AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview Dates Out , AFCAT 2023 SSB Date Selection Open

AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview : The AFCAT, which stands for Air Force Common Admission Test, is like a special test organized by the Indian Air Force. They use this test to select candidates to become officers in different parts of the Air Force. Now, there’s this thing called the SSB Interview, and it’s a very important part of how they choose people for AFCAT. During this interview, they carefully look at your skills, personality, and whether you have what it takes to become an officer in the Indian Air Force.

The AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview is coming up soon, and you can now choose the date and location for it. This article will cover important details about the AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview, such as when the dates will be announced, how to pick a venue, what documents you’ll need, tips for getting ready, common interview questions, what to wear, courses to help you prepare, how the results will be shared, and what comes next in the process.

Attention, prospective candidates! šŸ“¢ You can now choose your seats at AFSB. Don’t wait too long; the registration window will close at 11:59 PM on October 1, 2023. For information about career opportunities in the Indian Air Force, please visit the AFCAT CDAC website.

How to Select AFSB Date and Centers ?

  • Go to the AFCAT CDAC official website.
  • From the top menu, locate and choose the appropriate AFCAT cycle option.
  • Enter your AFCAT login ID and password. If you forget your password, you can reset it.
  • Once you’ve logged in successfully, click on the “Result and AFSB selection” option, which you can find as shown in the image provided.
  • You can view your AFCAT marks and the cutoff score on this page. Below that, you’ll see a button for the AFSB Selection process. Click on that button to continue.
  • Click the “I have understood the process” button to proceed.
  • Now, you need to complete the following steps:
  • Seat Selection: Choose your seat.
  • Add Bank Details for TA (Travel Allowance).
  • Download your Call Letter.

The AFSB seat selection for the venue and SSB date will appear in this manner.

After you select the date, it will display your AFSB venue and date. Now, proceed to add your bank details for Travel Allowance (TA). Make sure to review and confirm the details for acceptance, and then add your bank information.

Now, you can download your AFSB call letter along with other documents such as the COVID-19 undertaking. Save these documents and print out your AFSB call letter. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions provided in the call letter.

  • Download and complete the declaration form.
  • Download and fill out the COVID-19 undertaking form.

AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview Date Announcement

The Indian Air Force has officially released the dates for the AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview. Candidates who successfully passed the AFCAT 2 2023 written exam can now participate in the SSB Interview. The interview dates will be assigned based on slot availability and the choices candidates made during registration. It’s crucial for candidates to stay informed by checking the official Indian Air Force website for any updates on interview dates. Once the dates are announced, candidates should quickly choose their preferred interview date and location.

Documents to carry at AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview

Candidates preparing for the AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview should make sure they have all the required documents ready. These documents are crucial for verification and must be presented during the interview. Here is the list of important documents:

  • AFCAT 2 2023 Admit Card: This is the admit card you used for the AFCAT 2 2023 written exam. It also serves as your entry pass for the SSB Interview.
  • ID Proof: Carry a valid government-issued ID proof like an Aadhaar card, PAN card, or passport.
  • Educational Certificates: Bring both the original and photocopies of your educational certificates, including your 10th and 12th mark sheets, as well as your graduation or post-graduation certificates if applicable.
  • Domicile Certificate: You’ll need a domicile certificate to prove your residence.
  • Character Certificate: Obtain a character certificate from a recognized authority to verify your good conduct and moral character.
  • Passport-sized Photographs: Make sure to have recent passport-sized photographs of yourself for identification purposes.

Candidates are strongly advised to review the list of necessary documents and make sure they have both the original copies and photocopies prepared in advance before their AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview.

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Important Tips for AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview

Preparing for the AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview demands a focused and organized approach. Here are some tips to assist candidates in excelling during their interview:

  1. Research and Gather Information: Take the time to gather extensive information about the Indian Air Force, including its history, operations, and current developments in the defense sector. This demonstrates your genuine interest and commitment to the profession.
  2. Develop Communication Skills: Effective communication is paramount during the interview. Practice speaking clearly, confidently, and articulately. Additionally, be an attentive listener and provide thoughtful responses to the interviewers’ questions.
  3. Enhance Problem-Solving Skills: The SSB Interview assesses your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Sharpen these skills by practicing puzzles, situational judgment tests, and logical reasoning questions.
  4. Work on Physical Fitness: The Indian Air Force requires officers to be physically fit. Maintain a regular exercise routine and adopt a healthy lifestyle to meet the fitness standards.
  5. Mock Interviews and Group Discussions: Participate in mock interviews and group discussions to build confidence and improve performance. Mock interviews simulate the actual interview environment and provide valuable feedback for enhancement.
  6. Stay Calm and Be Authentic: It’s crucial to remain composed and true to yourself during the interview. Authentic responses and a calm demeanor leave a positive impression on the interviewers.

