SSB Interview Tips for NDA Written Exam Qualified Students


First of all, Major Kalshi classes Heartly Congratulate the Candidates who have cleared the written test of the NDA. this is not an easy thing to do nowadays due to competition in this field it is hard to do. Here in this article, we will share some tips for SSB Interview, NDA SSB Interview procedure and How to prepare for SSB interview, etc.

SSB Interview Tips for NDA Written Exam qualified Students:-

Candidates who have cleared the written test of NDA and now they are qualified for the SSB interview. This Might be a big achievement for you to clear NDA written test but you should know that the SSB Interview is so tough in itself. which I would say more than the written exam. So prepare for the SSB interview as well as you can.

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NDA SSB Interview procedure:-

The SSB Interview is 5 days long Interview and each day you will be tested in a different manner, here I have mentioned about Each day individually:-

Day 1-

  • Reporting ( at MCO moment control office)
  • Documents Check
  • Form filling
  • Testing
    1. Verbal, non-verbal intelligence test
    2. Picture Perception description test (PPDT)

The result will be announced within 2-3 hours and failed will be sent back and the rest of the candidate will stay for next 4 days.

Day 2- On the 2nd day you will have to clear a few more tests also, remember each test and each round is very important for your selection, You will be given maks in every test.

  • Thematic Apperception Test
  • Word Association Test
  • Situation Reaction Test
  • Self Description Test

Day 3- GTO  On this day, You will have to do group activities with your partners.

  • Group discussion
  • Group planning exercise
  • Progressive group task
  • Half group task
  • Individual obstacle task
  • Command task
  • Group obstacle task

Day 4- Personal Interview

This is an important round for your selection in which they can ask any question from the subjects or from your personal life. Just be honest with yourself. They actually do not care what you have done in your past, they only check how’s your mentality towards your future and what can you do in your future.

Day 5- Conference

This is not any test. You will be shown your results and qualified candidates will be congratulated and disqualified candidates will be told, why they could not qualify.

This is the process of the SSB interview and each day you will be given marks and at last on the basis of the marks, the candidates will be declared passed or failed.

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How to prepare for SSB interview:-

If you are appearing for the first time,  I would suggest you Join the SSB coaching for at least 15days. This the best way to start your preparation. In this 15 days SSB training, You will get training on each day of SSB interview twice. there are many coaching which gives the training for SSB interview but joins the coaching which has Ex SSB Interviewer or Retd. Defense Officer for the SSB training. They have better experience in this field and they know the weaknesses of the candidates and they focus on those things to make them eligible for the Interview.

You can join the Major Kalshi classes which are known as the best SSB coaching in India. We have Ex SSB interviewer officers and they give the training to the SSB aspirants. We have a very balanced team for the SSB classes. we have Officers from the Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, and Indian Army. The first day of the SSB interview is very important, Most of the candidates gets rejected in the First Day. We have very brilliant teachers who give the proper training for Day 1. Day 1 is all about the verbal & Non-verbal Intelligence test, which is a bit tough to clear. we also proved the very well designed books for the SSB interview. You can also download those books by clicking in the link given below:-


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Best SSB interview Books for NDA

You can find our Contact details at the end. The SSB Interview training is something which you cannot learn and act like this, there is some officer like quality on the basis of which the interviewer selects the candidates. You have to implant those qualities in yourself to get selected.

Tips for SSB Interview:-

For the SSB Interview, you have to stay there for 5 days so the tips for selection in SSB would not work, you can use those tips to improve your preparation for the Interview.

  • Positive Thinking- Always think positive, never feel like what if I get rejected or He/she is better than me. Just prepare yourself better and be the best version of yourself.
  • Free Minded– Never take the stress of anythings, make your mind free of things like your personal problems or Daily life problems, etc.
  • Confidence- Always be confident and passionate about your career, and do not skip the SSB interview by thinking that you have not prepared well for this. The interviewer does not test your knowledge only, they check your overall performances if you are not good at studies you may be good at some other field.
  • Interview procedure-  be aware of the SSB interview procedure, Most of the candidates do not even have an idea of what is about to happen next. prepare yourself according to each day.
  • Make yourself able to speak fluently in English or Hindi, whichever languages you prefer to speak.
  • Always show respect to the other candidates while speaking against them in the GD (Group Discussion).
  • Never Point out a finger and speak with calmness.
  • NDA SSB Interview is simple, you will not be asked tough questions as compared to CDS SSB Interviews.

You can also check the SSB tips which are given by the experts of our major Kalshi classes, you can click on the given link to check:-

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This is all about SSB Interview Tips for NDA Written Exam qualified Students. If you guys want to serve for the nation and wanted to clear the Defence examination, can join Major Kalshi Classes, Here we have experienced faculty for all the subjects. For more inquiries, you can call us at 9696220022 and 9696330033 or go to our official website Thank you. NDA SSB Interview procedure.

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