Hard Work is the Key
  9. Work on Ideology and thought process
  10. Don’t worry about selection or rejection and focus on your performance.
  11. Do it with Self-Satisfaction
  12. Stay Stressfree and believe in yourself

NDA 148 SSB Recommended Abhay’s Success Talks with Saurabh Sir

Watch the complete video below for Abhay’s Success story:

Hope you all liked my success story. Thanks for reading. For your NDA preparation, you can join the best NDA coaching in Allahabad

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So if you want to join the Indian Armed forces. Remember one thing-

“it is not a job its a lifestyle”

Best of luck with your future.

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