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If you are interested and looking for the Best AFCAT Coaching in Allahabad to prepare for the Indian Air Force exam then this article has been presented to you in the context of the best AFCAT Coaching in India. Air Force Common Admission Test is a national examination conducted all over India. This exam is conducted twice every year. Lakhs of candidates appear in this exam Out of which some of the candidates appear in the re-examination while some of the candidates are fresher’s. After studying for many years in a row, candidates tend to lose their concentration. This means that they were not conscious about their studies. And they keep trying to prove themselves by appearing in the exam again and again. Let me tell you that if you do not search for the best coaching institute to prepare for the exam, then you will continue to face this dilemma.

Major Kalshi Classes located in Allahabad is one such coaching institute that is considered to be the best for the preparation of Defence exams. Let us bring you this best coaching institute in Allahabad which has helped more than thousands of aspiring students to become officers in the Indian Armed Forces in the last 15 years. How important are Major Kalshi Classes for AFCAT Exam Let us know about a general idea on this topic?

AFCAT Coaching in Allahabad (Prayagraj):-

Large and air condition campus:-

Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute is one of the best AFCAT Coaching in Allahabad. This is spread over 1.5 acres of land. All types of facilities have been made available for the students in this coaching institute. Then whether it is for their academic work or to improve their physical and the most necessary medical test facility is also available in the military force. At present, more than 5000 candidates complete their studies both online and offline in this coaching institute. Naturally designed campus where you get an air-conditioned courtyard. It is difficult to find such a type of campus in any other coaching institute in Allahabad. In this sense also Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute is better for you.

Team of Trained Teachers:-

The responsibility of any candidate’s studies rests only on the trained teachers of that coaching institute. All the teachers associated with Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute are trained in their respective subjects. The teacher of MKC has excellent knowledge in preparing the candidates according to their syllabus and pattern for the preparation of the Air Force Common Admission Test.MKC teachers know the way to explain all the information related to the syllabus in the best way to the candidates ahead of time. A team of these teachers also publish books to score more marks in the exam and prepare for the exam better. Let us give you information about the syllabus taught by the teachers of Major Kalshi Classes to the students. As we told you that it is necessary to know the pattern of the exam to prepare for the exam. So we have presented the general information about the pattern of the AFCAT exam.

The best library of books: –

In Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute, the preparation of candidates should be done according to the syllabus based on the exam. For this, a collection of books has been included in this coaching institute based on the syllabus related to the examination. Aspirants can get the book according to their preparation in the library present at MKC Campus. This facility is made available to the candidates every day. You can get the books related to the AFCAT exam syllabus from the library of this coaching institute. Those candidates, who are concentrating more on their preparation. All those candidates can sit for long hours and read the books and can also take them with them if needed.

Publication of books based on examination: –

The teachers of MKC know very well that the preparation of the candidates can be possible in the best possible way only when the candidates have to read the book according to the syllabus of the examination. To make this effort even better, Mr Saurabh Sir, the founder of Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute, and his team of teachers analyzed the previous years’ question papers and their patterns. From which it was concluded that if the candidates are prepared according to their pattern and syllabus, then maximum preparation can be possible in less time. Because of this, MKC Classes itself started publishing books related to the examination. You can get these books sitting at home. If you are a student of Major Kalshi Classes then you will get this coaching available on the campus of the institute also. You can visit the official website of Major Kalshi Classes to order books sitting at home.

Best Hostel Facility: –

Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute is considered to be one of the best coaching institutes in the country today. Today, many candidates from different regions and states are joining this coaching institute and preparing for their examination in the best way.MKC provides a hostel facility for the candidates who want to do their preparation by staying in Allahabad Campus. In the hostel of this coaching institute, 24 hours light and water facility has been provided to the candidates for their studies. Along with this, if the candidate wants, he can also easily get any book based on his need by using the library as per his requirement.

Record Selection in Previous Years: –

Major Kalshi Classes has been performing exceptionally well for the selection of candidates in the Armed Forces for the last many years. Due to continuous selection in the armed forces, today the status of Major Kalshi Classes is known as the Best AFCAT Coaching in India. Even though exams like AFCAT are easily cracked by the aspirants studying in this coaching institute. If your goal is to take admitted to AFCAT Coaching in Allahabad (Prayagraj) and fulfil your dream then join MKC Institute today.

Best coaching institute for physical and medical tests:-

In addition to the academic session in the Armed Forces, candidates also need to improve their physical and medical conditions. To overcome this dilemma of the students by Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute, a separate campus has been created for physical exercise within the campus itself. Inside this campus, you will get physical exercises and all the physical tests of armed forces standards are organized by trained teachers. By which the candidate gets to know which physical tests they have to go through and how to crack them while preparing for the Armed Forces.

In addition to the physical test, the MKC Health Care Center, which is run by Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute also examines the entire medical test of the candidates. The investigations done in this health care centre are successfully done only by medical doctors of the army. It is also kept in mind that if any kind of deformity has happened to the students, then if they can be treated, they also make efforts for them. All the medical tests conducted on this campus are as per the medical standards of the armed forces.

The candidates who have completed their exam preparation to work in the engineering post in the Indian Air Force can also enrol themselves in Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute. Candidates who have obtained engineering through the Engineering Knowledge Test in the AFCAT exam can get their selection done. Below we are giving you information about the EKT education pattern and its syllabus.

AFCAT and EKT: Exam Pattern

It is also mandatory for the candidates to clear the EKT exam to join the Indian Air Force as an officer from the technical group. In the table below you can check the EKT Exam Syllabus and Exam Pattern information.

Exam Name EKT (For technical)
Mode of Exam Online CBT Mode
Number of Questions 50
Maximum Marks 150
Number per Questions 3 marks
Time for Exam 45 minutes
Negative Marks 1 Mark per the Wrong Question
Subject I Papers Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics

If you are a graduate or have passed the graduation examination, then prepare for the AFCAT exam by taking admission to MKC coaching which is the best AFCAT is coaching in Allahabad. Some candidates are thinking of making a career in the Indian Armed Forces even after getting an engineering degree, and the MKC coaching institute helps in preparing them too. Along with AFCAT in Indian Air Force, the Engineering Knowledge Test is also conducted in which candidates who have completed engineering degrees are given a common test to get a chance to work in engineering positions. To join Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute and start your exam preparation, visit the official website of Major Kalshi Classes today or call on the below-given contact number to register your name.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Which coaching institute is better for AFCAT exam preparation?

For better detailed and thorough preparation of the Air Force Common Admission Test, Major Kalshi Classes coaching institute is better.

How can engineering degree holders appear for the AFCAT exam?

Candidates have completed an engineering degree and want to appear in the AFCAT exam then they can fill out the application form. But they will also have to appear for the Engineering Knowledge Test after the written examination of AFCAT.

Can AFCAT and EKT exam preparation be done together?

Yes, AFCAT, as well as engineering degree holders, can prepare for this exam simultaneously in MKC

Whether SSB interview is conducted in AFCAT?

Yes, SSB is conducted after the written examination of the AFCAT. Which is known as Air Force Selection Service Board ie AFSB.

After AFCAT how many years, of course, is required?

Once the selection is done, the candidates have to complete a course of a minimum of 4 years for the course. You have to complete this course in Armed Forces Academies.

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