Indian Navy deployed two lady officers on the frontline warship as the part of the crew:

It is a trending topic in India that women are surpassing men or moving along with the men in today’s generation. Indian Armed forces have also offered many posts and vacancies for Women to join the forces. Here in this article, I am going to share with you the complete details about the recent news that the Indian Navy deployed two lady officers on the frontline warship as part of the crew. To get all information about this news, check the article below:

Indian Navy deployed two lady officers on the frontline warship as the part of the crew:

There are many vacancies available in the Indian Armed forces for women to join the service. Recently, the Indian Navy has deployed the two women officer at the Warships. Sub-Lieutenant Kumudini Tyagi and Sub-Lieutenant Riti Singh will be the first set of women airborne combatants to operate from warships.

They are part of a group of 17 officers of the Indian Navy, three officers of the Indian Coast Guard, who were awarded “wings” on graduating as “observers”. Earlier, entry of women was restricted to the fixed wing aircraft that took off and landed ashore.

Both the officers are trained at the Indian Naval Academy. Rear Admiral said that it is going to be the first-time women are going to be trained in helicopter operations which would ultimately pave way for the deployment of women in front line warships of Indian Navy.

Indian Air force and Indian Army has also opened the vacancy for the Women to join the Front line department. Earlier, As per the rules of the Indian Armed forces, Women were not allowed to join the Front line department of the service like Flying Branch in the Indian Airforce, Frontline Soldier’s post in the Indian Army, and Frontline Posting at Navy Warships.

Supreme Court Judgement on Women in Armed forces:

The Hon’ble Supreme Court has been knowing for giving historical Decisions for the welfare of the nation. recently the Supreme Court Grants PC to Women in the Indian Armed Forces. Earlier the women in the Indian Armed forces like the Indian Air force, Indian Navy and Indian Army, etc were only allowed to have Short ServiceCommission. The Short Service Commission is basically a duty period of 10-14 years only after this one will get retired from the service.

Permanent commission for Women in Indian Army to be opened From April-2020

The Supreme Court has now decided to give the permanent commission to the women of Indian Armed forces. It is a historic decision taken by the Supreme court. Now the women will get equal rights, pension, a retirement bonus, etc, and all the benefits that men get in the Indian Armed forces as permanent Commission. To get complete details about the Supreme court judgment. You can click on the link given below.

Supreme Court grants Permanent Commission to Women in the Armed Forces

Women officers have said that this decision will boost Women’s empowerment. The women who get posted as the permanent commission, they would have more responsibility. Now the women are eligible to join any branch of the Indian Armed Forces.

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