Commando Digendra Singh: Brave story of War Hero.

Digendra Kumar joined 2 Rajputana Rifles on 3 September 1985 and became one of the Best Commandos of the Indian army. He had acquired the skill to hit a target on the basis of only sound. After completing the training his battalion was posted in Jammu-Kashmir. In 1987 he was sent to Indian Peace Keeping Force and he took part in ‘Operation Pawan’ in Sri Lanka, where his acts of bravery were highly appreciated.

Commando Digendra Singh:-

On 13 June 1999, when the Assault Group of Pakistan have heavy machine guns leading to heavy casualties in the Indians troop. Naik Digendra Kumar was hit by a bullet in his left arm. Undaunted and unmindful of his own injury, Naik Digendra Kumar kept firing with one hand and brought down effective and accurate Light Machine Gunfire on the enemy. His accurate fire kept the enemy’s head down while his own men advanced towards the objective. Finally, under his effective covering fire, his own troops physically assaulted the enemy position and cleared it after a hand to hand fight. Despite being seriously wounded, it was due to his courageous action that the Assault Group could finally capture the objective.

The role of Digendra in the Kargil conflict was very crucial. In the Kargil war, the first and foremost work was to recapture the top of Tooling. This task was entrusted to the 2 Rajputana Rifles. All were asked plans to free the hill Tooling. Digendra stood up and introduced himself – I Digendra Kumar, known as cobra, soldier of the 2 Rajputana Rifles, The Best commando of the Indian Army. I have got a plan through which our victory is certain.

Digendra told him his plan was that he needs 100 meters of Russian rope that should weigh 6 kg and can bear 10 tonnes. We also needed Russian nails which can be easily put in the rocks. We also need injections of high power that can remove fatigue and provide courage. With this much material, I will climb the hill in the night and put the rope upto the hilltop with the help of nails. The way is formidable and inaccessible but I have examined with the telescope and tested it well.

Digendra hit the target perfectly and capture the tooling point. This victory was possible due to the brave commando Digendra. He showed real courage and skill during the war.

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