TGC 138 Cut Off Marks Out – Technical Graduate Course

TGC 138 Cut-off Marks : Indian Army has officially Published cut-off marks of Technical Graduate Course – 138 Entry . Engineering Aspirants who have applied for TGC Entry can now check the TGC-138 cutoff marks for their respective branches . Candidates who have successfully cleared the TGC 138 Cutoff will now face the TGC -138 SSB Interview . Applications are invited from eligible unmarried Male Engineering Graduates for138th Technical Graduate Course (TGC-138) commencing in Jan 2024 at Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun for Permanent Commission in the Indian Army.



TGC 138 Cut-Off Marks :

Now, Indian Army official website has published the cutoff marks for Technical Graduate Course . Those candidates who have applied for TGC-138 can now check their cutoff marks for respective branches .

TGC 138 Cutoff Marks Details :

  • Mechanical Branch & Computer Science branch have highest cutoff marks i.e, 80%
  • Lowest Cutoff Marks goes around 72%
  • Total Vacancy for TGC 138 is 40.
Engineering Stream Cutoff Percentage
Civil Engineering 72
Computer Science/Computer Technology/M.SC in Computer Science80
Electrical/Electrical & Electronics 78
Electronics 76
Mechanical 80
Other Engineering Streams72

TGC 138 SSB Interview Dates –

  • Aspiring candidates vying for success in the TGC SSB can now access pivotal information regarding their interview date and venue on the official website. It’s important to note that only candidates who have met the TGC 138 cut-off scores will receive an invitation for the SSB interview.
  • Seizing the Opportunity: Selecting Your TGC 138 SSB Date
  • Individuals who find themselves shortlisted for the interview will be presented with the privilege of selecting their preferred Technical Graduate Course 138 SSB date through the Join Indian Army website. This tailored feature provides candidates with the flexibility to align their schedule with this crucial milestone.
  • Across Locations: TGC 138 SSB Interview Venues
  • The Technical Graduate Course 138 SSB interview is set to take place across multiple locations, including SSB Allahabad, Bhopal, Bangalore, and Jalandhar. This strategically distributed setup ensures accessibility and convenience for candidates from various regions.

Indian Army Technical Graduate Course 138 Course SSB Dates – Click Here.

TGC 138 Important Dates :-

Event Dates
TGC 138 Notification 18th April
TGC 138 Application Start Date 18th April
TGC 138 Application Last Date17th May 2023
TGC 138 SSB Cut-offf Aug- Sep 2023
TGC 138 Vacancy40
TGC 138 SSB Interview DatesOct-Nov 2023
TGC 138 Course DateJan 2024
TGC 138 SSB Interview Coaching Join Now .
Official Notification Get Official PDF.

What is SSB Interview ?

If you’re aspiring to join the armed forces, then the term “SSB Interview” is one you need to familiarize yourself with. The Services Selection Board (SSB) Interview is a crucial step in the selection process for candidates aiming to join the Indian Armed Forces. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of what the SSB Interview is, its significance, and how to prepare effectively to increase your chances of success.

Stages of SSB Interview

Stage 1: Screening Test

The initial screening test assesses candidates’ verbal and non-verbal intelligence through tests like Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) and Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT).

Stage 2: Psychological Tests

This stage includes various psychological tests to evaluate the candidate’s personality and compatibility with the armed forces.

Stage 3: Group Testing

Candidates undergo a series of group activities that test their teamwork, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Stage 4: Personal Interview

The personal interview is a one-on-one interaction with the interviewing officer to gauge the candidate’s motivation, thought process, and clarity of expression.

Stage 5: Conference

The final conference involves all assessors discussing and deciding the suitability of a candidate based on their performance in previous stages.

Qualities Assessed

The SSB Interview assesses several qualities that are essential for an officer in the armed forces.

Frequently Asked Questions for TGC 138 SSB ?

1. What is TGC 138?

TGC 138 stands for Technical Graduate Course 138, a training program for engineering graduates to join the Indian Army as commissioned officers.

2. What is the significance of the TGC 138 SSB Interview?

The Technical Graduate Course 138 SSB Interview is a crucial selection process to identify suitable candidates for the Technical Graduate Course in the Indian Army.

3. How is the Technical Graduate Course 138 SSB Interview different from regular SSB Interviews?

While the overall structure may be similar, the Technical Graduate Course 138 SSB Interview focuses specifically on evaluating engineering graduates for technical roles in the Indian Army.

4. What are the eligibility criteria for TGC 138?

Candidates should have a relevant engineering degree and meet specific age and educational requirements to be eligible for TGC 138.

5. How can I apply for TGC 138?

You can apply for TGC 138 through the official Indian Army website or as per the notifications released by the Army.

6. What are the stages of the TGC 138 SSB Interview?

The TGC 138 SSB Interview includes stages such as screening, psychological tests, group testing, personal interview, and conference.

7. How can I prepare for the TGC 138 SSB Interview?

Join Major kalshi Classes – Best SSB Coaching in Allahabad .Effective preparation involves understanding the interview process, practicing with mock interviews, brushing up on technical knowledge, and enhancing general awareness.

8. Is technical knowledge important for TGC 138?

Yes, since TGC 138 focuses on technical roles, having a strong grasp of engineering concepts is crucial.

9. What are the qualities assessed during the TGC 138 SSB Interview?

Leadership, teamwork, decision-making, communication skills, and technical acumen are among the qualities assessed.

10. Can I reapply if I am not selected in the TGC 138 SSB Interview?

Yes, you can reapply and make improvements based on feedback from your previous interview.

11. How long does the Technical Graduate Course 138 SSB Interview process take?

The process usually spans over a few days, with each day dedicated to different assessment stages.

12. What is the role of the conference in the Technical Graduate Course 138 SSB Interview?

The conference involves assessors discussing the performance of candidates to determine their suitability for TGC 138.

13. Are physical fitness and medical standards important for TGC 138?

Yes, candidates need to meet specific physical and medical standards to be eligible for TGC 138.

14. How does TGC 138 contribute to a military career?

TGC 138 offers engineering graduates a unique opportunity to serve the nation in technical roles within the Indian Army.

15. Can female candidates apply for TGC 138?

TGC 138 is open to only male engineering graduates.

Remember, the Technical Graduate Course 138 SSB Interview is a gateway to a rewarding career in the Indian Army’s technical domain. Preparing well and understanding the specific requirements of this interview process will significantly enhance your chances of success.

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