Do You Know? Top 50 SSB Interview Questions

Top 50 SSB Interview Questions:- To get appointed in the Indian Armed Forces, you need to perform well in the interview.SSB interview is conducted by senior army officers. In which you are asked questions related to a personal interview and current affairs. When there is a conference meeting on the fifth day of the SSB interview, then your personal interview is organized. In today’s article, we will give you information about 50 SSB Interview Questions asked in the SSB interview. By which you will be able to understand what type of questions are asked in the SSB interview.

As you all know preparing for SSB Interview takes more time. In this candidates have to work hard for many months. In which you are asked many questions related to Indian Economy, Politics, Status of Tools in Armed Forces, etc. Below we are giving you a list of some questions. By preparing for which you can score good marks during the interview. The questions we have provided will only provide a helping hand for you. You can understand these questions only as an SSB interview pattern.

SSB Interview Questions for Science and Current Affairs:-,

  1. How many types of commands are there in the Indian Armed Forces? In which state are all these commands located?
  2. Which is the highest rank in Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, and Indian Army?
  3. After cracking the exam you appeared for SSB, on which post will you get an appointment?
  4. What are the weapons of the Indian Armed Forces, state the advantages of at least 3 modern weapons.
  5. What is the name of the chief of the three forces and what is the name of the Chief of Staff at present?
  6. How does the plane fly and what factors of the atmosphere work on it?
  7. How many types of tanks are present in the Indian Armed Forces?
  8. Do you know in which areas India’s nuclear submarines are deployed to work?
  9. Tell us about the working of nuclear submarines of India?
  10. Which is the best aircraft of the Indian Air Force and by whom was it made?
  11. Explain the principle of flying an aircraft in the atmosphere?
  12. What weapons have been purchased from France, America in the Air Force of the Indian Armed Forces at present?
  13. What was the modern deal for the Air Force between India and America?
  14. Give the details of all ranks equivalent to Air Force, Army, and Navy.
  15. What do you know about some of the important operations conducted by the Indian Army so far?
  16. Which war was more dangerous among the wars fought between India and Pakistan so far? Explain.
  17. In the 1971 war of war between India Pakistan, wars were fought in which region of India?
  18. What was the reason for the war between Indo-Pak which went to war in 1971 and 1999?
  19. What is the BrahMos missile and why is it necessary for the Indian Army?
  20. What is the importance of DRDO for the Indian Armed Forces? Which institutions mainly manufacture the weapons of the Indian Armed Forces?
  21. If you are a pilot then what is the importance of G-Force to you? Explain G-force.
  22. Distribute missiles like Brahmos, Agni, and Pralay according to their working style.
  23. Which borders of India and neighboring countries are connected with each other?
  24. According to the geographical location of India, how many countries are connected by the border of India? Tell according to the direction.
  25. Why is the Siachen Glacier important to us? Explain their importance?
  26. Name some important mountain ranges of India which are important for our country.
  27. Which is the farthest place out of all the directions of India? Give the name of the place and the distance.
  28. The maritime boundary of India is connected with the oceans of which countries? What type of aircraft does the Indian Air Force currently use to go to the war zone?
  29. Why is the Bernoulli Principle important for the Indian Air Force? Explain.
  30. How many commands are there in the Indian Navy? What is the location of each command?
  31. Give information about what is Article 370 was removed from Kashmir.
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  32. Why are PoK and LoC areas considered so sensitive?
  33. Name all the supersonic missiles of the Indian Armed Forces at present.
  34. What is the principle of motion and state its importance in daily life?
  35. Describe the characteristics of the geographical condition of India?
  36. What do you understand by IOR?
  37. What is DRDO and where is it’s headquarter located?
  38. Which principle is propounded to float ships in the sea?
  39. Why is Archimedes’ Principle important to the Navy?
  40. What do you know about IGMDP? Tell me your opinion.
  41. How many regiments are present in the Indian Army? Name any five regiments and the reasons for their formation.
  42. What do you understand by voltage, current, and resistance? What is the relation between the three?
  43. Name the weapons made by the company that manufactures the Armed Forces of India.
  44. Can you state whether a person serves in the Armed Forces in the PIQ form you have filled?
  45. What do you understand by AFSPA imposed in the North Eastern States?
  46. What is DAC and who is its chairperson at present.
  47. Can you name any PSUs that assist in defense production?
  48. What is AWACK and what is its significance?
  49. Name all the countries bordering India which are connected from east to west.
  50. Name the water bodies around India.
  51. What is the importance of ISRO in the Armed Forces? Name any three weapons made by ISRO.
  52. What is ISRO and explain its importance?
  53. What is the main source of rivers in India? Name the rivers flowing in the west region and some rivers flowing in the east.
  54. What are the layers present in the atmosphere? Mention the use of all these layers for the Indian Armed Forces.
  55. Give information about some Special Forces of the Indian Armed Forces.

SSB Interview Questions related to the personal interview: –

During the SSB interview, questions are asked to the candidates not only from current affairs and military armed forces but also many questions are asked about their personal life. Let us give you information about some of the questions asked during the personal interview. With the help of which you can take help in your preparation.

  1. Tell me something about yourself. What is the significance of your name?
  2. Occupation of your parents and caste you belong to.
  3. Have your parents not expressed any objection to this decision of yours? When you asked him to join the army.
  4. Which branch of Indian Armed Forces are you planning to join?
  5. What was your reason that you thought of joining the Indian Armed Forces only?
  6. Who is one of your family members who inspired you to join the armed forces?
  7. Who helped you the most in your life and academic period?
  8. What was the contribution of your parents in your academic session?
  9. Tell me about your five shortcomings and five strengths.
  10. If you do not get selected for the Armed Forces, what will be your next step?
  11. Apart from joining the armed forces, in which department was your passion?
  12. How did your relatives react when you started preparing for the Indian Armed Forces?
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  13. Who is the chief minister of the state you belong to at present and what is the population?
  14. Give five merits and 5 achievements about the state to which you belong.
  15. Name any delightful tourist places to visit in your state and explain their importance.
  16. Which teacher’s character influenced you during your academic period and why?
  17. Which teacher told you about the preparation of the armed forces?
  18. In which subjects did you complete in class 10th and 12th and in which subject did you get the lowest marks?
  19. What was your favorite subject during the academic period?
  20. Would you recommend your brother or sister to join the Indian Armed Forces as well?

In today’s article, we have given you information about some important questions of the SSB Interview Questions to be conducted in the Indian Armed Forces. However, all these questions are shown as a demo only. Therefore, it is requested that you do not prepare yourself with only these questions. To prepare for the SSB interview and complete your studies with the best books, you should go through the books published by Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Publication. Get ready for the SSB interview today and get yourself enrolled in Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute to improve your preparation.

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Frequently Asked Questions:-

Why PIQ form is filled in the SSB interview?

Before the interview, the personal information question form of the candidates is filled out because it gives information about the personal interview of the candidates to the interviewing officers.

Our Armed Forces-related questions asked more in the SSB interview?

However, it cannot be said very seriously that only questions related to the armed forces are asked during the SSB interview. It only depends on the mind of the interviewing officers.

Why do interviewers conduct personal interviews?

Interviewers organize personal interviews to get information about the personal information of the candidates and the impact of your family on you etc.

Should the interview be given in English and Hindi language?

If you want to give your interview in the English language then this is a plus point for you. But if you choose the Hindi language instead of giving your interview in the English language. So for this, you must discuss once with your officers.

Where to prepare for the SSB interview?

You can enrol yourself in the MKC coaching institute to prepare for an SSB interview

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