Check out SSB Interview Rapid Fire Questions. Why and How rapid Fire Conducted in SSB?

SSB Interview Rapid Fire Questions:- A rapid-fire round of questions is asked to the candidates during the personal interview of the SSB Interview. Personal Interview is conducted only during the 5 days test of SSB Interview. The candidate needs to show more readiness in this interview. The answer given by you to any question during the Personal Interview Test reflects your character. At the same time, it is tried by the officials that they can get maximum information about you by asking different types of questions. If you have ever appeared in an SSB interview before then you can once notice that during SSB interview questions are constantly asked by the officials regarding the pairs of nuts and bolts. In today’s article, we are going to give you information about an important stage of the SSB interview, the SSB Rapid Fire Question. Along with this, we will also discuss which tips and tricks you should follow related to preparing for these questions.
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Before the SSB Rapid Fire Question let us know why rapid-fire questions are asked during the SSB interview.

Why is Rapid Fire Question Important in SSB Interview?

Generally, the SSB interview begins by asking the individual questions of the candidates. Only simple types of questions are asked to you by the first officers so that you can feel comfortable with yourself. After that, when the series of questions are run by the officials, then questions of different types of Hard levels are also asked in front of you. Rapid-fire questions were introduced in the SSB interview by the Defence Institute of Psychological Research in the year 2013. The decision is the main purpose of asking these questions during the SSB interview.

During the interview, the officials try to ask you only those questions which you have filled in the Personal Information Question (PIQ Form). When the series of questions goes on, different types of questions are asked by the officials. Through this, they review you so that you can give answers in a systematic and better way. The main purpose of rapid-fire questions is how you react if you are caught in a stressful situation. Also, the round of rapid-fire questions shows how alert you are in everyday situations. To answer the rapid-fire questions asked in the SSB interview, you need to have some basic knowledge.

How to Answer Rapid Fire Questions?

If you are asked rapid-fire questions during the SSB interview, then you can listen to those questions and get information about how to answer them.

  • During the SSB interview, your confidence tells a lot about you. This confidence is the key to your excellence.
  • In the initial stages, you can remain silent for a short time.
  • When 10 to 15 questions are asked to the candidate by the officials, then after that difficult questions are asked.
  • After listening to these questions, review and then give a definite answer.
  • Candidates always keep in mind that the officials are just trying to put pressure on you, so show restraint and listen to the questions and answer them effortlessly.
  • Answer as many questions as you can of the questions asked by the officials.
  • During this, if you are not able to answer some questions, then you apologize to the officer and discuss this question, which will increase your confidence further.
  • As mentioned above that during rapid-fire questions only it is checked by the officers that you have the cognitive ability, passion, and decision-making ability in difficult situations.
  • Never show in front of the officer that you are very worried, you are under stress.

SSB Interview Rapid Fire Questions

  1. Name the place where you live?
  2. Name the place from where you did your elementary education?
  3. What were your marks when you were in class 10th?
  4. What was your favorite subject in class 10th?
  5. Which teacher was your favorite in class X and why?
  6. Which teachers did you dislike when you were in class 10th and why?
  7. How many marks have you scored in class 12th?
  8. What was your favorite subject in class 12th?
  9. Name the favorite teacher of class XII which you like very much?
  10. What was the reason for the teachers whom you did not like in class 12th?
  11. Have you participated in any competitive exam while being half discussed, if yes, what was the result?
  12. Have you completed your graduation?
  13. Which subject did you choose during graduation?
  14. What was your percentage in the last year of graduation?
  15. Why did you choose B Tech / BSc etc. stream for graduation?
  16. Do you have any special achievements other than educational qualifications?
  17. Which people live in your family?
  18. What work do the older or younger people living in the family do?
  19. Have you participated in any extracurricular activity during your graduation?
  20. What do you do to pass the time when you are bored?
  21. How do you spend your monthly expenses i.e. pocket money?
  22. What do you know about your best friends?
  23. If you have more friends than who is the best and dearest friend among them and why?
  24. If your name is Anirudh, then what is the meaning of this name?
  25. Tell us about your journey from home to the SSB center when you went to all such centers?
  26. Why was it your goal to join the Indian Armed Forces?
  27. Why did you make a gap after your 12th class?
  28. Tell from your memory that if you have ever been caught in such a challenging situation, how did you handle it and what did you learn from it?
  29. If given a chance, which aircraft of the Indian Air Force would you like to fly?
  30. If you are inducted into the Indian Air Force, give me a brief about the basics and concepts of flying?
  31. Why do you want to join Indian Air Force, Army, or Navy?
  32. Can you tell me about your hobby?
  33. Have you ever participated in any sport?
  34. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
  35. Tell us about two major issues of India, due to which the whole country is suffering today?
  36. Why do Article 370 and Kisan Bill remain in the news?
  37. What is your opinion about the current state of the Indian economy?
  38. Have you done any special preparation to prepare for the SSB interview?
  39. What particular quality do your friends dislike about you?
  40. How do you treat your brothers?
  41. Can you tell me about some of your strengths and some of your weaknesses?
  42. What are your plans in the life ahead?
  43. Briefly describe what was the background of your family?
  44. What kind of discussions are on in the world at present?
  45. What do you know about CDS?
  46. Who is the current Chief of Army Staff of India?
  47. What do you know about the Indian Armed Forces?
  48. What is the difference between LOC and LAC of India?
  49. What are the duties of officers in the Indian Army?
  50. Which sport did you like the most during your schooling?
  51. Do you like to play or like to read books?

It can be a common thing in the above-asked questions that when you answer a question, the officer can ask you any question related to it. So you don’t need to go after preparing the above-given question only. Hope you must have got some important information about the Rapid Fire Round of SSB Interview. If you want to get some other information about the SSB interview then definitely get yourself enrolled in Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute.

In today’s article, we are going to give you a series of Rapid Fire Questions asked in the SSB Interview of the Indian Armed Forces. Hope you liked the information given by us. If you want to perform well in the Personal Interview Section of SSB Interview then take SSB Mock Tests conducted by Major Kalshi Classes. To enrol in Major Kalshi Classes, you can visit the below-given contact number and official website. Major Kalshi Classes has started conducting classes for offline SSB interview preparation. If you want that you also start preparing for your SSB interview under the supervision of retired army officers by participating in these offline classes, then register today. To register for SSB interview offline classes, you can use the link given below and get your registration done sitting at home.

Frequently Asked Question:-

  • What is SSB Interview?
    Ans: –
    SSB interview is conducted in the army to know the proficiency potential of the candidates to join the armed forces.
  • How to appear in an SSB interview?
    Ans: –
    If you want to appear in the SSB interview then you have to fill out the application form for the armed forces-related exams like NDA, CDS, AFCAT, and TA.
  • Why rapid-fire round is conducted in the SSB interview?
    Ans: –
    The main objective of conducting a rapid-fire round in SSB interview is to check the problem-solving ability of the candidates in stressful situations.
  • When did the rapid-fire round in the SSB interview start?
    Ans: –
    The rapid-fire round was started by the Defence Institute of Psychological Research in the year 2013 during the SSB interview.
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