What is Snake Race In SSB Interview and how to perform well?

Snake Race In SSB Interview:- The fourth assignment in the GTO series is Snake Race. This is an outdoor assignment in which you must carry cargo in the form of a massive Snake and traverse several obstacles with it. You must accomplish the work in a group and within the time restriction specified.

Rules of Snake Race In SSB Interview:-

  1. In general, applicants are sorted into four groups, each with eight to ten individuals; this group is then allotted a road with certain difficulties and will be carrying the snake.
  2. The group must choose a phrase or Nara and pronounce it aloud while executing the assignment.
  3. The snake must be held by three members when crossing the obstacle, and when all candidates pass from one obstacle to another, all candidates must keep it straight; bending the snake will result in penalties.
  4. The Snake should not come into contact with the earth.
  5. Candidates must not breach any colour regulations or violate any restrictions, otherwise, a penalty will be levied.


The obstacles are as follows

  • 1. Ramp
  • 2. Figure of Eight
  • 3. Third is the spider’s web
  • 4. Double wall
  • 5. Single wall
  • 6. Giant slide

The objective of Snake Race:-

This assignment demonstrates your mental fitness as well as your physical stamina. In addition, the primary goal of this work is to assess your team spirit and leadership abilities. Cooperative abilities, excitement, responsibility, speed, agility, and self-confidence are also examined.

5 Important GOR Tips.

  1. Take the initiative, assist the group in providing great ideas to overcome obstacles, and select a compelling motto.
  2. Never reprimand or be irritable with any member; instead, work as a team. Never let your anxiousness show in your expression or behaviour.
  3. If you believe the group is losing morale, invigorate them by using the motto and demonstrating enthusiasm. Maintain a relaxed tone of voice.
  4. While climbing the wall or any other barrier, attempt to assist those who are less physically fit and require assistance scaling the wall. This demonstrates your humility and leadership abilities.
  5. Serve as the group’s eyes and ears. Be mindful of any broken rules and bring the group along with you.

SSB Interview Process:

The SSB Interview is five days long and each day there is a different types of tests and activities. In the SSB Interview Online Classes, You will be given detailed information about each day of the Interview and how you have to act and perform, etc. Here is the process for five days of the interview. Candidates can check the pattern of the SSB Interview below:

Stage 1Screening TestVerbal and non-verbal tests.PPDT
Stage 2Psychological TestThematic Apperception Test (TAT)Word Association Test (WAT)Situation Reaction Test (SRT)Self Description Test (SD)
Group Testing Officers TesGDGPEPGTHGTIOTCommand TaskSnake race/Group Obstacle RaceIndividual lectureFGT
Personal Interview

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