Tattoo Policy 2022 for defence Examinations

Tattoo Policy 2022 for defence:- People from different religions and tribes from all over the country fill out the application form to join the Indian Armed Forces. There are different customs for the community living in different parts of the country. Due to this, it is customary for the candidates to get different types of tattoos done on their bodies. There is a big problem regarding the tattoo policy of the candidates after the medical examination in various examinations of the Indian Armed Forces. Mostly it is seen that thousands of candidates get selected in the entries of the Indian Armed Forces who are not selected due to tattoos. In today’s article, we are going to give you information about the tattoo policy of the s Examination. Through this article, you can understand what tattoo policies you have to go through to join the Indian Armed Forces.

Tattoo Policy 2022 for defence Examinations

Before making a career in the Indian Armed Forces, candidates do not have much knowledge about the tattoo policy, because of this; they get tattoos done on different parts of the body. For tattoos present on the body, candidates are liable to be rejected from Defence Examination if tattoos are present at any place other than the place of a valid tattoo in the Army. If you want to make a career in Indian Armed Forces and get your body tattooed as per tattoo policy then you can probably join Indian Armed Forces. You must read our article till the end for valid tattoos by the Indian Armed Forces Selection Board.

Following are the tattoo policies for different community candidates residing at different places in the country. It is the preference of the candidates whose criteria are met.

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Tattoo Policy for Tribal Community Candidates: –

Tattoos are customary among candidates belonging to the tribal community living in the eastern and southern regions of India. Due to this, the Government of India allows permanent tattoos on some major parts of the body while joining the Defence sector for these scheduled castes and tribes. If the candidates belong to any such field, they are given entry even though they are tattooed through the following procedures.

Required Proof for Tribal Candidates:-

If the candidate belongs to any ancestral or ancestral network area then he/she is allowed to join the Indian Armed Forces after the following certification.

  • A self-certification is to be provided by the candidate which he/she has signed. This certificate is mentioned in entry A at the time of the application form.
  • Certificates for candidates belonging to native local areas and permanent tattoos are permitted as per entry B and must simultaneously are supported by either of the two authorities.

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These two authorities /officers are as follows:-

  1. The candidate will have to produce a certificate attested by the DC/DM or SDM of the district/tehsil of which the clan is a resident. (It is mandatory to mention the name of the concerned authority and the assignment on the certificate.)
  2. You have to produce the attested certificate along with the President/Secretary of the clan area to which you belong or any other senior person (name and assignment) of the tribe.
  3. It should be noted that the name of that senior person and the address of the concerned part should be written on the certificate.
  4. If the candidate belongs to the areas of the ancestral network and has a permanent tattoo on it, then the selection will be done at the selection centre as per Appendix C.

Having the above certificates, candidates can get their selection done in the Indian Armed Forces even though they are tattooed. Even for such people, objection to having tattoos is displayed in some places. Below we are giving information about the places where tattoos should not be done for tribal candidates.

Invalid tattoo area belonging to tribal communities:-

  • Candidates not belonging to tribal groups are allowed to retain a permanent tattoo but they will have to provide a self-attested certificate for the same in Appendix D.
  • Candidates who have tattoos on the inner part of the forearm (from the elbow to the wrist) of both the hands, those tattoos are valid. If the tattoo is present on the back of the palm (back of the hand) of the candidate then they are valid. The following two things are considered when the candidates are selected for the tattoo policy. Which tattoos of the candidate are permissible and which tattoos are non-permissible.Let us now give you information about the tattoos that are valid during the selection. Tattoo Policy 2022 for defence.

First, I shall talk about the Non-permissible tattoos:

  1. If they are to be found on any other body part, other than the ones mentioned.
  2. Tattoos with indecent figures or derogatory content.
  3. Profane tattoos, chauvinist or bigot, clarified as follows:-
  • Tattoos that are terribly hostile to humility, respectability, or appropriateness.
  • Misogynist tattoos advocate a way of thinking that disparages an individual dependent on sexual orientation.
  • Bigoted tattoos advocate a way of thinking that debases or disparages an individual dependent on race, identity or locale, and religion.

Apart from the non-permissible ones, there are permissible tattoos. Tattoos are to be considered permissible on the following basis irrespective of their type:

  1. Specifically, there is no description regarding the size and type of the tattoo, but they are allowed on the specified body parts, i.e. the inner face of the forearms and the dorsal side of the palm.
  2. Just small harmless tattoos, that are not biased to good order and military discipline are allowed for example religious symbols or names of loved ones and so forth are allowed.

During the selection to join the Indian Army, candidates for getting tattoos are rejected due to some of the following reasons. Let us know what are the reasons that banning tattoos in the Indian Army.

  • Health reasons: – Tattooing increases the risk of skin diseases like cancer, and serious blood diseases related to the skin in the body. Each soldier in the armed forces lives with several soldiers in his own battalion. If a soldier gets a skin disease, it increases the risk of all other soldiers getting it. That is why it is invalid for candidates to get tattoos done before joining the army.
  • To discipline: – The importance of discipline is very high in the Indian Armed Forces. Whereas the tattoo represents freedom and individuality in a way. Candidates joining the Indian Armed Forces are advised not to get tattoos for security reasons and to follow the rules properly.
  • Keeping in view the security reasons: –the Indian Armed Forces are very important in terms of security if there is ever a situation of war, then the tattoos present on the body show your identity, due to which the danger on you increases more. For this reason, candidates are advised not to make tattoos during their selection into the Indian Armed Forces.

In today’s article, we gave you information about the Tattoo Policy 2022 for defence in the Indian Armed Forces. Let us say that you must know through this article whether tattoos should be present on your body before joining the Indian Armed Forces or not. If you want to get all types of information related to the Indian Armed Forces, then you should enrol yourself at Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute. In this coaching institute, you are provided with all kinds of important information related to the Indian Armed Forces and preparation for the exam. You will be able to get more information about the tattoo policy from a retired officer of the Indian Armed Forces and a teacher who has prepared for the SSB interview.

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Frequently Asked Question:-

  • Should one not have a tattoo to join the Indian Armed Forces?
    Ans: –
    To make a career in the Indian Armed Forces, if the tattoo is not present on the body of the candidates, then they can definitely earn success.
  • Which parts of the body are not selected for getting tattooed?
    Ans: –
    Tattoos on the visible parts of the body i.e. back, forearm, neck, etc. do not make the candidates selected for the Armed Forces.
  • If the candidate belongs to a tribal area can he/she have a tattoo?
    Ans: –
    If a candidate belongs to a native area, he/she will have to produce any one of the certificates in Appendix A, B, and C, self-attested by the superior officers there.
  • After all, why tattoos are not valid in the Indian Armed Forces?
    Ans: –
    Candidates are not given entry with tattoos only because the armed force is aware of Indian security and discipline as well as the health of the soldiers.
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