The bravery of Colonel Viplav Tripathi: Every Defence Aspirant must know.

An officer of our country was martyred in the terrorist attack in Manipur. This terrorist attack was carried out by targeting Colonel Viplav Tripathi of 46 Assam Rifles. In this attack, his entire convoy and family was destroyed. Apart from Colonel Tripathi, his wife Anuja and their 5-year-old son Abar were killed in this terrorist attack. A total of 7 people died in this whole attack. Let us know about this martyr officer of India and how he has served the country.

About Colonel Viplav Tripathi: –

The whole world knows about the martyrdom stories of the soldiers of our country. So there are some officers about whom people do not get much information. Today we will give information about one such colonel who was very happy with his family and was always ready to protect the country. MartyrColonel Viplav Tripathi was born in the year 30 May 1980. He completed his early studies in Raigad. To complete his further studies, he came to Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, and did his further studies in Sainik School located in Rewa. After completing his studies, in 2001, he was appointed to an official post in the army by the NDA. While working; he also obtained an MSc degree in Defence Studies. After this, he was promoted and posted in the Assam Rifles Battalion. In this way, he took a vow to serve the country and always served the country.

About Colonel Viplav Tripathi’s Family:-

In the family of Colonel Tripathi, his grandfather Kishori Mohan Tripathi was a freedom fighter. Kishori Mohan Tripathi was also a member of the Constitution Makers Committee. He was also appointed the first nominated member of Raigad. Tripathi’s father, Subhash Tripathi is a newspaper editor and chairman of Raigad Parishad and his mother is a doctor and provides free service to the orphanage. Aney Tripathi, younger brother of martyr Colonel Tripathi, is also posted in the Indian Army in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

How the accident happened:-

Martyr Colonel Tripathi was posted recently in Manipur. Earlier he was posted in Meerut Cant. About 1 year ago he had come to his home in Raigad. His behavior was very calm and polite. His wife Anuja was from Orissa. And his 5-year-old son Abar was also with him. Col Tripathi was a commanding officer and was moving with his convoy. Then suddenly the first car of the convoy exploded. After this, the terrorists opened fire on both vehicles in the middle. Due to this, his wife and son present in the vehicle were badly injured. The Commanding Officer Colonel also died in this shelling. It is said that Colonel Tripathi’s son died during treatment, it was a very sad incident. In this way, we have lost a very brave Indian Army Commanding Officer and along with him, his entire family perished.

Why should remember the story of these brave officers:-

There are many brave hearts and their bravery in the Indian Army. But the family who’s all the members has always been associated with the defense of the Indian Army and India. Everyone should know about those brave hearts. The entire family of Martyr Commanding Officer Col Tripathi is always ready to serve the country. Recently, during an interview, the mother of martyr Colonel Tripathi had told that in the future all the members of her family will join the Indian Army to protect and contribute to India.

To prepare for the army and to increase their spirit, the candidates preparing for the army must remember the stories of the soldiers. By doing this, a passion and ability to do something for the country come within the candidates. You can see and read the story of many brave brave hearts of the country. For more information, you can also read our other article.

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