15 Ways To Control Nervousness Before PPDT in SSB Interview

How to Control Nervousness?

“A hundred cartloads of tension will not pay an ounce of debt,” says an Italian proverb. The majority of us feel some level of anxiety during exams. You can work better, think more quickly and efficiently, and perform better when you’re experiencing normal amounts of stress or anxiety. However, anxiety becomes a problem when it has a negative impact on performance.

Additionally, anxiety levels can be crippling when it comes to the Picture Perception & Description Test (PPDT) in SSBs, which causes us to perform poorly and suffer as a result. However, poor performance in PPDT is simply unaffordable because it reduces our chances of being screened in, the very first stage of selection.

Let’s learn about some strategies for reducing anxiety before the PPDT.

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You’ve just sat down in the exam room when you start to feel anxious: Put yourself at ease. Have you used the restroom lately? Sigh and take a few long breaths to relax. Close your eyes and relax for a time.
At this point in the tale, the majority of the contenders are tense: You have to try your best right now, no matter how prepared you are.
Let your ideas flow as you concentrate on the test. Consider how it will be in a few minutes and make a strategy for how you will react. Simply gather each element of your story point by point in your mind before narrating it.

Try your best to ignore everyone else in the testing room: It’s difficult, but it helps. If your anxiety worsens just before the group discussion, go outside, get some fresh air, and calm yourself. Take a sip of water.

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PPDT Stories for SSB Interview – Tips & Tricks

For a few seconds, close your eyes and take a deep breath. your arms vigorously. To release stress, carefully turn your head from side to side. Positive and motivating words should be spoken to yourself. Put yourself in a different location (where you feel happy and relaxed).

  • With confidence, approach the screening process. Personalize your success with visualization, logic, self-talk, practice, knowledge, and other strategies. Think of it as a chance to showcase your personality.
  • Give yourself plenty of time, especially to do any pre-test tasks, and still arrive a little early to avoid any inconveniences.
  • Try to maintain a calm, focused state: Before the PPDT session, refrain from thinking. It takes your attention away.
  • Don’t dwell on your fear; instead, take a moment to consider your next move before continuing to complete your tasks one at a time.
  • Use self-complimentary reinforcement: Recognize that you have tried your best and are still trying. Your confidence is elevated as a result.
  • Be prepared for some fear: It might give you strength and serve as a reminder that you want to accomplish your best. Just keep it under control.
  • Recognize that anxiety may turn into a “habit” and that it requires practice to use it as a successful tool.

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  • Get ready: Prepare your call letter, documents, pens, and other materials in advance of the test. Make use of a list. When everything is planned out in advance, you are stress-free.
  • Be punctual: Arriving late for the test will contribute to half of your worry. begin early.
  • Avoid working the night before the test or the morning of it. Take a calming break by going for a stroll, taking a shower, etc.
  • After the test, evaluate your performance: Make a list of the tactics that were successful and hang onto them. No matter how insignificant they may be, these actions constitute the foundation for your success. List any shortcomings and indicate where there needs to be an improvement. Enjoy the fact that you are moving toward overcoming these challenges.

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