TGC 137 SSB Procedure, How to Prepare for TGC SSB

The TGC Technical Graduates Course Entry. This is one of the best entries after graduation if you have a passion for technical things and a love for the nation. This is the best entry after graduation to pursue your dreams as well as serve the nation. here in this article,  I will tell you the SSB Interview Process for TGC 137, TGC 137 SSB Procedure and how to prepare for the TGC SSB interview, etc

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TGC 137 SSB Procedure, How to Prepare for TGC SSB

The SSB Interview of all the entries would be the same, there would be no difference in the interview. all the processes would be the same as it is for the other entries like NDA, CDS, INET, etc. In the TGC SSB Interview, the no. of questions or types of questions can be changed because you haven’t appeared for the written test. So most of the questions would be asked from your disciplined subjects in order to check your knowledge about your stream and topics for the Group discussion can be also tough, always collect knowledge about the recent current affairs. Because most of the topics would be from there.
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  Now let’s see the SSB Interview procedure:

GTO in SSB Interview – Read Complete Details

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SSB Interview Process for TGC 137

The SSB Interview is Five days long, so I will tell Individually about each day like day 1, and day 2. day 3, etc. let’s start with day 1:

TGC SSB Interview Day 1

  • Reporting ( at MCO moment control office)
  • Documents Check
  • Form filling
  • Testing
    Verbal, non-verbal intelligence test
    2. Picture Perception description test (PPDT)

The result will be announced within 2-3 hours and failed will be sent back, and the rest of the candidates will stay for the next 4 days.

TGC SSB Interview Day 2-

On the 2nd day, you will have to clear a few more tests also, remember each test and each round is very important for your selection, a few tests of these rounds would be written and a few would be verbal, so prepare for the best.

  • Thematic Apperception Test
  • Word Association Test
  • Situation Reaction Test
  • Self Description Test

TGC SSB Interview Day 3-

GTO (Group Testing Officers) In this you will have to do group activities with your partners. You will be given a chest no. and you have to perform each activity with your partner/group.

  • Group discussion
  • Group planning exercise
  • Progressive group task
  • Half group task
  • Individual obstacle task
  • Command task
  • Group obstacle task

Remember this is a group activity, so perform with your group, and never try to show that you are the best. Always move with your group. Show your quality of teamwork in this. SSB interview basically selects the all-rounder candidate, who performs in every activity. Never feel shy and hesitate. Just do your best.

TGC SSB Interview Day 4-

  • Personal Interview

This is an important round for your selection in which they can ask any question from the subjects or about your personal life. People usually hesitate and feel nervous about this round. Just be honest with yourself. They actually do not care what you have done in your past, they only check how’s your mentality towards your future and what can you do in your future. To clear this phase of the interview, You must have enough knowledge about your Academics and streams they can ask anything to check your knowledge and just be honest with yourself and answer each question gently with a little bit smile on your face.

TGC SSB Interview Day 5

  • Conference

This is not a test. You will be shown your results and qualified candidates will be congratulated and disqualified candidates will be told, why they could not qualify. If any candidate couldn’t qualify for the Interview. They can reappear for an interview after 6 months. You will be given some relaxation also.

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How to Prepare for TGC 137 SSB Interview

In order to start preparation for this, I would suggest you join the Best SSB Coaching in India for the preparation. The Coaching Institute has an idea regarding the selection process and the types of questions that are asked in the Interview.

How to Clear SSB Interview Tips by MKC Experts

As I said above the Process of an SSB interview is always the same but the things that matter, are on which basis you are appearing for the SSB interview. if you are going after clearing the written tests like NDA, CDS, INET, and AFCAT, the question which would be asked in the interview will not be more from your subjects or academics.

SSB Interview Book Pdf by MKC Publication

The question which would be asked in the TGC SSB Interview will be from your academics or streams. You have to prepare well for this in order to clear this. You can also buy the SSB books for the Preparation from the Major Kalshi classes which are specially designed by the Ex interviewing Officers for the TGC SSB Interview. This is full of questions regarding SSB Interview. You can check their Official website for further details.

DAY 1 of the TGC SSB Interview is a very important round to stay in the academy for the next 4 days. On DAY 1 you have to appear for the Verbal and non-verbal Intelligence Test. Most of the candidate gets rejected on Day 1. Prepare for this so well and prepare your academics good and all depends on the Interviewer’s mind and mood, he is free to ask anything. Always show your passion towards the defence, and do not behave with low energy, be energetic and show your passion.

There is no trick to clearing the SSB interview without good preparation. You can check the Best SSB Coaching in India by clicking on the link given below:

Best SSB Interview Coaching in India

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