26 Uniforms of Cadets at National Defence Academy

Over its illustrious seven decades, the National Defence Academy has evolved into an iconic institution, drawing not only the finest young men from across the nation but also from friendly foreign nations. The academy has flourished in both dignity and magnificence. Graduates, hailed as the ‘Leaders of the men’, have consistently validated the principles of inter-service camaraderie and joint Manship, thus upholding the vision of its founders.

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Numerous aspirants harbor the desire to enroll in the NDA, envisioning the prospect of three years filled with a plethora of adventures, activities, and cherished traditions. However, many are unaware of the 26 distinct uniforms that a cadet will acquire upon admission to the academy. In this video, we will explore the various uniforms worn by NDA cadets.

26 NDA Cadets Uniforms

2. Ceremonial Drill Order Winter
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