Various Types of Medical Tests in Defence Exams

The Indian Armed forces in India like the Indian Air force, Indian Army and Indian Navy, etc. In order to join any of these services, the candidate will have to be medically and physically fit. Here in this article, I will discuss the complete details of the Medical tests in Defense Exams, Types of medical Tests in defence exams and will also share with you the basic criteria of the Medical Examiner to check the candidate’s basic medical Conditions. To know all about this, check the complete article below:

Various types of Medical tests in Defense Exams

In any defence exams in India whether it is for the Indian air force or Indian Navy or Indian Army the basic criteria are always the same, The medical checkups in the Indian defence exam are done by the Military doctors at the Military hospitals. The Medical check-ups can be different if you are looking to be a Fighter Pilot in the Indian air force or India navy, Snipers in the Indian Army or for the grade commandos, etc. The medical would be tough for them. First, we will discuss the Basic requirement and then we will discuss these special posts in the Indian Armed forces.

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Types of Medical Exams held in Defense:

The Medical checkups are always the same in the process for all the entries in the defence. First, it would start from the basic thing ENT which is Ear, Nose, and Throat. They will check very basic things those who never had any problems with ENT will clear this, most common problem of rejection in this is a Hole in-ear membrane or bone problem in the nose, etc. and it would go like this:

Body measurements Required:
These tests are to check the basic body posture of the candidates. You must have a well-shaped body. You don’t need six packs. You just need an average body.

  • Here you will be asked to take off your clothes an examiner will check your External body from bottom to top, and will also ask about the marks on your body if you are having so.
  • You should have a Standard body weight as per your height.
  • Your body should not carry any genetic disease like gynecomastia, joint knees, colour blindness or night blindness.
  • Your chest should be well developed with a 5cm minimum expansion.
  • Your elbow should not be turned in the outer direction for more than 15 degrees.
  • Your joint and your bones should be completely fine.
  • Any severe body fracture in any body part can cause permanent rejection

Dental check-up-
There are very normal tests only a few get rejection in this if you have full-grown set teeth. A Minor problem with teeth can be considered.

Eyesight Required:
This is a very important test for any candidate:

  • Your eyesight must be 6/6 without glasses.
  • If you are wearing glasses it should not be worse than 6/12.
  • Limits for myopia 0.75D and for Hypermetropia +1.5D
  • Binocular vision III
  • Limits for colour perception I
  • Should not have colour blindness or night blindness.
  • For the flying branch your eyesight must be 6/6 there is no relaxation for that.
  • Eye correction surgery is allowed in the Indian Armed forces but there are some criteria for that:-
  1. Surgery should be done only once. If the candidate has had 2nd surgery in order to correct their vision, the candidate will be permanently rejected.
  2. Surgery should be done after the age of 20 years old. If the candidate’s surgery is done before their 20s, he will be permanently rejected.
  3. And the surgery your vision should be correct.
  4. You must have healthy eyes.

Once you complete this, now you have to go to the internal body checks and in these tests, the following internal body organs will be checked:

  • Chest X-ray for your lungs.
  • Ultrasound for kidney stone.
  • The liver problem will be checked
  • Blood test
  • Urine test

If they find any minor problem that occurs in your internal body check,  The Medical Board will give you time to correct that, but the candidate has to correct this in a given time. The Time period can vary on the types of problems.

Physical fitness required

  • Your height should not less than 157 cms with correlated weight, Leg Length: Min – 99 cms.
  • For women, it should not be less than 152cms.
  • When you go for the interview SSB or AFSB there is GTO which is ground task activity. They check your capability on the ground, so there is any kind of physical will be done. While your medicals.

These tests are held in every Defense entry either it’s for the Soldiers or Officers. The officer appears for this in the SSB interview or AFSB Interview and the soldiers, airmen, and Sailors appear for this in PFT (Physical Fitness Test).

If any case you get a rejection from the Medical Board you can re-apply for that. And if they reject you again you can again re-apply. If they reject you, they will give a proper reason for that. And there are two types of rejection. 1. Temporary Rejection  2.Permanent Rejection. If you get permanent rejection there is no way to go back, you re-apply for your medicals then too the result would be the same. If you have any minor problem you will be given time to correct this like 45 days, 90 days, maximum of 160 days only.

Medical for Fighter Pilots and Fighter Helicopter Pilots

The medical for Fighter Pilots or Fighter Helicopter Pilots are a bit different in nature. The Candidates will have to go through the World’s toughest medical test. Each vein of the brain will be tested and the candidate cannot wear glasses or specs in any condition, the Eyesight of the candidate must be good.

If you are a defence aspirant and want to be a warrior make sure that you are fit enough to join the service. Take care of your body parts, eat healthy, sleep well and for the eye try to stay away from the blue rays which come from mobile phones, laptops, and computers. You can use glasses while using a mobile phone or any other electronic gadget. It can save your eyes.

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