How to Become a Garud Commando | Indian Air Force Garud Commando

The Indian armed forces are renowned for their proactive and precise handling of all situations, whether they pertain to national or international matters. From times of war to disaster scenarios, the armed forces consistently demonstrate their readiness to lead and serve.

The Indian armed forces, including the Army, Air Force, and Navy, each have their own special forces units designed to swiftly respond to immediate and challenging situations. The Indian Army boasts the PARA special forces, the Navy has the MARCOS, and the Indian Air Force operates the GARUD. These elite segments of the armed forces are meticulously trained to counteract terrorist threats and protect the public. They symbolize unwavering toughness, earning them the title of “Special Forces.” Recruitment for these forces typically involves selecting candidates from serving personnel and training them to meet specific requirements, ultimately transforming them into specialized individuals known as commandos. In the following discussion, we will explore how aspiring individuals can join the GARUD commando force.

The GARUD commando force, established in 2004, is recognized as one of the most recent specialized forces. The decision to create this new force with a strength of 1080 commandos was made in 2003, driven by the Indian Air Force’s desire for an independent special force and a reduced reliance on the Army’s Special Forces. The primary objective of the GARUD force is to address and manage emergency situations, particularly those related to terror threats. Additionally, they are involved in search and rescue operations, combat missions, and counter-insurgency activities. According to sources, the GARUD force has been deployed in Congo as part of a peacekeeping mission.

The selection process for GARUD commandos consists of two different routes based on commission:

  1. Non-Commissioned Posts: Selection for GARUD commandos in non-commissioned positions is done directly, not through volunteers, and is managed by Airmen Selection Centers. Recruitment is initiated through the release of notifications and advertisements. It’s worth noting that there’s no second chance for this selection process, meaning it’s a one-time opportunity. Once selected, candidates must successfully complete their training, and if they fail, they are disqualified. After training, the trainees are integrated into the GARUD force and remain in this stream as long as they serve in the Indian Air Force.
  2. Commissioned Posts: Commissioned positions for GARUD units are typically filled by cadets of the ground duty stream at the Air Force Academy in Dundigal. For GDOC (Ground Duty Officers Course), the AFCAT exam is a relevant entry point. Following their training, they are assigned to GARUD units.

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Regarding training, the GARUD commandos undergo a multi-phased training program:

  1. Initial Phase: The first phase of training occurs at the GARUD Regiment Training Centre in Hindan.
  2. Specialized Phase: The subsequent phase of training is conducted by a special group comprised of members from the Army, NSG, paramilitary forces, and the Special Frontier Force.
  3. Specialized Schools: In addition to their basic training, GARUD personnel receive specialized training at various schools, including the Parachute Training School, Navy’s Diving School, and the Army’s Jungle Warfare School.
  4. Final Phase: The final phase of their training involves interaction with Special Forces units of the Army.

This comprehensive training equips GARUD commandos with a diverse skill set to handle a wide range of scenarios and challenges.

Special Forces play a critical role in ensuring Indian security. With the increasing interest in the armed forces, there has been a notable surge in the number of aspirants seeking to join the GARUD commandos. Aspiring candidates preparing for the AFCAT exam now have the opportunity to serve in the GARUD force and become part of this exceptional and specialized group.

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