What is SDT in SSB Interview and How to write Self Description?

In an SSB interview, there are lots of tests conducted by the officers that you have to go through. Many aspirants do not aware of SDT In SSB Interview. Here we are going to tell you about What is SDT in SSB Interview and How to write Self Description? Here are some tips by MKC to write the best SDT in SSB Interview.

What is SDT in SSB Interview:-

In this section, candidates are given 15 minutes and asked to write 5 different paragraphs describing as to-

  1. What his/her parents think of him/her?
  2. What does the teacher think?
  3. What do friends and colleagues think?
  4. What do you think of yourself?
  5. What kind of person he would like to become in Life?

To answer all this vital is to know about yourself, to know what you are from inside, which kind of personality do you possess. You need to be honest, real about yourself, and do not baffle any of your qualities. The words you spoke while giving an interview must reflect a perfect image of your personality.

How to write Self Description?

First impression is the last impression so write about you in best concise and proper manner. Here is the some key point to remember during the writing about these five topic.

  • Maintain good handwriting and wind up everything in time
  • Have knowledge of both positives and negatives about you. Because it gives a good impression to the examiner that you have thorough knowledge about yourself.
  • Try a concise, enthusiastic response that summarizes your big-picture of personality.
  • Always mention the wish list of how you goanna remove your negative qualities
  • Try to talk to your parents, friends, and teachers and find out more about your weaknesses and make them into your strengths.

Tips for Parents:-

Every parent feels proud of his/her child, especially if you are good students, and you have qualify Written and currently appearing for the SSB Interview then you can write that your parents think that you are smart students and they also feel proud that you have managed to balance both my studies and extra co-curricular activities while you were in school and college.

Tips for Friends:-

Be honest in this section because your personality reflects about you to the selecting officer, So do not try to make a fool just write what your friends really think about you, and for this, you should ask about your friend (Some good Friend). They will give a clear picture of your personality. So write accordingly.

Tips for Teacher:-

You have to more honest in this section because your marks sheet reflects what your teacher thinks about you. So be honest because your teacher has a good opinion about you if you score good marks on the monthly test. So do not try to make fool of the interviewer. If you have good marks in your board exam then you can write like-

My teachers think that I am a smart student and equally honest and sincere. They also think that I can efficiently organize events and handle and participate in team activities, they shoulder me with responsibilities whenever they feel I can handle.

Tips for Yourself:-

For writing this section you must be asked yourself that what kind of person you are and try to write what you are and be honest with this section too. An experienced member will examine you and he knows everything about you after the 5-day process of SSB. And SDT is conducted on the last day. So write accordingly.

The Kind of Person You Want to Become:-

Write about your ambition in life. MKC Suggest that, since you are appearing for the Joining of armed forces then express your ambition like- I want to become a successful person through hard work and sustained effort, As I am good at outdoors and can lead a team of people, I wanted to join the armed forces and become a good Officer.

Don’t worry, it’s easy. Just follow these simple suggestions and it makes you prepare for a part of Psychology round and also for the Interview.

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