Top 50 GD Topics for SSB Interview: Group Discussion

Group Discussion in SSB Interview

Although, the 50 group discussion themes that you might encounter in an SSB interview—or any other interview, for that matter—are discussed in this essay. These are the fundamental GD questions that are typically asked during group tasks in Army, Navy, and Air Force SSB interviews. Candidates can prepare these subjects for group talks in order to perform well in them.

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Top 50 SSB Current GD Topics 2022 for SSB Interview

First of all, we will mention the top 10 SSB GD topics as they are the most important ones. Then we will be mentioning the res 40 topics that your interview officer can ask you in the SSB Interview. So, prepare for the GD well if you want to clear the SSB Interview.

Top 10 SSB GD Topics for SSB Interview

GD Topics for SSB 1: Naxalism

GD Topics for SSB 2: India’s nuclear power plants

GD Topics for SSB 3: Should India stop using nuclear power plants like Germany?

GD Topics for SSB 4: Alternative energy sources to nuclear power plants.

GD Topics for SSB 5: Nuclear pact with the US

GD Topics for SSB 6: Agreement with Russia on nuclear issues.

GD Topics for SSB 7: Is Pakistan’s nuclear capability a threat to India?

GD Topics for SSB 8: Global Harmony.

GD Topics for SSB 9: Science’s benefits and drawbacks.

GD Topics for SSB 10: Human life expectancy grows as technology advances

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Top 40 GD Topics for Interview

GD Topics for SSB 11. Army training is required.

GD Topics for SSB 12. Reserve 33% of seats for women.

GD Topics for SSB 13. Young people in politics

GD Topics for SSB 14. Vacancies in India
GD Topics for SSB 15. Alternative fuel source.
GD Topics for SSB 16. The press’s function in India
GD Topics for SSB 17. India has a permanent seat in the UN
GD Topics for SSB 18. India gets a permanent seat in the G8
GD Topics for SSB 19. In terms of agriculture or defence, India is a superpower.
GD Topics for SSB 20. India’s Role in Space Research
GD Topics for SSB 21. The success rate of solar and wind energy in generating electricity.
GD Topics for SSB 22. Computer: advantages and disadvantages.
GD Topics for SSB 23. The benefits and drawbacks of the Internet.
GD Topics for SSB 24. Twenty20 cricket modifies the game’s style.
GD Topics for SSB 25. Which Test game is the best for T-20?
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GD Topics for SSB 26. The value of sexual education.
GD Topics for SSB 27. Common curricula for Indian schools
GD Topics for SSB 28. Test of Common Entrance
GD Topics for SSB 29. The pros and cons of college ragging.
GD Topics for SSB 30. Donning a helmet when driving.

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31. Whether India should advance its defence technology.
32. Who rescues the country more—the police or the army?
33. Indian BPO positions
34. Love marriages or Arranged marriages
35. Co-education in India, at 35.
36. Gujarat is the top-ranked state in India.
37. India will lose money if alcoholism is eliminated.
38. Are government bars in Indian states good or bad?
39. India’s population is 39.
40. Do parents, teachers, and friends have an impact on a child’s development?
41. India’s rivers joining.
42. Is it successful to build check dams to conserve river water?
43. India’s economy’s inflation rate.
44. India’s quota system, number 44
45. The Kashmir problem and the LOC.
46. Terrorism
47. Communication’s function in India.
48. Indian sports.
49. The national sport is hockey.
50. Cricket’s dominance over hockey

Do comment below if you have any suggestions regarding the Group Discussion Topics for SSB Interview.

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