Defense Ministry clears military purchases worth Rs. 2,920 crore, rifles from the USA

India is a developing country and Defense system as well as attacking power is also getting an increase. Here in this article, I will share with you the information regarding India and USA deals of Rifles, India-US Weapon deals, and others, etc. To get complete details about this news and Defence ministry clears military purchases worth Rs. 2,920 crore, rifles from the USA, etc. Check out the complete article below. I have mentioned all the things that as a civilian and being a citizen of the country you must know.

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Defence ministry clears military purchases worth Rs. 2,920 crore, rifles from USA:

In order to improve our defense system as well as attacking power. It was very important to launch the latest technology weapons. Due to the lack of technology Our country is not able to develop such kind of weapon. Recently, The Defence ministry clears military purchases worth Rs. 2,920 crore, rifles from the USA. Let’s get to know complete details and information about this.

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The Indian Army had received the first lot of Sig Sauer assault rifles to boost its counter-terrorism operations. India had acquired the rifles under the fast-track procurement (FTP) program. Indian Defence Spokesperson said that The Indian Army is laying the groundwork to buy an additional 72,000 Sig Sauer assault rifles from the United States. These rifles will cost Rs 780 crore. This proposed purchase follows an order for 72,400 assault rifles placed with the United States last year. India signed the previous order worth Rs 700 crore in early 2019 and the deliveries of all the rifles have been completed.

The ministry said in a statement that is headed by defense minister Rajnath Singh, also cleared the purchase of the smart anti-airfield weapon at a cost of Rs 970 crore to add to the firepower of the navy and the air force.

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The Sig Sauer rifles are being bought to meet the army’s requirement of a total of eight lakh assault rifles. The new assault rifles will gradually replace the flaw-ridden 5.56mm Indian Small Arms System rifles (ISAS Rifle) inducted around 22 years ago. The Indian Army had been trying to replace their standard INSAS assault rifles for many years but the attempts failed due to one reason or the other.

The remaining requirements of the army will be met through a Make in India project for the local production of AK-203 assault rifles at Amethi’s Korwa, and this procurement is in its final stage.

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It is very important to introduce the new weapons. recently, You may heard about the clash between the India and china. Increasing weapon power also increases our strength and confidence. Our defense System is very strong and our Army is capable of handling any kind of threats but it is very important for the nation to keep updating.

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Every youngster is India want to join the Indian Armed forces and be the part of the national security. There are many ways to join the Defence. One can join as an Officer, Soldier, Clerks, Accountant, Teacher and in many other ways. There are separate vacancies released by the Authority as per the requirement. Here are some links I have given below that might help in understanding the joining process of Indian Armed forces.

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