A Day in Life of NDA Cadets at National Defence Academy

NDA Cadets’ life Inside the Academy

To join the Indian Army, Air Force, and Navy after class XII, many candidates join the Indian Armed Forces by filling out the NDA application form and passing the toughest examination. When candidates join as 1 cadet after clearing the National Defense Academy exam their lifestyle is very different from normal students. In today’s article, we will give you information about how the candidates undergo training and their lifestyle after joining the National Defense Academy.

As you all know that the National Defense Academy exam is conducted by UPSC twice a year. After passing the 12th class examination, the candidates dream that by preparing for NDA, they get appointed in the rank of lieutenant and join the Indian Army to protect the country.

To fill out this application form, the candidate must have scored a minimum of 60% or more marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths (PCM) in class 12th. After this, they are appointed for training in NDA’s training institutes and in these places they do not have to live their lives as ordinary citizens. Let us know how a general candidate has to lead his life as an NDA cadet.

NDA Cadets’ life inside Academy

The examination of the National Defense Academy is called the examination of a Joint Service Academy. Because through this exam candidates get a chance to join all three departments of the Indian Armed Forces i.e. Army, Navy, and Airforce. For the training of all three departments, candidates are sent to different academies according to the department selected at the time of examination, where their lifestyle is something like this.

Orientation Capsule period in NDA Life

As we told you above that as NDA cadets, the candidates are under the joint training team, and training is done for all three departments. For the first 2 months, these cadets are kept in orientation capsules where their physical and mental condition is checked and prepared. Under the orientation capsule, candidates have to participate in both indoor and outdoor activities.

Mental-based theoretical and practical training is done for the candidate under indoor games. Whereas, under outdoor training, the candidate is trained by setting up camps in the mountainous areas outside and dense forests and bushes. These are the tasks to be done under their orientation capsule training. During this, they do not have to go through the following procedures which are part of their daily routine.

NDA Cadets’Daily Routine

Morning Time Routine

Under NDA’s training period, candidates have to follow the same routine for 3 years under each routine.NDA cadets have to wake up every day at 3:30 AM and reach the parade by 4:00 AM for morning roll calls by seniors. On reaching the parade ground, NDA cadets have to spend 2 hours for physical exercises and gruelling drills and physical training under the command given by the officer.

These credit scores have to be returned to their respective squadrons after going through the exercise of this PT and drill which is conducted from 4:00 AM to 6:00 AM. Candidates are sent under different types of squadrons.

Afternoon Time Routine

After moving to their different squadrons, they have to prepare for the next task. On reaching the squadron, he is refreshed and goes for breakfast. After breakfast is completed, they have to reach their classes for academic work. If the candidates do not reach the scheduled classes on time, they are also punished by their seniors. So candidates reach for their classes on time and carry on with their daily work keeping in mind the time and punctuality.

Evening Time Routine

Their academic session ends at 2:00 PM after which they are given the next 45 minutes in which they have their lunch. In these, the candidates reach the training campus again under PT classes and support discipline immediately after having lunch.

No rest is given to the candidates every day. In simple language, from 3:00 am to 10:30 pm, candidates have to include different types of tasks in their daily routine. After 45 minutes of rest and lunch from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM, candidates are reserved for developing ‘camaraderie and sportsmanship.

Night Time Routine

NDA cadets have to complete their studies and dinner from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. In the remaining time after completing the dinner, NDA cadets have to spend more than 1 hour in PT and games. At the end of the day at around 10:15, the candidates are ordered to switch off the lights of their respective squadrons and go to sleep. Similarly, NDA cadets follow the same routine every day for 3 consecutive years till their training period is completed.

Some unique facts about the life of NDA cadets

When an ordinary candidate reaches the training centres of the Indian Armed Forces as an NDA cadet, his hairstyle is very different from the normal. They have to follow the same type of hairstyle throughout their training period. These tasks have to be learned throughout their training by completing the assigned tasks on time every day and adopting punctuality. When candidates join the academy as cadets, they are provided with one cycle each.

So that they can leave their respective squadrons for training early in the morning and reach the parade and after the parade, they can reach their squadrons quickly. All NDA cadets have their own room inside which they have to carry out their belongings and their tasks in a better way. Because at any time inception can be done by the higher officers of the army in the squadron of NDA cadets and they can also be given punishment due to lack of cleanliness. Any kind of mistake during training can cost the life of the candidates as NDA cadets are returned home by the officials if mistakes are made.

NDA batch every monday

What happens after the completion of training

After completing the training period of the National Defense Academy, the eligible candidates are given a stipend of ₹ 21000 per month to them. At the time when they successfully complete their training, then they are given more than 55000 salaries per month according to the post. Let us know on which posts the candidate is appointed after successfully completing the training.

  • In IAF:-  They will join as flying officers,
  • In the Indian Navy:- They will join as a Sub- Lieutenants and
  • In the Indian Army:- They will join as Lieutenants

In today’s article, we will tell you how a candidate lives his life during the training period of the Indian Armed Forces as an NDA cadet and how he has to complete his training. We have given you detailed information about this important topic. If it is your dream that you also enjoy the above life as an NDA cadet and serve the nation in the future, then join Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute today.

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A Day in Life of NDA Cadets – FAQs

Q. How do become NDA cadets in Indian Armed Forces?
To become an NDA cadet, you have to clear the SSB interview and written test by filling out the application form for National Defense Academy to be conducted by UPSC. After this, you can join as an NDA cadet under Joint Service Training.

Q. Do NDA cadets live like normal people?
The life of an NDA cadet is generally not like that of a normal human being as they have to complete each and every task on a punctual basis every day.

Q. Is the life of NDA cadets easy or difficult?
If a candidate joins as NDA Cadet for the first time then he finds it very difficult but later on it becomes very easy here. It can be said that NDA cadets have a simple life.

Q. Are NDA cadets paid a salary during training?
During the training, all NDA cadets are given a stipend of ₹ 21000 per month. Those who successfully complete the training are given a salary of more than 55 thousand according to their post.

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