30 Out of the Box Questions Asked in SSB Interview With Answers

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The NDA exam is regarded as the most challenging competitive test in India for joining the armed forces. To enrol in the National Defence Academy, one must pass both the written exam and the SSB interview.

The purpose of the SSB interview is to gauge both a candidate’s physical and mental toughness. The candidate must possess strong logical and thinking abilities in order to be chosen. The interviewer gauges your response to a question, which may appear foolish at first but can affect the outcome of the interview. In SSB interviews, candidates have been subjected to a number of bizarre questions that may seem stupid but aren’t. In this piece, we’ll share a few unusual questions that were asked during the SSB interview.

Out of the Box Questions Asked in SSB Interview

The SSB interview for any of the defence exams comprises a 5-Day SSB Interview. In this various tasks are given to the candidates. Out of these tasks and activities, there is a personal interview and a conference interview.

Q 1. What is the exact volume of this room?

Ans. Just make an educated guess and then rationally explain using the cube’s volume formula.

Q 2. What would you do if your sister were to go away with someone?

Ans. Your response may be one of two things: either you would set up the families’ meeting and arrange for them to get married, if they agree to, or you would not be happy with it and send her home.

Q 3. What are the five uses of the sketch pen?

Ans. Following are the five uses of a sketch pen:

  1. The pen is used to write
  2. As a pointer to give a presentation
  3. As a bookmark
  4. As a weapon to kill someone
  5. To do hair- bun
  6. Used to play games (Ex. Pen fight)

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Q 4. What is the colour of the wall behind you?

Ans. IO uses this question to gauge the candidate’s level of focus and observation. When you enter the room, pay close attention because most walls share the same hue, making it easy to make a guess just by looking at the wall in front of you.

Q 5. Do you have a significant other?

Ans. Give an honest response. Give a yes or no response.

Q 6. Do you and your partner engage in any physical contact?

Ans. You have the option of responding to this question or not responding at all. If you choose to respond, be sincere.

Q 7. Has it ever happened that you two clicked?

Ans. Again, if you feel uncomfortable, you can choose not to respond to this question. A yes or no response is another option.

Q 8. Are you contemplating marriage?

Ans. You can respond by saying “yes” or “no” and then explaining whether you think marriage should be arranged or based on love.

Q 9. Is the room’s door a pull- or a push door?

Ans You feel pressure from this inquiry since it assesses your level of attentiveness. Pay strict attention to every detail at all times.

Q 10. Are you a drinker?

Ans. You can be truthful with the officer if you do occasionally drink. If you know that drinking is detrimental to your health, you can be questioned about it. You can respond by saying that you just drink occasionally and that you never go overboard.

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Q 11. What is the highest four-digit number you can come up with?

Ans. 9999 is the highest four-digit number that is possible.

Q 12. How big is this room, in square feet?

Ans. Your response could be, “You could measure this room by multiplying a rough measurement of the tiles.” If you are aware of the size of your foot, you may use it as a scale to measure the area.

Q 13. Do you watch porn?

Ans. You can again choose not to respond to this inquiry. If you choose to respond with a yes, you can next be questioned about your addiction status. Try answering openly and without emotion.

Q 14. What scares you the most?

Ans. This is a subjective question with a subjective response. It can be a phobia or another kind of fear you experience.

Q 15. What would your three wishes be if you had a genie?

Ans. The solution is in your heart’s desire. Having magical abilities, becoming wealthy, or being highly recommended could all qualify. There is no right or incorrect response to the query.

Q 16. Would you marry a person of a different faith?

Ans. You can give a truthful response. If the answer is no, you can go on to say that if you and your spouse hold different core ethical or religious convictions, your marriage may experience challenges. If the answer is yes, you can claim that religion will not play a significant role in your marriage.

Q 17. Are you a smoker?

Ans. Answer honestly. If you say yes, you can be questioned once again about why you smoke. Respond to any queries about smoking and its negative effects with calmness.

Q 18. Which of your habits is the worst?

Ans. everything from a late start to procrastination is possible. Answer whatever questions come to mind that applies to you.

Q19. Do you believe you possess the traits of an officer?

Ans. You can say yes if you genuinely think you possess the traits of an officer. If you’re unsure, you can always respond that you do have a few positive traits, but you’d like to work on them and pick up some new ones at the same time.

Q 20. What will you do if you are determined to be unfit?

Ans. You can respond by declaring that if you are found to be unfit and you can do something to fix it, you will strive hard to undo the consequences. However, if it is genetic or irreversible, there is little you can do about it. You’ll have to give up on joining the military in that scenario and choose an alternative vocation.

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Q 21. Contrast a position in the public and private sectors.

Ans. You can discuss the topic of receiving a pension after leaving a government position. Additionally, you have access to adequate paid leave and medical care.

Q22. What will you do if your mother is treated badly at the market?

Ans. You can choose a passive strategy or an aggressive one. In all honesty, nobody would approve of such a circumstance. Even if you decide to take a more confrontational stance, you can always be honest with the officer.

Q 23. Who would you save if a homeless person and your best friend were both in danger of drowning?

Ans. Most people would attempt to save their best friends since they feel a connection to them. Be honest when describing the people you would save.

Q 24. What steps would you take to raise awareness of the LGBTQ+ community?

Ans. In response, you could respond that you would start by dispelling myths about the subject among your friends and family. You can host an online and physical campaign, as well as hold awareness discussions, for a greater impact.

Q 25. Are you a religious person?

Ans. There is no right or incorrect response, to reiterate. If the officer asks you if you practise a religion, you can always say “yes,” but you should also explain to him or her if you decided to do so or whether family or society pushed you to. You can always say “no” and explain why if you don’t consider yourself religious.

Q 26. What would you do if you become pregnant before getting married?

Ans. You can respond by expressing that, if the woman agrees, you would either get married to her and carry the child. If the lady agrees, you can choose to get an abortion if you’re not ready to have a child, whether it’s because you’re poor, too young, or for any other reason. In any scenario, you would help the woman throughout and not allow her to fend for herself.

Q 27. What distinguishes you from the other applicants?

Ans. You may always respond with assurance if you believe that you possess particular qualities that make you stand out from the crowd. You are free to highlight any talent or quality you are proud of. Answer with assurance and sincerity.

Q 28. What is the meaning of your name?

Ans. There is no right or wrong response to the question, and this response does not need much thought.

Q 29. Tell me your daily routine?

Ans. You can talk about the schedule you established to get ready for the SSB Interview, including the time you spent studying, getting exercise, taking breaks, and spending time with your family and friends.

Q 30. What do you think about females being allowed to join the NDA?

Ans. You may say that they shouldn’t have been prohibited in the first place as your response. You might also say that change is being effected in the correct direction and that it would be an honour for you to train with them. Give reasons why you believe women shouldn’t be allowed if you feel that way.

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