Know About TAT Blank Story


Hello defence aspirants, Today we are going to discuss the blank slide (often considered as a mystery slide) shown in TAT Blank Story. or Thematic Apperception Test is the first test of psychology in an SSB interview. In TAT 11+1 slides are shown to candidates one by one for 30 seconds each and the candidate has to write a story based on those pictures in 4 minutes.

It was developed by Morgan and Murray (1935) in the belief that the content of imagined stories would provide clues to the underlying dynamics of a subject’s interpersonal relationships and self-attitudes. As elaborated by Murray and Bellak, TAT data are expected to reveal the hierarchy of a person’s needs and the nature of his or her dominant emotions and conflicts.

TAT Blank Story was later included in SSB to assess the psychology of candidates.
11 pictures are shown to candidates and the stories they write based on those pictures reveal their psychology, background, motivation level, and OLQs to the psychologists. But today we are going to discuss the 12th slide i.e. THE BLANK SLIDE. Why is it shown and what to write in it?

The blank slide is shown for various reasons. A few of them are as follows-

  • It is to give some rest to your subconscious mind to make you ready for the next test, i.e. WAT.
  • It is to check what your mind thinks when left idle.
  • Most of the times candidates write about their personal experience or their desires in blank slides, this helps psychologists to assess the complete personality traits of any individual.
  • What a candidate thinks when he is not given any external stimuli will show his/her real qualities.
  • Try to write a story related to the first 11 pictures shown to you.
  • Most of the times candidates prefer to prepare the blank story beforehand but try to write the story that comes to your mind at that moment.
  • You can write a story about your real-life experience which is related to the other 11 stories you wrote earlier.
  • The blank slide of TAT is the real testing phase. Story written by the candidate for blank slide may become very crucial in revealing inner Officer Like Qualities of a candidate.
  • One must not take this slide lightly as it will reveal your inner qualities in the most obvious way.
  • Try to reveal your good qualities as much as possible.
  • Consider this slide as a blank canvas and write your best possible story.


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