We Lost Capt Ankit Gupta, He Martyred during training Exercise.

We Lost Capt Ankit Gupta:– Friends, every candidate dreams of joining the army in their academic life. And by hard work, the candidates join the army department. Once you are in the army, your family and your future secured. But if you die after enlisting in the army due to any reason, then what troubles do your family members face? Its information is very sad. Yes, the death of an army soldier is very sad to his family members. On January 7, 2021, a similar incident occurred in the Indian Army during training. In which army captain Ankit Gupta lost his life. Friends, after this sad incident, there is a sense of mourning among many army personnel.

In today’s article, we are giving you information about one such martyr jawan of India who lost his life during training on 7 January 2021. Along with this, you will also give information about how he completed the training and the reasons why he lost his life.

We Lost Capt Ankit Gupta

Friends, in today’s article we will give you information about one such sad incident. Due to which the Indian Army lost a brave son. Today we will talk about Army Captain Ankit Gupta. Who recently joined the Indian Army and was completing the training. As you all know, training required daily in the army to keep the body fit. Which makes our working style very efficient. If a person or a young person dies during this training, it is a sad event. A similar tragic incident occurred on 7 January 2021 on the banks of a lake in Jodhpur. In which Captain Ankit Gupta, the officer of 10 para commandos, lost his life while training.

On Thursday, 7 January 2021, an officer of 10 para commandos feared drowned during training in Jodhpur. Due to which the search doing with the help of many employees and divers. After much investigation, it revealed that Captain Parade, an officer of 10 para commandos, had jumped into the lake as a part of a drill to save the drowning persons.

Ankit Gupta along with some other employees jumped into the water with the help of a helicopter to save some people in the lake. After which, captain Ankit Gupta was not seen again. They could not trace even after an expedition by the police, SDRF, and Civil Defense Bachao along with army divers. According to the information received, so far, no news of Captain Ankit Gupta has received in this campaign which was run till late at night.

It revealed by the statement of SHO Jai Kishan Soni (Rajiv Gandhi Nagar) that the day was practice by a team of 10 para commandos on Thursday. He has also reported that the 10-para team used to come to the Kailana lake on the outskirts of Jodhpur to do the practice.

He Martyred during training Exercise

SHO Jai Kishan Soni Ji said in his statement that it was also a key part of the 10 Para Commando exercise. According to which some commandos jumped from a helicopter to jail to practice rescue operations. They were working to catch the drowning men and bring them safely back to the helicopter. After completing his work, Jai Kishan Soni said that when all the people were taken out of the water. Even then, captain, Ankit Gupta could not get out of the water. When he got this news, he first started searching for him along with his employees. But even after much research, they were unsuccessful. After which he informed his superiors and they reached the spot and started a search for Mr Captain Ankit Gupta.

Police, SDRF, civil security teams, and some private divers called after receiving this information. According to sources, information has been received that Captain Ankit Gupta came out during practice. But the rescuers fell into the water again as it slipped out of their hands. The search operation continued till late in the night but no information from Captain Ankit Gupta was received.

On 8 January 2021, after a morning search, the staff found and recovered the body of Mr Captain Ankit Gupta. Seeing the dead body being remembered as an unfortunate incident among all the employees. thus, We Lost Capt Ankit Gupta. Capt Ankit Gupta was only 28 years old and he recently married. After marriage, he wanted to join the Para Special Forces team and become a commando. As everyone knows, to become a commando requires much hard work and training. For this reason, he used to do his tasks very fully every day. Captain Ankit Gupta, who martyred during training, will always be remembered for his supreme sacrifice. I pay my respects to all such brave sons of India on behalf of our brothers.

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Frequently Asked question (FAQs)

  • Where was Captain Ankit Gupta’s training going?
    Captain Ankit Gupt being trained for rescue work at Lake Kailana in Rajasthan, Jodhpur.
  • Captain Ankit Gupta was the captain of which commando?
    – Captain Ankit Gupta was the Captain of 10 Para Special Forces Commandos.
  • When did Captain Ankit Gupta die?
    Capt Ankit Gupta died on 7 January 2021 while training. While his body recovered from the lake on 8 January 2021.
  • How did Captain Ankit Gupta die?
    Captain Ankit Gupta died in the practice of jumping into the lake and rescuing people during rescue training.
  • How old was Captain Ankit Gupta?
    Captain Ankit Gupta was 28 years old and attended his wedding in the year 2020.
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