What is Conference in SSB Interview?

Hello dear aspirants, as you know SSB interview is a very crucial part of your selection process. You have to go through the 5 days interviewing process where you have to face many tasks like GTO, OIR, PPDT, Personal Interview and Conference round. Here we are going to discuss What Happens at the Conference on the Last Day of the SSB Interview. So stay in tune with us and read the full article below.

What Happens in SSB Conference Round?

After completing the 4 days of the selection process, all three assessors meet and declare whether a candidate recommends or not in their particular test. First of all, you should know that the conference is not a part of your SSB but it also plays a vital role if any of the assessors have any doubts about you. They can ask some questions or maybe they can not it’s up to depends on your performance.

If all the assessors have a good opinion about you in your individual tasks assessments then can give you the final ticket to your academy means you are selected as an officer, and if any assessors have doubts then your selection will depend on your final round means conference round.

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SSB Interview Conference Questions

Now we will be discussing some of the SSB interview questions that are asked during the final stage which is the SSB conference.

Q. How are you? How were your stay, food, and accommodation here in the last 5 days?

Q. Rate your performance out of 10?

Q. How do you rate your performance on three tests?

Q. How many friends did you make in these last five days?

Q. Any changes which you felt in yourself in these 5 days?

Q. Why you were not selected in your previous attempts? (For candidates who were conference out earlier).

Q. What you will do if you are not selected this time?

Q. Rate yourself in your group?

Q. What is your next plan?

Q. Which test did you enjoy most in SSB?

Q. In which test do you think you could have done better?

Q. Have you been out with friends? What all places have you visited in the city in which your Board is Located?

Q. Compare your performance with previous SSB attempts?

Q. Any suggestion for improvement of SSB?

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The conference is the procedure in which the assessors are to cross-check their findings and decide whether to recommend a candidate or not. So make sure you do not take up too much time thanking them/giving them suggestions or asking for suggestions. This too is not very common, but there are candidates who ask the assessors to review them.

The conference is of little consequence for a candidate because the assessment stage is already over. However, candidates must make sure that they do not commit mistakes during their conference. The josh must be as high as it was during the screening–in time. That will bring out the liveliness in you.

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DAY- 1 Introduction to SSB
(5 days SSB Procedure, Officer Like Qualities & PIQ form)
DAY- 2 Screening
DAY-3 Screening test, Mock practice, and Feedback 
DAY-4 Introduction to Psychological Test & Thematic Apperception Test 
DAY-5 Word Association Test & SRT (Situation Reaction Test)
DAY-6 Self  Description Test & Complete Psychological Test
DAY-7 OIR, (Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning class)
DAY-8 Personal Interview Briefing 
DAY-9 Mock Interview & Feedback to Student
DAY-10 Mock Interview & Feedback to Student
DAY-11 G.T.O. Briefing, GD and Lecturette
DAY-12 P.G.T,  H.G.T,  G.P.E, & G.O.R.  
DAY-13 IO, CT, FGT and Conference

Things To Carry In SSB Interview for  Confererence:-

  • The Call Letter: The Candidate must keep at least three copies of the call-up letter. One should be in the hand at the time of the reporting at the railway station and the rest should be safe with the candidate.
  • Copy of the filled form: In some cases like TES & TGC, the Selection Boards sometimes ask for a copy or two of the online form filled with an attested photograph. Also, the candidate must be really careful in reading the instructions when filling out the online application form.
  • Original Identity Proof: School/College ID cards, Government issued ID cards like PAN, AADHAR, VOTER ID, UPSC ADMIT CARD, and DRIVING LICENSE are all acceptable. The candidate has to remember that their ID card must have a photo on it.
  • Educational Certificates: The candidate must have at least 4 attested copies and originals of Class 10th mark sheet + Certificate (matriculation certificate), Class 12th mark sheet + Certificate, the mark sheets of semesters they have passed during graduation, and Graduation/Post Graduation degree certificate (if applicable).
  • Extra Achievements: The candidate must also carry all the original certificates along with their authenticated copies of NCC, Sports, and Co-Curricular activities in which they have participated/won.
  • Photograph: The candidate should carry at least 25 passport-sized and 10 stamps-sized recent photographs with them. People wearing spectacles must be wearing spectacles in their photographs. The photographs should be on either a blue/white background.

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  • Clothing: Three pairs of formal clothes (blazer/tie are optional) with complementing shoes, Two pairs of white shorts and T-shirts (with collar) for men and two pairs of white lower pants and T-shirts (with collar) for women. The candidate must also carry a pair of White PT/Sports shoes along with 3 pairs of white socks.
  • Other Clothing: The candidate can also bring woollen clothing with them if the weather demands it. Apart from this, they should not forget civil clothing like night dresses, casuals, undergarments, towels, etc.
  • Miscellaneous Items: Grooming kit, slippers, bathing kit, lock and key, and other items of general use should be carried. The candidate can also carry a few essential medicines with them if required.
  • Uniform: A set of uniforms (according to the season) and a combat dress is also required for the personnel serving in the Army/Navy/Air Force/Coast Guard.
  • Adequate Writing Material: The candidate must have at least 4 sets of ball/gel point pens (black and blue) plus a writing pad for the interview process. A rough notebook/ plain white pages can also be taken along.
  • Final Check: It is important to tally up the items with that the items mentioned in the call-up letter.
  • Don’t Panic: In any case, if the candidate has forgotten any of the above mentioned things, they must inform the authorities present in the Selection Centre. However, people at the SSBs are always happy to help. So, no need to get frantic if they forget to carry a pair of socks.
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