What is Special Frontier Force(SFF) Know full detail about SFF

There are many forces in India for border security as well as for the internal security of the nation. Here in this article, I am going to talk about that which is very known. You will get to know today about the Special Frontier Force (SFF). I will tell you What is Special Frontier force, their work & Duties, Training of Special Frontier force and how can one join this force etc. To get complete details about the SFF, Check our complete article below.

What is Special Frontier Force(SFF) Know full detail about SFF:

The Special Frontier Force was formed by the Intelligence Bureau right after the India-China 1962 war. This force was raised in coordination with the United States (US) Intelligence Agency but in any Interview the United official’s said that the Special frontier force is purely Indian Intelligence Bureau’s Creature.

Special Frontier force work and duties: This force was formed to take control and manage the strategic height in the eastern Ladakh. SFF is directly reports to the PMO (Prime Minister office). This force is also called as Vikas Battalion. Any Unit comprising SFF are called Vikas Batttalion. Now see the some lesser known facts about the SFF.

Para SF Commando Training Procedure

Is SFF Unit part of Indian Army:

The Special frontier forces are not part of the Indian Army but the function under it is operational control by the Army. They are manage and commanded by the Inspector General which is Major General rank in the Indian Army. This force directly reports to the Prime Minister of India. They have different promotion structure and insignia than the Indian Army. The Special Frontier force in an special forces who is highly trained for Variety of tasks.

How the Special Frontier forces are trained:

The Special Frontier force are trained at Chakrata which is 100 kilometer outside Dehradun. The training of the soldiers are done under the Research and Analysis Wing. As the force are deployed behind the enemy line. They are trained Parachutists. They are trained in very different manner and trained to handle, defend and attack at any kind of situation. More advance training of the soldiers are done at very high altitude in Ladakh.

Women are also allowed to join the SFF. They also get the same training. There is no relaxation in training. It was envisaged that women working alongside men would be able to provide better camouflage.

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Major Operations of SFF:

Many Operations has been done by this Special forces. Here are the some operations that are famous:

  • Operation Eagle: The Special Frontier force helped the Indian Army to neutralized the Pakistani Eastern Army which is now Bangladesh in the year 1971.
  • Operation Blue Star: The Special Forces was also deployed to control the communal riots to clear the Akal Takht of the Golden temple in the year 1984.
  • Operation meghdooth: The Special Force played major role defending the siachin glacier in the year 1985. Which is known as the inhospitable battle zone of the world.

How to join Special Frontier force:

First of all, There is direct recruitment to join the Special Frontier force. The Soldiers and officers in the SFF are selected from the Para Special forces or Tibetan board forces etc. In order to join the Special Frontier forces. You will need to join the Para Special force or Tibetan Border force etc and later you can switch to the Special Frontier force.

How to join Indian Armed Forces?

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