Difference between Artillery and Infantry in Indian Army

Candidates are selected for many posts for the recruitment of soldiers in the Indian Army. But those soldiers of the Indian Army are generally recruited who work for the infantry and artillery. In today’s article, we will explain to you the difference between infantry and artillery soldiers. And it will tell how they serve the country together with both types of army and Indian army.

If you also want to join the Indian Army as an infantry and artillery army, then you must do your preparation with us. We are giving you information about the difference between the infantry and artillery of the Indian Army.

Quick Information of infantry and artillery army


Artillery Army

Infantry Army

All over Number of Indian Army:- 1,488,151 (Working) , 1,155,000 (Reserve) Expected

(Second Largest Active Army of the World)

Functioning Program


Futuristic Infantry Soldier As a System (F-INSAS)

weapons used

Cannons, missile rangers, tanks and howitzers etc.

assault rifles, pistols, sub-machine guns etc.

Working Area

Destroy Higher position Dangerous Place in Warzone

Where war cannot be easily fought like high altitude, straight climb areas.

Artillery in Indian Army: –

You must have seen that there are many types of guns, missiles, etc. in the Indian war zone. But only artillery soldiers have the right to operate all these weapons. The weapons used by an artillery soldier are longer and longer range. The weapons used by them are used to eliminate a large building, a bunker built in a large battle area (which is at the maximum height). These weapons include dangerous weapons like tanks and howitzers.

Weapons available to Artillery soldiers: – The army fighting on the ground has Machines-operated weapons like tanks and howitzers, cannons, missile rangers etc. With these weapons, they fight the war. Artillery is considered the Protector and Destroyer of any army.

How does the artillery force work? Artillery soldiers have bigger weapons. They carry weapons to the battlefield by dragging or running. Artillery soldiers have highly destructive weapons like cannons, missile rangers, etc., slow-moving weapons. All weapons are impenetrable. These weapons are therefore employed to reduce the potential threat to the battlefield before the infantry advances. And all of these reduce those dangers and help infantry soldiers to advance on the battlefield. Once the threats to the battlefield have been reduced by the artillery troops, they order the infantry to advance.

Infantry in Indian Army:-

Infantry soldiers are also deployed for the most important task in any army and for guarding the border. Of all the posts recruited in the Indian Army, the highest numbers of soldiers are recruited for the infantry. The work of infantry soldiers is appointed to defend the country by walking on the border or in the war zone when required. On difficult and very narrow routes, where artillery cannot go, infantry soldiers reach the areas and fight according to the war strategy. They know what infantry soldiers have to do.

Weapons available to infantry soldiers: – The army fighting on the ground has hand-operated weapons like assault rifles, pistols, sub-machine guns. With these weapons, they fight the war. Infantry is considered the foundation of any army.

How does infantry work: – As the name suggests, they fight wars on foot. This army works for such areas where cavalry, artillery forces, airfield forces cannot easily reach. Fight this war by climbing inaccessible places. For those areas of high altitude, straight climb, or in areas where war cannot be easily fought, they are ready to fight easily. A cavalry of artillery before the placement of infantry in the battlefield reduces the greater danger of the battlefield, after which the infantry operates.

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