NDA 147 Recommended Candidate Aditya Kishore’s Success Story

NDA 147 Recommended Candidate

Hey Everyone! This is Aditya Kishore and I belong to Jharkhand. I have been recommended by 19 SSB Allahabad by appearing for NDA 147 written and SSB interview. Welcome to my Success Story.

Today I will be sharing my inspirational story of success so that my fellow mates and juniors can get inspired. My grandfather was in Indian Air Force, he was posted in Allahabad since then we have been staying in Allahabad.

I have completed my schooling from airforce schooling Amrauli. I have completed my 10+2 in 2020. This was my sixth attempt at the Services Selection Board Interview. Since childhood, I have been seeing my friends and relatives in the Indian Air Force. That motivated me to join the Indian Air Force.

Cleared NDA in 6th Attempt

I had my grandfather in the Indian Air Force hence the expectations were already high. I had already given 5 attempts and this time it was my 6th attempt. Things started becoming very difficult for me. But I didn’t lose hope and kept working on my OLQs and other weak areas.

In my 5 attempts, I was once screened Out and four times conference out. Many times I felt like I should switch my career opportunities. Still, it was my physical strength and mental stability that made me go the long way.

My parents were always supportive. But somewhere it was peer pressure.

Being from a Defense Background, Were Things Different for me?

There is a myth among candidates that students from a defense background are given special treatment. But as per my SSB experience, nothing like that happened. I was treated just like other candidates who came for the SSB Interview.

So, the candidates can just be relaxed as the SSB does not discriminate among the candidates who have a defense background and who do not have a military background.

My Conference

My chest No. was 26. General questions were asked to me. I answered them all satisfactorily. My overall conference was quick and I already knew that this time I will be selected. I was called for the fourth position and was glad to hear my chest number among the shortlisted candidates.

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My Interview

It took hardly 10-15 minutes for the interview. Generally, it goes 30-45 minutes for most of the candidates.

The interviewing officer asked for my 3 CIQ. 1st CIQ was of around 18- 20 questions. 2nd were 10-15 questions and 3rd was around 5 questions.

He kept an SRT for me. As I have done NCC, he asked me if I have done compass and map reading.

The SRT 

Suppose you and your friend are in Jungle. If you have the map and compass but if they are not working correctly then how will you come back?

I answer, “By looking at the sun I will come back to seeing the direction.”

IO – What if it is cloudy?

Aditya – I will look for some Nala or pond on the map and will come back.

IO – No..No! you went 2-3 Km. in and now you are completely lost. Then what will you do in this situation?

Aditya- I will try to look for some villages.

IO- Then he again said that if you are unable to find any villages then what will you do?

Aditya – Then I said will look for a temple as the Shivlinga Jal comes out in the North direction. And the gate of the temple is in the East direction.

IO – What if you don’t find any temple around?

Aditya- I will break the compass, will take out the magnet, and freely suspend it. As the magnet gets in the north-south direction. Then I will see the direction on the map and will move out of the jungle.

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My Psychological Tests

Most of the WAT and SRT were from whatever was taught at the Major Kalshi Classes and my practice was good. I was able to do 59 SRTs and 60 WATs and 12 TAT pictures.


In my GPE, what I wrote and what I spoke were completely different. In PGT 3 and 2, I led the group, and in HGT he freezer me. He said now onwards you will not do anything and only the rest of the group will do it. I was standing there. When HGT got over he said, do you have any other ideas, he said to do it alone.

For me, it was a command task. In the command task, it was a movable structure. I was, again and again, asked for ideas and the GTO moved the structures and changed their colors making it difficult for me. Still, I overcame all of that, and finally, my GTO ended well.

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How was MKC Helpful?

  • Have a high level of patience because if you get screened out, it is very disheartening
  • Right Guidance is important
  • You must have some motivation

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NDA 147 Recommended Candidate Aditya Kishore’s Success Story

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