What is hybrid Warfare in terms of China India Recent Clash

We all are aware of the incidents that have happened at the India-China Border. Our Indian Army is powerful enough to beat any regular Army of any country. Here in this article, I will share with you the complete details in short about the recent Clash between the Army and china and will also make you understand What is hybrid Warfare in terms of China India Recent Clash It may be easy to understand for you. To get complete information about this, check the entire article below:

What is Indian China Border Conflict?

What is hybrid Warfare in terms of China India Recent Clash:

To understand the complete incident, It is very important to know that what is Hybrid Warfare and later will see Hybrid Warfare in terms of India and China, etc.

The Terms of the Hybrid War or Hybrid Warfare connotes the use of conventional military force supported by irregular and cyber warfare tactics. In an easy word, It is like war without an army where the political campaigns and cyber-attacks are involved. For example, India has recently banned 118 chines Apps including Tiktok, Pubg, and other apps.

The Tiktok and Pubg were the major apps that were being used in India for a while. It may put some pressure on the opposition. Basically,  This is a war of technology where all experts are involved like Hacker, Network Manager, and others, etc. These types of activities that are done in the support of the army and nation are referred to as Hybrid War.

It is an emerging but ill-defined notion in conflict studies. It refers to the use of unconventional methods as part of a multi-domain warfighting approach. These methods aim to disrupt and disable an opponent’s actions without engaging in open hostilities. 

Hybrid Warfare is playing a major role in recent India and China clash.  You may have heard that the Professional and regular Army force of china were playing Punjabi songs at the India-China Border. This may not be big deal for the Indian Army but this type of activity may disturb the peace of mind.

Operation HimVijay by Indian Army Conducted in Arunachal Pradesh

India-china conflicts are new for us. Everyday something happens at the border but we are just aware of the major ones. As per the rules and agreements between India and China regarding Open War. Both the country is bound not to open fire. Both the Armies are trying every possible thing to destroy the enemy without harming each other directly.

China is known for breaking the rules and regulations.  Recently, In the Hand to Hand combat between the Indian Soldiers and Chines soldiers. Many soldiers got injured and Martyred. Our Army has also started Back War tactics to destroy the enemy.

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What happens if the Hybrid Warfare continues:

We all are very habitual of Recent technologies and it also provides a rewarding experience for users around the world. But the Government processes are also involved in this, We may see more of Hybrid Warfare.

Hybrid Warfare does not target the Military Directly. It basically directly hit the Citizens and the citizens become the center of attention. Banning of the apps and higher price of the data networks cannot disturb us much. We have more love for our nation than these silly things.

Whenever any country goes down in terms of technology. It Damages the country’s reputation by projecting the image of instability due to the degradation of service.

All the countries are inter-connected with the technologies. Suppose, If the Indian Prime Minister is talking with someone on the video conference and suddenly the network goes down or someone hacked the network. It could be a big issue and damage the country’s reputation.  The same things can happen to us also.  If it continues like that, we may face more problems in terms of technology.  Being an Indian, we should always stand together and support our nation and Army no matter what.

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