Command Task in GTO SSB Interview

Command Task: SSB Interview

Introduction: The GTO tasks always make everyone smile when we discuss the SSB interview process. The GTO tasks, which give applicants a chance to work in a team, are conducted on the third and fourth days of the five-day process. There are nine jobs planned under it in all, and the command task is one of them.

Command Assignment

As implied by the name, in this exercise, the applicant is given the rank of commander and is required to order his or her subordinates to carry out a certain task. Each candidate receives a customised Command Task. The GTO starts by asking some broad inquiries before randomly calling on each group member’s chest number. Be cautious when responding because the questions will be about your life specifically. When answering a specific question, try to stick to what you said during the main interview and avoid contradicting your PIQ.

GTO in SSB Interview – Read Complete Details

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Although you must command someone in this task, GTO lets you choose your subordinates from your entire group. Candidates often have a choice of two subordinates, however, each SSB may have a different policy. Before calling somebody, take in mind that the GTO can inquire as to why you chose him.

The level of difficulty for the person entirely relies on how well they performed on the prior challenges. There is a good possibility that someone who performed well in earlier tasks will also perform well in command tasks, and the reverse is also true. Now, whenever someone applies for a command task, they are unquestionably appointed as either a commander or a subordinate. Candidates are urged to respond and perform in each function differently because they are distinct from one another. The brief descriptions of the roles and the duties they are responsible for in the Command Task are provided below:

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Command Task in GTO SSB: Commander

  • As a commander, it is entirely your responsibility to complete the task with the aid of your subordinate.
  • Before beginning, properly brief the assignments to the subordinates because this creates clarity within the team and inside the plan.
  • Being as precise as you can with your instructions will help you finish the assignment on schedule and with greater accuracy. If there is a communication issue, the subordinates won’t be able to follow up effectively.
  • Even if you are now a commander, you still need to go beyond being a leader who only gives orders and sends people in different directions.
  • Most of the time, try to do the assignment on your own. However, if you are really stopped somewhere, it is best to seek assistance from your subordinates.
  • You will be under constant pressure from the GTO, either by demanding that you complete the assignment quickly or by requesting various approaches, but you must maintain your composure at all times.
  • Think creatively and come up with several solutions to the problem. You can draw on your previous accomplishments for this as well.

GTO SSB: Subordinate

  • Take time to listen. Pay close attention to the commander’s instructions and carry them out correctly.
  • Don’t attempt to be too clever. Work no more than you were instructed to, as the GTO will be watching and this could give the wrong impression of you.
  • The exercise is intended to evaluate the personalities of candidates who are quiet in front of the group or who haven’t said much up until now.
  • Examining a person’s personality who has been a questionable case aids the GTO as well. Generally speaking, it is excellent to carry out Command Tasks.

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