Questions Asked in AFCAT SSB Interviews :-

The AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview includes a range of components like personal interviews, group discussions, psychological tests, and physical fitness assessments. While the specific questions may differ, here are some typical questions you might encounter during the interview:

  1. Tell us about yourself and your background.
  2. Why are you interested in joining the Indian Air Force?
  3. How do you cope with stress and pressure?
  4. What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses?
  5. Can you narrate a situation where you exhibited leadership qualities?
  6. In what ways do you envision contributing to the Indian Air Force?

These questions are designed to assess your character, suitability for the role, and your ability to handle various aspects of the profession. Prepare thoughtful responses to demonstrate your readiness for the AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview.

ACAT 2 2023 SSB Interview Uniforms and Etiquette

Candidates participating in the AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview must follow a specific dress code and display proper etiquette throughout the process.

For male candidates, the dress code entails wearing formal attire like a well-fitted suit, shirt, tie, and formal shoes. Female candidates should opt for a formal blouse, skirt or trousers, and closed-toe shoes. It’s essential to present yourself in a tidy and professional manner.

In terms of etiquette, candidates should exhibit good manners, maintain eye contact, listen attentively, and communicate respectfully. Punctuality is crucial, and it’s important to adhere to the instructions provided by the interviewers. Demonstrating discipline and confidence will make a favorable impression on the interviewers.

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  2. Proven Track Record: The institute has a track record of successful candidates who have cleared the AFCAT SSB Interview with their assistance. Many students have secured positions in the Indian Air Force.
  3. Comprehensive Training: Major Kalshi Classes offers comprehensive training that covers all aspects of the AFCAT SSB Interview, including personal interviews, group discussions, psychological tests, and physical fitness assessments.
  4. Mock Interviews: They conduct mock interviews and group discussions to simulate the actual SSB Interview environment, helping candidates build confidence and improve their performance.
  5. Focus on Personality Development: The institute places significant emphasis on enhancing candidates’ personality traits, communication skills, and leadership abilities, which are crucial for success in the SSB Interview.
  6. Updated Study Material: Major Kalshi Classes provides up-to-date study materials and resources to ensure candidates are well-prepared for the interview.
  7. Personalized Guidance: They offer personalized guidance and counseling to address the specific needs of individual candidates, helping them overcome weaknesses and excel in their strengths.
  8. Positive Reviews: The institute has received positive reviews and testimonials from past students who have benefited from their training programs.
  9. Strategic Approach: Major Kalshi Classes adopts a strategic approach to AFCAT SSB Interview preparation, ensuring that candidates are well-equipped to tackle all aspects of the interview process.

AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview Result and Next Step

Candidates can access the AFCAT result and select their SSB date by visiting the official website of the Indian Air Force or logging into their registered AFCAT account. Those who pass the interview will advance to the next phase of the selection process, involving medical evaluations and the creation of the final merit list.


The AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview is a crucial step on the path to becoming an officer in the Indian Air Force. It requires thorough preparation, dedication, and a positive attitude. To improve their chances of success, candidates should understand the interview process, prepare diligently, and make use of available resources. During the interview, it’s essential to demonstrate their aptitude, personality, and potential, presenting themselves as deserving candidates for the Indian Air Force. With the right mindset and preparation, aspiring officers can confidently face the AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview and embark on a fulfilling career in the Indian Air Force.


Frequently Asked Questions :-

1. What is AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview, and how can I apply for it?

Answer: AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) 2 2023 SSB Interview is the second stage of the selection process for candidates aspiring to join the Indian Air Force as officers. To apply for it, you need to first qualify for the AFCAT written exam. If you pass the AFCAT exam, you will receive an SSB call letter with details on how to proceed.

Certainly! Here are five frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the AFCAT 2 2023 SSB (Service Selection Board) Interview along with their answers:

1. What is AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview, and how can I apply for it?

Answer: AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) 2 2023 SSB Interview is the second stage of the selection process for candidates aspiring to join the Indian Air Force as officers. To apply for it, you need to first qualify for the AFCAT written exam. If you pass the AFCAT exam, you will receive an SSB call letter with details on how to proceed.

2. What is the duration of the AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview process?

Answer: The AFCAT 2 2023 SSB Interview process typically spans over five days, which includes various tests and assessments. These days may vary slightly depending on the specific Air Force Selection Board (AFSB) center you are assigned to.

4. What are the qualities the SSB Interview assesses in candidates?

Answer: The SSB Interview assesses a candidate’s Officer-Like Qualities (OLQs), which include qualities like leadership, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, teamwork, adaptability, and decision-making. The aim is to select individuals who display the potential to become effective and responsible officers in the Indian Air Force.

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