Weight & Height Required For NDA Girls in Indian Army

Female Entry into the Indian Army

Entry of Females into the Indian Armed Forces is constantly promoted by the government whether it is the latest Agnipath entry into the Army, Navy, Air Force, or the opening of the gates of the National Defence Academy/ Naval Academy for the female cadets.

Although simply allowing females in the Indian Army is not enough, they will have to fulfil some of the criteria with respect to height weight, and other minimum physical requirements.

Height Required For NDA Girls

For Flying Branch, the minimum height is 162.5 cm. Measurements of leg length, thigh length, and sitting height for aircrew is as under:

  • Sitting height: Minimum – 81.5 cm Maximum – 96.0 cm
  • Length of the Leg: Minimum – 99.0 cm Maximum – 120.0 cm
  • Thigh Length: Maximum – 64.0 cm

For Ground Duty, the minimum height is 152 cm.

S. No. Category Minimum Height for female candidates
1 Tribals from Ladakh Region 150 cm
2 Andaman& Nicobar, Lakshadweep, and Minicoy Islands 150 cm
3 Gorkhas, Nepali, Assamese, Garhwali, Kumaoni, and Uttarakhand 147 cm
4 Bhutan, Sikkim &North East Region 147 cm

The above relaxation in height will not be applicable to candidates seeking entry as officers into the Navy in Pilot/ Observer specializations of the Executive branch.

NDA Height & Weight Chart For Female

When it comes to NDA height for girls there is a lot of confusion prevailing among the aspirants. After going through the table below you will be free from all your doubts. Here we have provided the height and weight requirements for the girl cadets who are aspiring for NDA, CDS, AFCAT, or any other defence examination.

Height (Cm) Minimum Weight for all ages Weight (Kg) for 17 to 20 yrs Weight (Kg) for 20+01 day- 30 yrs Weight (Kg) for 30 +01 day – 40 yrs Weight (Kg) for Above 40 yrs
140 35.3 43.1 45.1 47.0 49.0
141 35.8 43.7 45.7 47.7 49.7
142 36.3 44.4 46.4 48.4 50.4
143 36.8 45.0 47.0 49.1 51.1
144 37.3 45.6 47.7 49.8 51.8
145 37.8 46.3 48.4 50.5 52.6
146 38.4 46.9 49.0 51.2 53.3
147 38.9 47.5 49.7 51.9 54.0
148 39.4 48.2 50.4 52.6 54.8
149 40.0 48.8 51.1 53.3 55.5
150 40.5 49.5 51.8 54.0 56.3
151 41.0 50.2 52.4 54.7 57.0
152 41.6 50.8 53.1 55.4 57.8
153 42.1 51.5 53.8 56.2 58.5
154 42.7 52.2 54.5 56.9 59.3
155 43.2 52.9 55.3 57.7 60.1
156 43.8 53.5 56.0 58.4 60.8
157 44.4 54.2 56.7 59.2 61.6
158 44.9 54.9 57.4 59.9 62.4
159 45.5 55.6 58.1 60.7 63.2
160 46.1 56.3 58.9 61.4 64.0
161 46.7 57.0 59.6 62.2 64.8
162 47.2 57.7 60.4 63.0 65.6
163 47.8 58.5 61.1 63.8 66.4

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NDA Medical for Girls

Once the girls ensure their height and weight by analyzing the chart above, they will also have to ensure their medical fitness. Not clearing the medical examination has been a major cause of rejection in the National Defence Academy whether it is boys or girls.

Principal points that are examined during the NDA medical examination are as follows

(a) The candidate is sufficiently intelligent, although the responsibility on this point rests with the Enrolling Officer. The Medical Officer will bring to the Enrolling Officer’s notice any deficiency he/she may observe during the examination.

(b) The hearing is good and there is no sign of any disease of the ear, nose, or throat.

(c) The Vision for each eye is up to the required standard. Eyes should be bright, clear, and with no abnormality or no obvious squint. The movement of the eyeballs should be full and free in all directions.

(d) Speech is without impediment.

(e) There is no glandular swelling.

(f) Chest is well-formed and his/her heart and lungs are sound.

(g) Well-formed and fully developed limbs.

(h) No evidence of hernia should be there of any degree or form.

(j) Free and perfect action of all the joints is ensured.

(k) Feet and toes are well-formed.

(l) Absence of any defects or congenital malformation.

(m) No traces of previous acute or chronic disease should be pointing to an impaired constitution.

(n) Presence of a sufficient number of sound teeth for efficient mastication.

(p) Disease of the Genito-Urinary tract should be absent.

NDA Medical Requirements

The candidates very often do not give a family history of disease because of ignorance. At times a deliberate attempt is made to concealment of disease for fear of rejection.

In all these cases Recruiting Medical Officer should state is concerned Para of AFMSF-2A, if there is any relevant history of Fits, Leprosy, Epilepsy, or Tuberculosis.

However, it is essential to make a thorough clinical examination of candidates for any signs of organic disease/physical deformity. Recruiting Medical Officer should either reject the candidate or endorse the disease in the respective column if it is of acceptable nature.

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Major Reasons for Rejection from NDA Medicals

Major defects for rejection of the candidates preparing for the defence examinations are as under:-

(a) Imperfect development, Weak constitution, muscular wasting, and congenital malformation.
Note:- Muscular wasting is to be judged entirely by its effect on function.

(b) Malformation of the head including deformity from fracture or depression of the bones of the skull.

(c) Disease or abnormal curvature of the spine, Scoliosis more than 10 degrees by Cobb’s method till less than 25 years of age and 15 degrees at more than 25 years of age.

(d) Skeletal deformity either hereditary or acquired and disease or impairment of the function of bones or joints.
Note:- Rudimentary cervical rib with no symptoms is allowed.

(e) Torso or limb Asymmetry, abnormality of locomotion including amputation.

(f) Deformity of feet and toes.

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Visual Standards for NDA Entry

Criteria NDA/NA
Uncorrected Vision 6/6 6/9
Corrected Vision 6/6 6/6
Limits of Myopia -0.75 D Sph
Limits of Hypermetropia + 1.5 D Cyl
Astigmatism (within limits of myopia and hypermetropia) + 0.75 D Sph / Cyl
Binocular Vision III
Colour Perception I


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